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11/30/2009 Rev. 5. Youre about to learn… Why water is critical for good health What makes "Living Water Why acidity has become a problem Why drinking.

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1 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

2 Youre about to learn… Why water is critical for good health What makes "Living Water Why acidity has become a problem Why drinking more water may not prevent dehydration How to turn the water crisis into a flood of business Simple ways to earn more Welcome 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

3 Water we drink has been damaged. Travels through pipes Passes through filtration devices Various systems manipulate the electrical properties During these travels, water has been stripped of its – electrons (-), resulting in a positive (+) ionized form Water is very acidic. Two Very Common Problems 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

4 About Hydration At Birth We are approximately 78% water by weight Our pH is neutral, around 7.2 As We Age We become about 50% water by weight Our pH becomes acidic and we become dehydrated 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

5 About Dehydration Cornell Medical Center Study (1998) 75% of Americans have symptoms of chronic dehydration In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak, its often mistaken for hunger Mild dehydration can slow metabolism as much as 3% Dehydration is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue A 2% drop in hydration can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing So should you just drink more water? Yes - if its the RIGHT water! 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

6 A Simple Lack Of The Right Kind Of Water Most people dont drink enough good water So, what do they drink? In 2002, Americans consumed an average of 56 gallons of carbonated water based soft drinks (Thats almost 600 12oz cans!) Dehydration is the result… Compare to 28.5 gal. of bottled water per person in 2008 (about half the amount of sodas) 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

7 Fully Hydrated Brain - 85.5% Bone - 13% Kidney - 82.7% Muscle - 75.6% Blood - 90.7% % WATER 75% Hydrated 0% Hydrated How Hydrated Are You? Your Body Hydrated 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

8 Alkaline Water Acidic Water FILTERFILTER Diverter Valve Water Ionization Technology The electrolysis chamber on average contains (3 to 7) platinum-coated, titanium electrodes. Water is split into 2 types: Alkaline Water with a negative ORP and Acidic Water with a positive ORP Freshwater Supply Line Drain Line 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

9 P… Protons …..Acidity is saturated in Protons E… Electrons …Alkalinity is saturated in Electrons N…Neutrons Components of an Atom Water Molecule 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

10 Antioxidant Behavior Antioxidant Free Radical Electron is Donated Unpaired Electron 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

11 Free electrons (-) neutralize free radicals. Essential function of an antioxidant = supply electrons to electron deficient free radicals Prevents them from stealing electrons from vital cells Water that is (-) charged unclumps and is easily passed through the aquaporins. Neutralizes free radicals within cells Increases cellular hydration Antioxidant Water 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

12 Antioxidants are very beneficial The BEST one is most bio-available Water that is reduced in molecular size readily passes through the Aquaporins to increase cellular hydration Drink alkalized water/negatively ionized H 2 O to provide the abundance of free electrons (-) to neutralize those free radicals. Your Best Antioxidants 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

13 ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential Test Measures an antioxidants potential to supply electrons Lower numbers indicate more available electrons – for neutralizing free radicals ORAC Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity Not used to measure white minerals & water Developed to measure the antioxidants in foods, primarily polyphenols found in brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Its based on intensity of color ORP vs. ORAC 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

14 About ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential Measures if a solution (water) is oxidizing Above 0 is acid (oxidant) Below 0 is alkaline (antioxidant) The farther below 0, the greater the amount of antioxidant properties Structured, Alkaline Living Water Provides Antioxidant Properties With Every Glass 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

15 Aquaporins are "the plumbing system for cells. Every cell is primarily water. The water doesnt just sit in the cell, it moves through it in a very organized way. The process occurs rapidly in tissues that have these Aquaporins or water channels. These channels are thegatekeepers, that decide what is allowed in and out of our cells. Rejects clusters of acidic water. Aquapororins: Water Channels 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

16 Problem Solution Aquaporin Selectivity Acidic water equates to free radicals, roaming freely in our bodies damaged cells. Extra electrons in the water will act as antioxidants. Damaged cells will lead to toxins accumulating. The extra electrons will neutralize the free radicals from acidic water. Toxins will promote pre- mature aging. The neutralization will protect cells from toxins.

17 Problem Solution Acidic water equates to free radicals, roaming freely in our bodies damaged cells. Damaged cells will lead to toxins accumulating. Toxins will promote pre- mature aging. Immunity decreases. Extra electrons in the water will act as antioxidants. The extra electrons will neutralize the free radicals from acidic water. The neutralization will protect cells from toxins. Immunity increases. Aquaporin Selectivity 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

18 About Acidosis Dehydration is a symptom of a condition called Acidosis… Cells and organs function best at a pH of 7.3 - 7.4 Most Western Diet foods produce acidic wastes Acidic wastes are manageable in a healthy body accumulate with a constant diet of bad foods and acidic beverages 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

19 The Effects Of Acidity Remember, A Western Diet Creates Acidic Waste Causing the body to deplete calcium reserves from bones and teeth when not available from diet to neutralize acidic waste Wastes accumulate in fat cells, the brain, arteries, kidneys, joints, and skin. Most people simply dont drink enough water to remove acidic waste toxins 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

20 In An Acidic Body Free Radicals Thrive Making electrons scarce Allowing free radicals to accumulate Damaging cells, organs, and DNA through oxidation The bodys pH level drops below 7.0 Acidification begins Oxygen levels in blood are dramatically reduced 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

21 Acid or Alkaline? When You Drink Enough Water… Purifying water can actually decrease pH Most purified water has a pH of 4.5 - 5.0 Tap water pH is usually around 6.5 - 7.0 Living Water Essentials provides more healthy alkaline water at 7.0 - 9.5 pH You Need To Be Drinking Structured, Alkaline Living Water The pH scale is logarithmic. For example, pH 4 is ten times more acidic than pH 5 and 100 times (10 times 10) more acidic than pH 6. 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

22 pH & What You Drink Living Water Coffee / Tea (5.0) Orange Juice (3.5) Purified Water (5.5) Tap Water (7.0) Soda (3.0) Tomato Juice (4.0) Approximate pH level of common beverages shown for comparison Since the pH scale is logarithmic, that means that a Soda with a pH of 3 is 1,000,000 times more acidic than pH 9 water As Shown on… the pH Apron 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

23 What Experts Tell Us …alkaline water acts as an antioxidant because of its excess supply of free electrons. Source is the The Chemistry of Success by Dr. Susan Lark, Stanford Lecturer …good water is water with strong de- oxidation qualities. Dr. Hiromi Shinya, Chief of Endoscopy, Beth Israel Medical Center, NY and author of The Enzyme Factor 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

24 Living Water Essentials Features State of the art ionization and filtration technology Adjustable pH from 2.6 (acidic) to 11.0+ (alkaline) pH Optimized And Structured Alkaline water for drinking and cooking Strong Alkaline water for washing vegetables Acidic water for use as an astringent Powerful acidic water for disinfecting 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

25 LivingWaterLivingWater S uper-hydrating, I onized, D etoxifying, S tructured, A ntioxidant Properties, p H-balancing Healthy Water 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

26 Cost Comparison Cost Comparison With Bottled Water Living Water $0.005$93.59* $4653.84* Bottled Water$1.59$1,160.70$11,607.00 Home Delivery Water $1.50$1095.00$10,950.00 Based on average usage of 2 gallons per day for drinking and cooking. Per gallon pricing is approximate. Per Gallon Annual Cost Over 15 Years *Estimated cost includes annual filter cartridge and cleaning cartridge for LivingWater.

27 YOUR NAME HERE ANYWHERE ….USA An Industry FIRST!!! 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

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33 Living Water Opportunities If You Would Like To Enjoy The Benefits of Living Water… Living Water Essentials is available only through an Authorized Independent EcoQuest Dealer. If You Or Someone You Know Are Interested In Earning A Significant Income… Becoming an EcoQuest Dealer is easy - just talk to the person you that brought you to this presentation. If You Are Looking To Build A Long Term Career… Living Water Essentials and EcoQuest offer a simple, easy to duplicate, way to build your own organization starting now. 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

34 5 Steps To Earn What Do Top Earners Do? Share the water Share the information Give live Demonstrations Follow up Duplicate Keep It Simple Thats The Key 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

35 Quench Your Thirst for Success With One Of The Great Naturopathic Discoveries In A Generation Are you prepared to take advantage? Do you have an urgent physical or financial need? The timing is NOW! The opportunity is REAL! The only thing missing is YOU! 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

36 With over 20 years of experience and leadership in water purification, we offer an unmatched combination of effective solutions and unique opportunities. EcoQuest products are manufactured by DBG Group Investments and are distributed through our network of Independent Business Owners. A Company for Healthy Living World Headquarters Dallas, TX 500,000 sq. ft. Product Manufacturing Facility Bristol, VA We are committed to providing products to improve and enhance the quality of living indoors through technology and innovation 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

37 Get Started Now Success is for those that quickly seize opportunities when they see them! Get back to the person who referred you to get started today! 11/30/2009 Rev. 5

38 Want More Proof!!! 11/30/2009 Rev. 5


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