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( eco friendly + energy saving )

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1 ( eco friendly + energy saving )
서울특별시 제4회 물산업 신기술 발표회 하폐수 처리 MBR기술 최신 동향 KSMBR e - MBR ( eco friendly + energy saving )

2 Contents Development in Wastewater Treatment 5 ECONITY Membrane 10
e-MBR Process 19 MBR Technology References 28 Water Reuse System 36

3 Ssangyong’s MBR Technology 연혁

4 우리나라 공공하수처리시설 방류수 수질기준 변경 연혁
초고도처리 필요

5 in Wastewater Treatment
Development in Wastewater Treatment

6 Development in Wastewater Treatment
Future CAS (Conventional Activated Sludge) BNR (Biological Nutrient Removal) MBR (Membrane Bio-Reactor)

7 Conventional Activated Sludge Biological Nutrient Removal (A2O) Membrane Bio-Reactor

8 + = MBR MBR ? BNR Membrane (Membrane Bio-Reactor) BNR Process
BOD, N, P Removal Membrane SS, Coliforms + = MBR (Membrane Bio-Reactor) BNR Process Biological N, P Removal Mechanism Membrane Unit Physical Barrier for Separation Nitrification Denitrification P Release & Uptake BOD Removal SS Removal Coliforms Removal

9 Quality of Treated Water
Effluent Parameter CAS BNR (A2O) MBR e-MBR Remark BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand - Organics indicator COD Chemical Oxygen Demand SS Suspended Solids - Solids indicator T-N × Total Nitrogen - Nitrogen(nutrient) indicator - TKN(organic N+Ammonia) + NOx T-P Total Phosphorous - Phosphorous(nutrient) indicator - Poly P + ortho P Coliforms Coliform Bacteria Note : ◎ excellent, ○ good, × has no treatment mechanism

10 ECONITY Membrane

11 Principle of Hollow Fiber Membrane

12 Surface of ECONITY Membrane
Outer Inner

13 ECONITY Hollow Fiber Membrane
Benefits of ECONITY Membrane ECONITY Hollow Fiber Membrane Technical Benefits Economical Benefits Porosity: High (above 77%) Pore Shape: Slit Type Permeability ↑, Screen Effect ↑ Manufacturing Process Stretching Method Manufacturing Cost ↓ Material HDPE(Hydrophilic Coating) Traditional Stability & Safety Chemical Resistance: Strong Life-time: Long Construction Cost ↓ Nominal Pore Size 0.4 μm (Micro Filtration) Complete Separation of Solids & Bacteria High Packing Density Footprint: Small Energy Consumption: Low OD/ID/Wall Thickness 0.65/0.41/0.12 mm Membrane Replacement Cost ↓ Operation Flux 0.3~0.5 m3/m2/d Tolerance of Fouling: Strong Term of Chemical Cleaning: Long Maintenance Cost ↓ Note : Membrane Life time is usually around 8~10 years and may vary subject to influent & operation conditions.

14 ECONITY Membrane Manufacturing Plant
Location : Yongin, Republic of Korea

15 ECONITY Cartridge Module
Permeate Handle ECONITY Hollow Fiber Membrane 320W×396H×490L, Weight 7kg

16 for Air Distribution Uniformly
ECONITY Frame Permeate Air “M” Type for Air Distribution Uniformly Sludge Discharge Aeration KMS-6007CF (1,326W×3,233H×2,948L, Q=600m3/day)

17 Features of ECONITY Membrane System
Energy Saving - Due to high packing density, improved air supply pipe & dual aeration(fine/coarse bubble) Easy to Clean & Maintain - Cartridge module is simple to insert/attach to/remove from frame - Light enough for one person to handle (cartridge module 7kg) - Cleaning in place (CIP) Maintenance cleaning : 1 time / 2 weeks Recovery cleaning : 1~2 times / year The Materials are Highly Resistant to Chemicals & Other Impacts

18 Quality Certification of Membrane
by Public Procurement Service, Republic of KOREA Note : The original company name was ‘KMS.” The company had its name changed to “Econity” in 2009

19 e-MBR Process ( New Excellent Technology No.337 Certified
by Ministry of Environment, Republic of KOREA )


21 Features of MBR Process vs Conventional Type
High Quality & Stable Effluent - Use of submerged hollow fiber membrane - Not affected by sludge settling characteristics Smaller Site (50% Reduction) & Lower Civil Work Cost - Does not need sedimentation, clarifier, disinfection, etc. Waste Disposal Cost Saving - Due to substantial sludge reduction Effluent Reuse - Perfect removal of SS & coliforms

22 Advantages of e-MBR vs other MBR
Improved Nitrogen & Phosphorous Removal Efficiency - Pre & post denitrification with external carbon (optional) - Minimization of inhibition for nitrogen & phosphorous removal through DO control in Oxic 1 Energy Saving - DO recycle from oxic 2 to oxic 1 - Substantial energy saving during bio treatment in oxic 1 - Dual aeration(fine/coarse bubble) in membrane reactor realizes additional aeration saving (optional)

23 Advantages of e-MBR

24 A2O, SBR and Other Conventional Type
High Quality Effluent (Unit : mg/L, Nr/mL) Effluent Parameter A2O, SBR and Other Conventional Type +Tertiary Treatment +Disinfection e-MBR Typical Level (without chemical)  Achievable Level (with chemical) BOD5 5 ~ 10 < 2 SS < 1 T-N 5 ~ 15 < 15 < 10 T-P 0.5 ~ 1.5 < 1.5 < 0.5 Coliforms < 200 < 30 Note : Typical levels of N & P depend on influent characteristics such as C/N, C/P. Lower levels of N & P can be achieved by using additional chemicals.

25 Required Installation Area
Conventional Process (A2O+Tertiary) e-MBR Process Reducing around 1/2

26 e-MBR EPC Cost e-MBR Other MBR SBR + Tertiary A2O + Tertiary (80) (85)
(95) (100) Civil Mechanic 25 Electric 15 Mem Civil Mechanic 25 Electric 15 Mem Civil Mechanic 30 Electric 15 Civil Mechanic 30 Electric 15 e-MBR Other MBR SBR + Tertiary A2O + Tertiary Note : Excluding land purchase costs

27 e-MBR EPC + O&M Cost e-MBR Other MBR SBR + Tertiary A2O + Tertiary
(90) (100) (95) (100) O&M 10 O&M 20 O&M 10 O&M 15 EPC 75 EPC 80 EPC 85 EPC 90 e-MBR Other MBR SBR + Tertiary A2O + Tertiary Note : EPC cost + 20years O&M cost (assumed under the same condition, 10,000㎥/d) Including power, chemical, sludge treat. and membrane replace cost Excluding labor, repair and other miscellaneous cost

28 MBR Technology References
Upgrade Upgrade MBR KSMBR e-MBR Bio + Membrane Improvement of Nutrient Removal Optimization of BNR for Ultimate Nutrient Removal Improvement of Using Energy by SSANGYONG & ECONITY

29 Songsan Green-City STP
Applications of Ssangyong MBR Technology South Korea Okcheon STP Youngjong Songsan STP 18,000㎥/day (Operating) 30,000㎥/day (Constructing) Daegu Dalsung WWTP Jinhae Undong STP 25,000㎥/day (Operating) 10,000㎥/day (Constructing) MBR Technology (KSMBR) Plants Incheon Gongchon STP ECONITY Membrane , 100 Plants Songsan Green-City STP 65,000㎥/day (Constructing) 84,000㎥/day (Designing)

30 Location : Okcheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea
After KSMBR Retrofitting Before Retrofitting (CAS+Tertiary) Project : Okcheon STP Capacity : 18,000 m3/day Location : Okcheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

31 Project : Daegu Dalseong Industrial Complex WWTP
After KSMBR Retrofitting Before Retrofitting (CAS+Tertiary) Project : Daegu Dalseong Industrial Complex WWTP Capacity : 25,000 m3/day Location : Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea Reuse : Industrial Water

32 Track Record of Ssangyong MBR Technology
Nation Site Capa. (㎥/day) Site Nr Sum of Capa. (㎥/day) Remark S. Korea Sihwa Jeongok ect. STP 400 31 3,403 In Operation Daegu Dalsung Industrial Complex WWTP 25,000 1 Yeoncheon Baekhak Industrial Complex 500 Sewage Facilities Expansion Project In the Upper Stream of Dam Daechung Dam Area 1 18,000 510 23 2,930 Under Construction Daechung Dam Area 2 190 13 1,210 Namgang Dam Area 1 80 12 870 Youngjong Songsan 30,000 Incheon Gongchon 65,000 Jinhae Unngdong ect. 10,000 18 24,895 Ansan Sihwa MTV 32,000 Designing Songsan Green-City 84,000 Wonju Business-City ect. 52 79,200 Cheonan Pungse Industrial Complex ect. 5,000 4 8,300 China Inner Mongolia 600 Qingdao 50 2 70 Beijing 200 Yunnan 20 Russia Dekastri 300 N. Korea Pyeongyang 40 Gangwon Goseong Total 168 376,938



35 < 2007 Korea Environment Technology Awards >
“KSMBR” won President Grand Award ! “KSMBR” Certified Green Technology by Ministry of Environment, Republic of KOREA

36 Water Reuse System

37 Water Reuse System City Water e-MBR + RO (High Quality)
Time Sequence Water Source Water Quality Treatment for Water Supply / Desalination City Water Sewage Conventional Treatment Discharge Reuse (General Quality) e-MBR e-MBR + RO (High Quality) Water in Use

38 Simplified Approach to Reuse
Sewage Clean Water Treated Water Gardening Water e-MBR Using Supplement Water Cleaning Water Industrial Water Agricultural Water City Water Stream Maintenance Fresh Water

39 Concepts of Process for Reuse
BNR + Sand Filter (+ Biological Activated Carbon) BNR + Microfiltration (+ Reverse Osmosis) Membrane Bio-reactor (+ Reverse Osmosis) The Latest Technology (High Water Quality)

40 No pre-treatment is required for RO process
e-MBR + RO Process Sewage e-MBR RO Module Concentrated Water Produced Water Reuse Recycle or Waste No pre-treatment is required for RO process

41 Thank you

42 Attachment 1 e-MBR Energy Users
Note : This is the result from pilot scale (60㎥/day) test and specific inlet loading condition, so it can be different according to plant scale and condition. In conventional MBR processes, aeration (bio aeration + membrane aeration) takes up over 70% of total energy used. E-MBR yields substantial energy saving, thanks to its efficient aeration process, from 70% to 50%.

43 International Patents
Attachment 2 ECONITY Company Description Name : Econity Co., Ltd. Location : Yongin-Si, Gyeonggi-do, S.Korea Branch Office : Shanghai, Los-Angeles Established : Sep., 1st, 1998 No. of Employee : 100 persons Patents and New Environmental Technology Local Patents International Patents New Technology Membrane manufacture : 5 Module & System : 5 WWT Process : 3 Sludge Reduction : 1 MBR+RO Reuse : 1 US Patent registration 3 (Membrane, Module, Air Diffuser) 2Patents Application in China 2Patents Application in Europe KSMBR Process for Adv. WWT e-MBR Process for Adv. WWT

44 Note : The original company name was ‘KMS.” The company had its name
changed to “Econity” in 2009

45 Note : The original company name was ‘KMS.” The company had its name
changed to “Econity” in 2009

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