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Project Coordination Update Peter A. Knoop Sakai Project Coordinator.

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1 Project Coordination Update Peter A. Knoop Sakai Project Coordinator

2 Role of Project Coordinator Project Coordinator – face-in to community designers and developers –Report to the Sakai Community on the activities of the Community Maintain the Sakai Project Coordination Summary Tables Update the Sakai Community at Conferences on community activities –Help bring parties with common interests together Project Coordination Meetings 10 June 2007 Amsterdam Community Liaison (Anthony Whyte) – face-out to organizational representatives

3 Sakai Community Activities –Project Teams – 155 Committers –Working Groups –Discussion Groups Community resources for the Community – – Virginia Tech / UHI –Jira/Confluence – University of Arizona –Subversion (SVN) – Indiana – – University of Michigan –QA Servers – Indiana, Columbia, Amsterdam, Cambridge, Boston, Cape Town, rSmart Always room for more…

4 Sakai Implementations Self-Report via Jira Production/Pilot Deployments Project - http://jira.sakaiproject.org –PROD-Production DeploymentsPROD-Production Deployments –PROD-Pilot DeploymentsPROD-Pilot Deployments –PROD-QA serversPROD-QA servers –PROD-JAVA_OPTSPROD-JAVA_OPTS

5 Sakai in Production 149 Production 115 Pilot 8 QA

6 Running Sakai Sakai 2.4 released 21 May 2007 September 2007 Implementation Plans ~50% Sakai 2.3 ~50% Sakai 2.4 Sakai 2.5 coming November 2007

7 Sakai 2.4 Overall Enhancements Portal –Pluto 1.1.1 integration –Support for JSR-168 portlets using Pluto 1.1 Default Skin (CSS) –Improve use of white-space and padding –Show column borders on sortable lists –Add underlines to default links –Replace black-and-white folder icons with manila- colored ones

8 Sakai 2.4 Overall Enhancements JSF –Support for generic spreadsheet formatting (Mostly not JSF-specific.) –The Pager can be fully internationalized –The Pager and other JSF components can now follow standard Sakai locale support –Customizable toolbar separators WYSIWYG Editor –Upgraded FCK Editor (e.g., IE7 compatibility)

9 Sakai 2.4 Overall Enhancements Internationalization –Complete localization of all core tools –Updates to existing translations (Catalan, French, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish) –Added Arabic (requires RTL skin) –Internationalized Tool Titles and Descriptions –Internationalized date/time widget Component –Full spring lifecycle support –Demo optional components

10 Sakai 2.4 Overall Enhancements Content Review –Generic content-review service API –Integrated with Assignments –(TurnItIn implementation in Contrib) Course Management API –Default group provider now uses –Performance improvements

11 Sakai 2.4 Overall Enhancements Database –Better transaction support –Enhanced cross-vendor feature support Authz –Some ease-of-use enhancements for developers –New ability for enterprise-defined roles which cannot be overridden in Site Info - the enterprise provider alone has this authority –Improved transaction handling

12 Sakai 2.4 Project/Tool Changes Project/Tool Status: Contrib Provisional Core (Supported) Promoted to Core (Supported) –Messages –Forums –Postem Promoted to Provisional –Mailtool –PageOrderHelper –Polls –User Membership Retired –Chat (Velocity)

13 Sakai 2.4 Tool Enhancements Announcements –Scheduled release (i.e., a future posting date) and retract dates for announcements –Show/Hide implemented as a replacement to draft; aligns with Resources approach Calendar Summary –Add week/month view option –Use color-coding for event types –Show more event info (e.g., attachments, link to schedule event) –Way to add it to existing sites

14 Sakai 2.4 Tool Enhancements Chat –Thorough overhaul –Re-factored to address stability and performance issues –Support multiple concurrent chat rooms –Normalize Chat's schema into relational tables (conversion from XML storage) –UI re-written in JSF (formerly Velocity) –Re-factored to ease plug-in integration of other messaging platforms (e.g., XMPP) –Improved import functionality (e.g., all rooms, synoptic view options)

15 Sakai 2.4 Tool Enhancements Gradebook –A per-installation configurable spreadsheet download –Section/Group specific spreadsheet downloads –Support for course grades independent of calculation scheme –Simplification/clean up of student view –Participation in Sakai migration/archiving service –Participation in Sakai Event tracking –Allow comments for each assigned grade –Expanded services for client tool integration (e.g., Assignments) –Fix to critical grade data contention issue

16 Sakai 2.4 Tool Enhancements Message Center split into Messages and Forums –Message Notification synoptic view –Support for importing Forums & topics from other sites –Group awareness –Enforce enhanced privacy management settings –"Quote" feature (i.e., insert original text in forum messages) –Display statistics for user's postings and read messages in Discussion Forums –Ability to expand-all in Forums –Ability to moderate topics

17 Sakai 2.4 Tool Enhancements Help –Update help content –Ability to redirect to an external help News –Import News feed settings –News events (e.g., read, edit) will be logged Page Order Helper –Now compatible with toolOrder.xml

18 Sakai 2.4 Tool Enhancements Resources: –Content Handlers to mount external resources and navigate into packaged resources –Improved memory handling during file upload –New Resource Registry for identifying content types Separation of form items from Resources Support for Citations and/or Citation Lists –Updates to action links in UI –Support for private application collections via root level folder

19 Sakai 2.4 Tool Enhancements Roster: –Add group/section support to tool. (SAK-6231) –Add new print friendly view. (SAK-7340) –Enforce enhanced privacy management settings. Search: –The ability to set a single app server for search indexing, while other nodes connect to it via webservices. For performance concerns in larger installations. See settings above. (SAK- 7494) –Multi-site search. (SAK-8717)

20 Sakai 2.4 Tool Enhancements Section Info: –The automatic creation and representation of SIS- provisioned course structures, metadata and memberships (aka Sections). –Support for multiple meeting places and times per Section. –UI refinements for filtering view. –Configurability to ensure that the application functionality and UI match local institutional needs and SIS data. Syllabus: –Print-friendly view. (SAK-8548)

21 Sakai 2.4 Tool Enhancements Tests & Quizzes: –Added email functionality to allow instructors to email individual students from 'Scores' screens, (SAK- 7094) –Allow instructors to give individual students permission to re-take the assessment. (SAK-7093) –A disable/enable toggle of all FCK Editors in Authoring screen. (SAK-5904) –Random questions and multiple attempts: added flavor of randomization selection for random parts. (SAK-7696) –Allow Samigo contents to be imported from other Sakai Sites using the Site Info tool's 'Import From Site' link. (SAK-7378) –Allow instructors to change feedback settings for after assessments are published. (SAK-3943) –Change the 'copy' function in question pool to be a deep copy, rather than a link. (SAK-3526) –Implemented IMS content packaging to allow import/export of assessments with attachments (SAK- 5419) –Allow importing of Samigo assessments to Question Pool. (SAK-6993) –Importing simple text formatted assessments to Samigo using Word-2-QTI converter. (SAK-8642) –i18n Internationalization/localization support implemented. (SAK-8643)

22 Sakai 2.4 Tool Enhancements Web Content: –Now imports with title and URL intact. (SAK-5919) Wiki: –auto-save feature –includes now supported –various UI improvements (SAK-4679) Worksite Setup/Site Info: –Updated course creation process. –Integration with new CourseManagementService. –Ability to search for a course.

23 More Details on Sakai 2.4… Release Notes – Jira ( –Sakai 2.4.0 Enhancements (364)Sakai 2.4.0 Enhancements –Sakai 2.4.0 Fixes (981)Sakai 2.4.0 Fixes –Sakai 2.4.0 Known Issues (370)Sakai 2.4.0 Known Issues –Sakai 2.4.x Maintenance Branch Fixes (60)Sakai 2.4.x Maintenance Branch Fixes

24 Sakai 2.5

25 Sakai 2.5 Planning Post-2.4 Releases Contrib Projects Project Coordination Meeting –Information sharing – 2.5 plans –Topics of cross-project concern

26 Post-2.4/Pre-2.5 Functionality 2.5 functionality that is 2.4-compatible In-production QA; not formally QAed Projects currently planning to tag –Roster –Gradebook –Assignments –Resources

27 Contrib Projects Most are compatible with 2.3 and 2.4 Some to check out… –Agora –Breeze Link –Checklist –Config Viewer –Evaluation System –Gallery –Goal Management (OSP) –Home Page Tool –IMS Tool Interoperability –ImageQuiz –Jforum –Melete –Mneme –OCW –Reset Password –Sakai Maps –Skin Manager –SCORM –SiteStats –TransformAble

28 Sakai Maps Integrates Google Maps into Sakai Create points of interest (POIs) Filter on POI type Bookmark views

29 Skin Manager Manage Sakai skins Uploaded skins as a zip file Archive with versioning and roll-back

30 Breeze Link Schedule integration: update in any, reflected in all

31 Evaluation System Formative and Summative Course Evaluations Conference

32 Mneme Assessment System Early focus on delivery; later focus on authoring and grading Mneme 0.5 available; Mature 1.0 June 2008

33 Config Viewer Helps for configuring and troubleshooting 319 configuration properties for 2.4 Current value Description and hints Searchable

34 Sakai 2.5 Project Summary Tables Important Dates –Code Freeze mid- September 2007 –Release early- November 2007

35 Project Coordination Meeting 11 June 2007 in Amsterdam Report out by Project Teams on 2.5 and beyond plans Group discussion on cross-project topics: –Initiation of discussion on technical governance –Upgrade plans for 3 rd -party software –Proposal for new Entity model –Best-practices discussions on supporting unit testing, internationalization –Authz (permissions) in the context of hierarchy support and scalability

36 Sakai 2.5 Plans Assignments –Allow instructors to enter a grade for students who haven't posted a submission –Assignment type which has no submission –Email confirmation for students on submission –Upload a zip file containing submissions –Increased granularity for time; 5 minute increments –Added an event for viewing assignments

37 Sakai 2.5 Plans Samigo/Tests & Quizzes –Performance improvements –Retaking assessments without republishing –Email students from scores screen –QTI converter –Editable without high stakes testing

38 Sakai 2.5 Plans Gradebook –Categories and weighting –Percentages –Enhance Assignments-Gradebook integration –Migration of legacy system – binding sites, but parts need refinement (GB)

39 Sakai 2.5 Plans Resources –Improve UI based on large-scale user survey –JSR-170 –JCR and Jack Rabbit –Integrate Sakai and dSpace –Registry

40 Sakai 2.5 Plans Schedule –iCal import/export Help –in maintenance mode –Internationalization –Dynamic FAQ tool

41 Sakai 2.5 Plans Poll tool –Make group aware Worksite Setup –Improving worksite set-up

42 Sakai 2.5 Plans Melete –Conditional release of modules for Melete –Next major item on grading/peer review IMS tools –Tool Interoperability guidelines –Second generation Tool Interoperability getting under way

43 Sakai 2.5 Plans RSF –Working on what features need to support apps in Sakai –More formal releases for cross-project use Webservices –Lock things down and review for security

44 Sakai 2.5 Plans Portal –Align OSP Portal with Sakai Portal Hierarchy service Gradebook service

45 Cross-Project Sakai 2.5 Plans Gradebook service Hierarchy QA –Automation –Load testing (Performance WG) –Improve Development cycle

46 Working Groups: Sakai 2.5 Plans Internationalization WG –Evolve best-practices: separate data and.config files –Standardized Date-Time widget; implement for Velocity, JSF, RSF, etc. Migration WG –IMS common cartridge

47 Working Groups: Sakai 2.5 Plans Performance WG –Stress testing of Samigo and Mneme –Expand large-scale testing expertise (UCB) Documentation WG –Sysadmin Guide –Clean-up and consolidate

48 Working Groups: Sakai 2.5 Plans User Experience (UX) WG –U-Camp –Build community around addressing UX Jiras –One gigantic user report synthesis SCORM WG –Improved Content Hosting - SCORM integration –Experimenting with Wicket

49 Sakai 2.5 Related Projects Fluid (Kuali Student, Moodle, uPortal) –Vibrant community around user experience cutting across community –Range of studies – prioritize –Fix new UI issues with design work and technology –FLUID community to do heuristic on Sakai: usability, Heuristic, workflows

50 Getting Started… Reading about Sakai –http://sakaiproject.org Hearing about Sakai –Announcements –Newsletter Following Sakai –Sakai-dev –Sakai-user

51 Where to go from here… Many interesting sessions… –Introduction to SakaiIntroduction to Sakai Overview –Project Summary Table Management / Project Coordination ( Details –Confluence – Project Teams –Jira Roadmap Roadmap: Sakai 2.5 ( Get involved and volunteer!

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