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TECSIA LUBRICANTS An Introduction For Distributors.

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1 TECSIA LUBRICANTS An Introduction For Distributors

2 Introduction to Tecsia Lubricants A total lubrication solution company established in Singapore since 1976 Core areas of business operation: – Lubrication Solutions – Oil analysis and testing – Lubrication selection and recommendation – Product packaging Certification – ISO 9001 – ISO – Certified Lubrication Specialist (STLE) – A member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) – A member of National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI)

3 Our Milestones 1976 Incorporated Anderol Distributorship Company Changed to Tecsia Lubricants Radco Distributorship 2004 ISO Qualty Award ISO Environment Award Regional Expansion Thailand 2005 Tacbecon Acquistion 2008 Tecsia Lubricants New Office 2010 Regional Expansion USA Regional Expansion Indonesia 2011 Everlube Distributorship 2012 Nyco Lube Distributorship Cogelsa Distributorship

4 Our Services and Commitments Total Lubrication Solution Process Phase 1Phase 2 On-site lubrication survey Oil analysis Lubrication selection Report preparations Report presentation Lubricant Recommendation Lubricant pilot testing Lubricant implementation Summary report Technical trainings for employees Technical support Evaluation Phase 3

5 Our Services and Commitments Technical Support Services Site visits and Consultancy Trainings Seminars

6 Our Facilities

7 Our Products BrandsProductsCountry of OriginIndustry focus Compressor lubricants Food grade lubricants Industrial lubricants USA, EuropeFood processing Industrial Synthetic lubricants USA Aviation Military Heat Transfer Fluids USA Military Industrial Compressor lubricants Food grade lubricants Gear and bearing lubricants Anti-seize Specialty Greases USA, Europe Food Processing Industrial Process Compressor Lubricants Refrigeration Compressor lubricants USA Cold storage Food processing Commercial Refrigeration System Petrochemical Royco

8 Our Products BrandsProductsCountry of OriginIndustry focus Mineral lubricants Synthetic lubricants EuropeMilitary Aviation Coatings Rust preventive Anti-seize / Assembly paste USA Aviation Automotive Military Specialty Lubricants Release Agent SpainIndustrial

9 Customized Packaging Services Dedicated packaging machine for specific materials Equipments – Drum pump – Filler machine – Agitator – Centrifuge (vacuum capable) All types of packing size – i.e. syringe – 400-gr cartridge – 250-gr can – 500-gr can – 1kg can – 1 litre or 4 litre btl, etc.

10 Our Exhibitions FHA, Singapore OTC, USA Propak Asia, Thailand ARBS, AustraliaSugar Mill, Thailand SinoCorrugated, China

11 Headquarters –Singapore Regional Offices –Indonesia –Thailand –USA Alliances –China –Taiwan –Malaysia –Indonesia –India –Philippines –UAE –Qatar –Kenya Sales and Marketing R&D and Lab Analysis Singapore USA Our Global Presence

12 Our Major Clients Offshore Industry Food Processing / Packaging Industry

13 Our Major Clients Transport Corrugator Industry Pharmaceutical Industry

14 Our Major Clients Military and Aviation Industry Petrochemical Industry Electronic Industry

15 Our Selected Featured Testimonials Military and Aviation Industry

16 Our Success Stories Military and Aviation Industry

17 Channel Marketing Strategy Objective To support partners in creating product brand awareness in the market. To create new revenue and market opportunities for our partners. To understand the market demands and requirements To share Market intelligence such as new product applications, success stories, testimonials, etc.

18 Our Marketing Support Marketing Collaterals – Brochures, testimonial, certification, MSDS, PDS. Tradeshows – Leads generation – Support partners will booth and construction Seminars – Provide venue and logistic for partners to conduct seminars – Invitation will be done by partners Website – Enquiries from website will be refer to respective partners Market intelligence – Sharing of success stories – Customer Testimonials – New products

19 The End

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