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Every Industry Changes Jan De Kesel, FM Audit Europe & InMap Ltd.

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2 Every Industry Changes Jan De Kesel, FM Audit Europe & InMap Ltd

3 Every Industry Changes courtesy of

4 Every Industry Changes courtesy of

5 Every Industry Changes courtesy of

6 So is ours courtesy of


8 = crisis/danger + OPPORTUNITY

9 Opportunity for Reman industry 1987 Crisis : High supply prices for new laser printers =

10 2004 the next crisis

11 A dealer tells us he wants to sell pages instead of supplies because customers dont believe him when he says he can deliver quality = Give me a system so I can prove to my customer what his problem is and how I will solve it with the necessary means of control for him Opportunity : Cost control and tracking systems = CPP Customers and Resellers want to cut cost further and control environment

12 Who lost customers to competitors who deliver everything under contract ? 99 % of you ?

13 Who sells CPP contracts ? Who has these contracts fully automated ? (billing & deliveries) ?? % ?

14 Who is selling MPS, full service, including some software with it – and has a fleet management system ? ?? % ?

15 THE PROBLEM From transaction model – selling the cartridge to THE SOLUTION To Solution type selling

16 From Box moving (+ maybe maintenance contract) to Full Consulting by delivering CURRENT/PROPOSED SITUATIONS


18 Change in the print and consumables industry in the last 10 years Different players collide in the same accounts VARS + Printer Resellers Independent Copier Resellers Aftermarket sales channels for toners, supplies and repairs MSPs : Managed Service Providers (IT) OEM direct Sales- Organisations From Co-Existing in Accounts to Colliding

19 TCO (Total Cost of Ownership): Approach BEFORE NOW BOXES TCO / pages MACHINES AND TONERSMPS : Managed Print Services Existing Demand Current budget Pre-defined purchasing process Salespeople create demand after an analysis NO Budget NO PRE-DEFINED PURCHASE PROCESS De Vraag Purchasing, IT, Facilities management CFO CIO Contact Customer request, I need : … Financial Sales. Initiative for analysis Type

20 Most sellers see print management as a way to bill their customers per page. And most of them are scared of billing in a cost per page format because they have trouble understanding how they can make money at it. Taking Action

21 A lot of services and added value activities are now becoming available. It moves the responsibility from a low level, maybe not so organized situation at the customers site Towards the reseller PROBLEM MPS makes it more challenging for the dealer channel

22 BUT HOW ? Detect the opportunities in your dealer channel Which end-user this fits best LEARN HOW TO

23 Projection : MPS market will grow from 20.5 Billion in 2012 to 34 Billion in Western Europe by 2015 OPPORTUNITY MPS for End Users and Resellers

24 MPS Market Growth (EMEA)

25 MPS Market Heat Map (EMEA)

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