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Detachable Modular Flotation System (DMFS)

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1 Detachable Modular Flotation System (DMFS)
packing Instructions

2 Bladder Inspection Inspect the entire assembly for cuts, tears, abrasion damage, open seams, loose or broken stitches, and or contamination damage. Remove the CO2 cartridge and inspect for corrosion or debris around the actuator. Note: Ensure you are using a 24 Gram CO2 Cartridge Page 1

3 Begin Repacking Step 1: Fold the right side of the bladder toward the center. Note: Notice the Red lines; these lines indicate a fan fold. Step 2: Fold the left side of the bladder in toward the center. Step 3: Fold the bladder once more toward the left side. Page 2

4 Packing Cont. Step 4: Make a fold from the bottom of the bladder, just enough to cover the CO2 cartridge. Note: At this point your bladder should have the same fold lines as is indicated by the Red indicator lines. Shown in Figure 4A Figure 4A Step 5: Tuck the bladder into the casing. Leave approximately ¼ of the bladder exposed. Page 3

5 Packing Cont. Step 6: Fold the top portion of the case over the remaining exposed bladder. Side View Step 7: Tuck the top casing along with the bladder, into the bottom pouch. Step 8: Fold the tabs down on the left and right side of the pull handle, and snap the tabs to the casing. Page 4

6 Packing Completed Back view Page 5

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