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So you missed Citrix Synergy 2014… Al Solorzano #TheAlSolorzano Principal Architect Agile360/Entisys.

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1 So you missed Citrix Synergy 2014… Al Solorzano #TheAlSolorzano Principal Architect Agile360/Entisys

2 Agenda Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp 7.5 Citrix NetScaler new HW and 10.5 Citrix XenMobile 9.0 Citrix Workspace Suite Citrix Workspace Services Walking the Exhibit Hall Floor – High End Graphics over a remote protocol (NVIDIA) – ObserveIT – HP DL380 with NVIDIA GRID certification & HP HP ConvergedSystem 100 (AKA Moonshot) – Nutanix per Desktop Licensing

3 XenApp/XenDesktop 7.5

4 High Level Citrix XenApp is back! Provision to cloud infrastructure –Deploy to AWS –Deploy to any Citrix Cloud Platform based private cloud or public cloud provider using Citrix Cloud Platform Full Citrix AppDNA (Platinum Users only) Citrix XenMobile MDM included / 20% off XenMobile Enterprise Extended support for Web Interface 5.4

5 Integrated Remote PC Access Automated remote access assignment of users to corporate PCs Secure, remote access to corporate PCs Wake on LAN support New integrated catalog management New hardware accelerated H.264 compression

6 Key Highlights in StoreFront 2.5 Receiver for Web enhancements – Domain pass-through authentication – Smart Card Authentication – Mandatory apps – HTML5 engine update StoreFront – Anonymous session support – Resource filtering SDK – Parallel enumeration for farms/sites

7 Coming soon! Database Connection resiliency (think LHC) Anonymous User Sessions support Session pre-launch and linger App Folders in Studio Migration tools License Server monitoring and hotfix inventory Brokerless Connections Increased SCCM integration (Create published apps, User Logoff, Support for PVS/MCS)

8 Coming soon! Framehawk acquisition (high latency / packet loss network resiliency) USB 3.0 Support Flash/Windows Media redirection enhancements HTML5 Video redirection Lync enhancements

9 HTML5 Receiver

10 XenClient Updates

11 Migration Tool : Work In Progress - Request access to Migration tools

12 Citrix NetScaler Announcments And 10.5

13 Citrix NetScaler ADC Physical Price-Performance Virtual Run Anywhere Platform Multi-Tenant High Performance Appliances 500 Mbps – 120 Gbps Advanced ADC Fastest SSL Offload Pay-As-You-Grow 1U and 2U Software Virtual Appliances Software-based virtual ADC appliance XenServer, ESX, Hyper-V Full ADC features up to 3 Gbps ADC Consolidation Multi-tenant ADC platform Consolidate up to 80 ADCs with holistic management Full ADC isolation and line- rate performance

14 50 Gbps 30 Gbps 10 Gbps 5 Gbps Performance (HTTP) Maximum Tenants per Platform 1 Gbps VPX 10Mbps – 3Gbps VPX 10Mbps – 3Gbps MPX FIPS 3Gbps – 15Gbps MPX FIPS 3Gbps – 15Gbps PayGrow All platforms can be license upgraded across their supported ranges. MPX/SDX Gbps – 50Gbps 33K – 98K SSL TPS 40 Instances MPX/SDX Gbps – 50Gbps 33K – 98K SSL TPS 40 Instances Multi-tenant Capable FIPS Platforms Single-tenant MPX/SDX to Gbps – 120Gbps 560k (2k) SSL TPS 80 Instances NEBS Available MPX/SDX to Gbps – 120Gbps 560k (2k) SSL TPS 80 Instances NEBS Available 120 Gbps 80 NetScaler Platforms and Models MPX/SDX 8005 & Gbps – 15 Gbps 6.5K – 11K SSL TPS 5 Instances MPX/SDX 8005 & Gbps – 15 Gbps 6.5K – 11K SSL TPS 5 Instances MPX Mbps-5 Gbps 1.5K – 2K SSL TPS MPX Mbps-5 Gbps 1.5K – 2K SSL TPS MPX/SDX Gbps – 42Gbps 23k – 69k SSL TPS 20 Instances NEBS Available MPX/SDX Gbps – 42Gbps 23k – 69k SSL TPS 20 Instances NEBS Available 5

15 Features and Enhancements Over 100 new features HTML5 based GUI - Add enhanced features using small add buttons MobileStream - Enhanced features for Mobile devices streams NITRO SDK for Python NITRO for File Operations NITRO for ZebOS system GSLB Static proximity sync SSL configuration Profiles CNAME record caching Multiple Port CS AAA Session Stickiness Kerberos Performance Jumbo Frames Link Redundancy TCP BIC and CUBIC SPDYv3 Gateway SDX Manageability Front End Optimization Insight Center Enhancements

16 Traditional Multi-tenancy Approach: Creation of Tenant Partitions Tenant Partitions Rate limits, RBA and ACLs partition the instance All tenants Share a single instance Partitions NOT fully isolated – No CPU or memory isolation – No version independence – No high availability independence – No lifecycle independence Common Global Instance (Partitions Fail for TRUE Isolation)

17 Citrix XenMobile 9.0

18 Define your mobility strategy – Dont Care – Manage Data – Manage Device – Manage Applications – Manage it all Decide on Cloud or On- premise or hybrid Mobility Strategy

19 Citrix XenMobile Secure mobile web browser with WorxWeb Secure document sharing, sync and editing with ShareFile Secure , calendar and contacts with WorxMail Geo-Fencing Remote Wipe (Selective or Full) Identify/Take action on Jailbroken or Rooted devices Cloud based or on premise infrastructure

20 Citrix XenMobile 9.0 Expect a June 2014 release Updated WorxMail and WorxWeb (offline web page viewing) Add support for Windows 8.1 Tablets & Windows 8.0 phones FIPS compliance for iOS and Android WorxNotes (think corporate Evernote) WorxEdit (edit files via Worx apps) WorxDesktop (Access/Edit files from a remote desktop PC or access full desktop) Cloud offering NEW

21 Citrix XenMobile SaaS Highly available, globally redundant infrastructure – Multi-tenancy with secure, dedicated instances – No data corruption if one instance goes down – No separate fee for dedicated instances Monitoring, analytics and reporting for real-time troubleshooting and optimization application servers Hosted in facilities with a percent availability SLA Service availability 24 hours per day, 7 days per week except for scheduled maintenance Hosting facilities certified under SAS70 Type I & II and ISO27001 Daily backups for one month, plus monthly backups for a minimum of 24 months Automated and manual disaster recovery 24/7/365 incident response Minimum of 99 Users for XM MDM/App Edition Minimum of 300 users for XM Enterprise Edition Minimum of 99 Users for XM MDM/App Edition Minimum of 300 users for XM Enterprise Edition

22 Citrix Workspace Suite

23 Citrix is all All About Mobility Wherever people are, whatever device they are on, their content (apps and data, personal and corporate) should never leave their side. Security needs to follow the individual across all corporate content and devices they touch. A single solution is needed to meet the constantly changing needs of all individuals regardless of their computing needs, and save IT time and money.

24 $450 per USER perpetual OR $204 per user per year $450 per USER perpetual OR $204 per user per year

25 Trade-Up Program PER USER!!!!! – XenMobile and ShareFile cant be concurrent 2 for 1 – Trade-Up ALL XenApp/XenDesktop CCU licenses receive 2 new Citrix WorkSpace Suite user licenses – Up to 70% off 1 for 1 – Trade-Up ALL XenApp/XenDesktop/ShareFile Enterprise User/Device licenses receive 1 new Citrix WorkSpace Suite user licenses – Up to 70% off

26 Other Programs Trade-Up PLUS – Perform Trade-UP and get 10% off additional users Trade-Up MAX Perform Trade-UP and get 35% ALL users in your organization Must total 2500 licenses or more Help is on the Horizon – 50% off Citrix Workspace Suite licenses who trade in their Vmware View or Horizon licenses Blackberry customers – 25% off Citrix Workspace Suite licenses who migrate from Blackberry

27 Citrix Workspace Services 2 nd Half 2014

28 A cloud-based platform for partners and customers to design, build & deliver mobile workspaces Control Center Cloud Desktops Cloud Apps Mobile Services Data Fabric Delivery Network Service Insights Workspace Concierge Service Automation Workspace Services


30 Blueprints Design Deploy Manage 2 nd Half 2014

31 High End Graphics over a remote protocol NVIDIA K1 and K2

32 Target Audience Remoting High End Graphics Engineers/Designers/Architects –3D graphics applications such Siemens NX, AutoDesk products, etc. –Drive down costs of desktops –Mobility –Protect intellectual property Specialized Application Users –GIS –Video and Picture editing –MathWorks, specialized simulations –Flash based apps, Powerpoint, Google Earth, Office 2013, low end CAD applications that can take advantage of a GPU

33 NVIDIA GRID Cards – K1 and K2

34 GPU Profile Latest User Guide for NVIDIA GRID Manager

35 Desktop and Server Recording and Auditing

36 Are Log Files the Answer? What are users really doing on desktops? What are admins doing on servers? When they do something, how do you know? Can you prove it?




40 HP DL380 : NVIDIA GRID Certified 2 NVIDIA GRID K1 or K2 Cards VDI : From 4 high powered graphics desktops to 64 lower end graphics desktops * XenApp : 4 to 8 XenApp servers with higher end graphics profiles assigned Contact your Agile360 account rep for sizing and pricing * Only Citrix XenServer supports full vGPU capabilities for higher density deployments. VMware ESX announced support in 2015.

41 HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops (CS100) 45 m700 cartridges in 4.3U chassis (Moonshot 1500 chassis) 180 dedicated workstations in 4.3 U (45 cartridges x 4 nodes per cartridge) No hypervisor needed for VDI Dedicated resources per desktop m700 cartridge Four AMD Opteron X2150 Nodes per Cartridge, each with: Quad core AMD APU (4) x GHz AMD Radeon HD 8400 Graphics 128 cores w/512MB memory 8GB DDR3 PC SDRAM Dual (2) Gigabit NICs 32GB/64GB SanDisk Internal SSD (iSSD) Certified for Windows 7


43 Storage Network SAN Scale-out Servers Converged compute and storage for virtualized environments

44 Nutanix Converged compute (CPU and RAM) with Software Defined Storage for highly virtualized infrastructure Web-Scale architecture –Start small and grow large later –Scale out CPU, RAM and Storage as each node is added VMware ESX, MS Hyper-V and KVM based hypervisor Splunk, VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp, Veeam certified and more

45 Nutanix VDI Assurance

46 Questions?

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