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Victorian Living Pinkies up, everyone. Ladies Dress: Layers of Victorian underwear, including a chemise, drawers, corset and several petticoats, were.

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1 Victorian Living Pinkies up, everyone

2 Ladies Dress: Layers of Victorian underwear, including a chemise, drawers, corset and several petticoats, were worn by mid-19th century women

3 Turnoure Corset

4 Bustle and Skirt

5 Step by Step: How to Dress 1. Chemise- unshaped undergarment which reaches just below the knees and has a drawstring neckline. 2. Underneath- Drawers!

6 Step by Step: How to Dress 2. Corset- back lacing, has a front busk closure. Knowing how to lace a corset was important to achieve the correct look in Victorian fashion!

7 Step by Step: How to Dress 3. Under Petticoat- usually quite plain and worn as many as six at a time, depending on the season - stiffened fabric - tangling petticoats were heavy, bulky and generally uncomfortable

8 Step by Step: How to Dress 4. Hoop skirt or crinoline- liberator from the need for the excessive layers of under petticoats - Various appearances

9 Step by Step: How to Dress 5. Over Petticoat- often with an elaborately embroidered hem

10 Step by Step: How to Dress 6. Victorian dress- (pictured here) "fan front" bodice with capped close-fitting long sleeves and a cartridge pleated, three flounced skirt

11 Step by Step: How to Dress The properly attired Victorian lady is never seen in public without bonnet and gloves!


13 Hats: Trimmed with frills, feathers, flowers, and ribbons, wide- brimmed bonnets were a "must-have" fashion accessory for women

14 Other must haves: Shawls Fans

15 Bathing suits Early 1800s

16 Bathing suits 1810

17 Bathing suits 1864

18 Bathing suits 1890s

19 Bathing suits 1900

20 Mens Clothing: Any attempt to be conspicuous is in excessively bad taste. Simplicity should always preside over the Victorian gentleman's

21 Coats: 4 different types all men must have: 1. a morning coat 2. a frock coat 3. a dress coat 4. an overcoat The dress of a gentleman should not cost him more than a tenth of his income on an average

22 Walking Suits: Best option = suit of tweed, ordinary boots, gloves not too dark for the coat, a scarf with a pin in winter, or a small tie of one color in summer, a respectable black hat and a cane

23 Walking Suit Cont. In the country or at the sea-side a straw hat or wide-awake may take the place of the beaver hat Make visits as well as lounge in the street, the frock coat of very dark blue or black, or a black cloth cut- away, the white waistcoat, and lavender gloves, are almost indispensable

24 Evening or Dress Fashions: Black and white are the only colors (or no colors) admissible He may make himself admired for his wit, not his toilette; his elegance and refinement, not the price of his clothes.

25 Sporting Fashions: An old coat with large pockets, gaiters in one case, and if necessary, large boots in the other, thick shoes at any rate, a wide-awake, and a well- filled bag or basket at the end of the day, make up a most respectable Victorian sportsman

26 Dinner Party Conduct: Politeness at the table Dont make people sit when more than 12 Conversation is general All should be from the same circle in society No one should be superior to the other

27 Dinner Party Conduct: Invitations: Declined- reason why needs to be sent to the host immediately Accepted- nothing but serious difficulty should prevent anyone from going Company must be punctual! Most people show up 10-15 minutes early

28 Dinner Party Conduct: CORRECT Utensil Use:

29 Dinner Party Conduct: INCORRECT Utensil Use:

30 Dinner Party Conduct: Bad Manners When Eating: DO NOT disrespect waiters/servers Dont apologize for making trouble for them When they ask if you want something, say, If you please, or Not any, I thank you.

31 And so the rules begin… 1. Sit upright- dont slouch 2. Spread napkin across your lap 3. Keep hands from the table until its your time to be served (dont wait with fork and knife in your hand)

32 Rules: Waiting to be served- small talk, pleasant conversation Meal should be 30-60 minutes Take your time when eating- better for your health, increases happiness

33 Rules: Never eat fast Never fill your food with mouth NEVER CHEW WITH YOUR MOUTH OPEN Never make noise with your mouth or throat Never leave the table with your mouth open

34 Rules: Never soil the table cloth Never encourage an animal to play at the table Never use anything but a fork and a spoon to feed yourself Never explain why certain table foods dont agree with you Never introduce disgusting/inappropriate topics at the table

35 Rules: Never pick your teeth or put hand in mouth while eating Never cut bread- always break it. Spread butter on each piece as you eat it Never come to the table with short sleeves, unwashed hands, disheveled hair Never call loudly for the waiter or bring attention to yourself

36 Rules: Never hold bones in your fingers while you eat- cut the meat off the bone Never use your own knife when cutting butter. Use the knife assigned Never wipe your fingers on the table cloth or in your mouth. Always use your own napkin Never wear gloves at the table

37 Rules: Never make a display of finding fault with your food Never pass your plate with a fork and a knife on it. Rest them on a piece of bread Never make a display when removing insects, hair, or other disagreeables from your food. Set it aside quietly Never clean your plate too much- youll look desparate

38 Rules: Never tip back in your chair or lounge upon the table – it makes you look like youre ill bred Never, ever, leave until everyone has finished or without asking to be excused May I be excused from the table, please? Never spit out pits from fruits, bones, etc. Press them from your mouth upon the fork, and lay them at the side of the plate

39 Rules: Never let the conversation stray away from chit-chat- deep conversation doesnt allow for proper digestion Never permit yourself to engage in heated conversation Never put your feet too far under the table to where youll kick the person in front of you

40 Rules: Never praise extravagantly every dish set before you; you should appear indifferent Thank your host as you leave Shake their hand, curtsey

41 Site to review: party-conduct.html party-conduct.html

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