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1857 War of Independence A Step towards Freedom

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1 1857 War of Independence A Step towards Freedom
An Analysis

2 The war of independence was triggered by various reasons:
The causes of War The war of independence was triggered by various reasons: The cartridge of Enfield rifle used by British-Indian Army was heavily greased with animal fat. Indian soldiers heard and quickly passed on the news that the grease was a mixture of cow (sacred to Hindus) and pig (abhorrent to Muslims) fat. The policy of annexation and conquest has also been widely pointed out as one of the principal causes of the rebellion of 1857.

3 Religious Factor The arrival of missionaries
Native populace started to believe that the British wished to convert them Evangelical Christians had little respect for, India's ancient faiths Non-interference in religious affairs was forgotten

4 Social Discrimination
The British were rude and arrogant towards the Indians They described Indians as barbarians without any culture The European judges hardly ever convicted British for their crimes

5 Economic Factors British administrative laws ruined both the peasants and landlords Indian handicrafts collapsed India became a market place for finished goods from England Poverty increased Discontent motivated the Indians to join the revolt in large numbers

6 Failure of the movement
Deceit and betrayal. Unwilling traders who were not ready to Part with their profit. Superior army. Ill-planned action against the authority.

7 State of commoners before and after arrival of Britishers
Affects on people belonging from different economic groups Mughal Era British Reign “the Europeans by the introduction of English articles into India have thrown the weavers, the cotton dressers, the carpenters, the blacksmiths and the shoe-makers and others out of employ and have engrossed their occupations, so that every description of native artisan has been reduced to beggary."

8 Survey Our history class was given the topic of 1857
War of independence, the lesson was about first war of independence highlighting how religious beliefs can guide a nation towards up heavels. We conducted a survey. Through series of questions we tabulated data and reached the conclusion that indeed religion can trigger sentimentalities easily.

9 Survey Findings

10 Survey Findings The survey findings yielded that many people believed that religion does effect the behavior and exert influence on the thinking patterns. A harmonious society has balance justice as its important components. As a multi-religious society we have to exhibit tolerance towards other religions to thrive and progress.

11 Bibliography

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