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2 Our legacy and our future

3 Littelfuse Is the Preferred Brand for Circuit Protection Products

4 The #1 Brand In Circuit Protection -- The Largest Portfolio Of Solutions
Automotive Electrical Electronics Littelfuse has the broadest and deepest portfolio of circuit protection products serving three major market segments…

5 Electronics Business Unit
Littelfuse Solutions for Today’s Advanced Products Handheld Digital Consumer Telecom General Electronics SIDACtor® & Battrax® Protection Thyristors Greentube™ Gas Plasma Arresters Telelink ® Fuses DC Power Fuses Fuses – leaded/cartridge MLVs MOVs TVS Diode Arrays TVS Diodes PulseGuard ® ESD Suppressors Fuses – leaded/cartridge Surface Mount Fuses Resettable PTCs MLVs TVS Diode Arrays PulseGuard® ESD Suppressors Surface Mount Fuses Resettable PTCs MLVs MOVs Fuses – leaded/cartridge Power Thyristors

6 Automotive Business Unit
Automotive OEMs Around the World Rely on Solutions from Littelfuse Safety (Airbags, Battery Disconnect, Anti-rollover, Stability Control, etc.) PTCs, MOVs, MLVs, TVS Diodes Hybrid Vehicles (Gas Electric, Fuel-cell Electric, Li-Ion Polymer, etc.) EV Fuses Comfort and Infotainment (Ride Control, Climate Control, Navigation Systems, Seating Controls, etc.) PTCs, MOVs, MLVs, TVS Diodes, PulseGuard® ESD Suppressors, Electronic Fuses, GDTs Performance and Emissions (Engine Management, Adaptable Suspension, Advanced Power-trains) PTCs, MOVs, MLVs, TVS Diodes, TVS Thyristors, Fuses Today’s automobiles include more electronic systems than ever before. Over their lifetime these systems are exposed to a wide range of potential overcurrent and transient voltage hazards. Major automotive OEMs around the world rely on solutions from Littelfuse to protect the silicon chips within automotive modules, as well as the battery power distribution and wiring harnesses that feed these modules. • Today’s automobiles include more electronic systems than ever before. Littelfuse's automotive solutions protect these systems from a wide range of potential overcurrent and transient voltage hazards.

7 Electrical Business Unit
Protecting Critical Business Assets Service Entrance Switches KLPC Class L Fuses Overload protection Short-circuit protection Compressor Motor Circuits JTD_ID Class J Fuses Overload protection Short-circuit protection Conveyor Motor Circuits LLSRK_ID Class RK1 Fuses Overload protection Short-circuit protection Conveyor Control Circuits CCMR Class CC Fuses Overload protection Short-circuit protection As industrial equipment becomes more sophisticated, so does the need for circuit protection.

8 We offer protection against all common threats to electric circuits and components
Every product that uses electrical energy needs circuit protection to ensure safety, reliability and performance… Littelfuse has the solution

9 Littelfuse - The only company to offer a complete range of circuit protection technologies
No competitor can match Littelfuse’s broad product offering and technical expertise in circuit protection applications...

10 Our Customers Are Global Market Leaders
LEADING OEMs EMERGING OEMs EMS/ODM TIER 1 AUTO More than 10,000 customers worldwide Electronics OEM (Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Lucent, IBM, LG, Apple, Canon, Dell) CEM (Celestica, Flextronics, Solectron, Jabil) ODM (Asustek, HuaWei, Delta, Quanta, BenQ, Wistron) Distributors (Arrow, Future) Automotive OEM (Ford, General Motors, DaimlerChrysler) Tier 1 (Hella, Delphi, Motorola, Bosch, Siemens) Aftermarket (AutoZone, Hella, Pep Boys, Chang Hua) Electrical End users (Otis, Sonoco) Distributor channels (Rexel, GE Supply, Haggermeyer) VESTEL

11 Littelfuse Continues to Build a Strong Worldwide Presence
Littelfuse has leading market positions in all three regions of the world

12 Littelfuse Has Broad End-Market Exposure
AUTOMOTIVE OEM / Aftermarket Off-road, truck & bus Automotive electronics TELECOM VOIP LAN / WAN Telco Central Office CONSUMER Hand-held devices Entertainment Computers INDUSTRIAL Factory Automation Lighting applications White goods

13 Overview of Littelfuse circuit protection technologies
Overvoltage Technologies TVS Diodes Varistors SIDACtor Devices Gas Plasma Arrestors (GDTs) Silicon Protection Arrays (SPAs) PulseGuard ESD Suppressors Overcurrent Technologies Positive Temperature Coefficient Devices (PTCs) Fuses Switching Technologies Switching Thyristors Services Application Testing Services

14 Fuses Broadest selection of any company
Where Used: Protect equipment from current overloads or short circuits by completely stopping the flow of dangerous current – Littelfuse offers the broadest selection to serve the widest range of applications Available Range: Options from .062A – 100kA and up to 1000V Cartridge Axial Leaded Surface Mount Nano and Thin Film Automotive Blade Fuses

15 POWR-GARD SPF Solar Rated Fuse
Central Inverter Protection using Littelfuse Class L/J fuses Where Used: String protection, Re-combiners Inverter DC Input protection IEC , UL2579 coming soon Available Range: Options from 1A up to 1000V Breaking capacity A Leaded version available for PCB mounting

16 Increase Safety and Protect Expensive Equipment from Damage, Reduce Downtime
Our comprehensive line of microprocessor-based protection relays safeguard equipment and personnel to prevent expensive damage, downtime or injury due to electrical faults. We offer: - Ground Fault Relays - Motor Protection Relays - Feeder Protection Relays - Supplemental Monitors

17 Polyfuse® PTCs Resettable fuse alternative
Where Used: When maximum uptime is desired or fuse replacement difficult – PTCs restrict flow of dangerous current while allowing safe currents to continue equipment operation Available Range: SMD , 0805, 1206, 1210, 1812, 2016, 2920 Radial Leaded - 6V, 16V, 30V, 60V, 72V Telecom - 250V, 600V Battery Strap

18 TVS Diodes Protect semiconductors from transient volts
Where Used: TVS Diodes respond to overvoltage events faster than most other types of circuit protection – Ideal for consumer electronics, industrial and telecom applications Available Range: 400 W to 30,000 W SMT and Axial 6.8V to 550V Uni-directional and bi-directional products available 6 kA, 10 kA, 15KA high surge capability device

19 Silicon Protection ArraysTM Best-in-class clamping performance for ESD, EFT, and Lightning-Induced Transients Where Used: Silicon Protection Arrays (SPAs), commonly called Diode Arrays, are a family of discrete diodes and diode arrays designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment against destructive electrostatic discharges (ESD) and other electrical transients. Available Range: Number of Channels: , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 14 Standoff Voltage: V - 30V ESD (IEC , Contact): kV - 30kV Capacitance 0V Bias): pF - 50pF Lightning (IEC , tP=8/20µs): 1A - 150A EFT (IEC , tP=5/50ns): ≥ 40A

20 Switching Thyristors Solid state switches to control the flow of current
Where Used: Thyristors are solid state switches used to control the flow of current Capable of blocking rated voltage until triggered to the on-state Typically used in water heaters, gas ignitors, and a wide variety of electrical controls Available Range: SCR Silicon Controlled Rectifier (Standard and Sensitive Gate types) Triac (Standard, High Commutating Alternistor, High Temperature, and QUADRAC types) SIDAC (Standard, High Energy, MultipulseTM, and Unidirectional types) 0.8A to 70ARMS continuous current ratings Up to 1000VRMS blocking voltage ratings TO-220, TO-218, DPAK, TO-92, SOT223, and a variety of other THT and SMT packages

21 Protection Thyristors SIDACtor® protectors for Telecom and Datacom
Where Used: Protect telecom equipment and ADSL2+, VDSL2+, Ethernet, SLIC, VOIP and POTS applications from high voltage surges Available Range: Leaded Devices: DO-15, TO-92, TO220 and CELL Surface Mount: DO-214, 3L DO-214 Compak, MS pin, MS-012 (SO-8) , 3x3 ,3.3X3.3 and 5x6 QFN

22 Varistors - MOVs High energy protectors from power spikes/lightning
Where Used: Protect sensitive equipment from power spikes or lightning strikes by shunting the energy to ground – typically used in industrial applications Available Range: Radial Leaded (LA, ZA, UltraMOV, CIII) Axial Leaded (MA) Bare Disk Surface Mount (CH, SM7, SM20) Industrial (BA/BB, DA/DB, HA/HB) Thermal MOV (TMOV) Newly Released SM7 SM20

23 Varistors - MLVs Small surface mount varistors for ESD suppression
Where Used: Suppress ESD and other transients that occur on power supply, signal, and control lines – Computers, Mobile Communications, Handheld Electronics, I/O Ports, Alarm & Control Systems, Automotive Electronics and Industrial Automation. Available Range: ML - Standard Series also available in 0201 package MHS - High Speed (Lowest Capacitance) MLE - ESD Suppression and Filtering AUML - Automotive Transients MLN - SurgeArray Series(4 Line Device) Cell phones PDAs Automotive Applications Digital communication MP3 players Computers Peripherals Industrial Controls

24 Gas Plasma Arrestors (GDTs) Suppress network damage through a contained gas
Where Used: Suppress damaging voltage transients including lighting in a contained plasma gas – ideal for broadband, ADSL, XDSL, CATV, Satellite and other network and communication equipment Available Range: Form: Surface Mount, Cartridge, Radial and Axial Leaded Electrode: 2 and 3 terminals/electrodes Voltage Range: 90V-5000V

25 PulseGuard ESD Suppressors Protect integrated circuits from static discharge
Where Used: Supplement on-chip protection of IC’s; to increase the reliability of the end product -- used in low voltage (up to 24VDC) applications to protect the data/signal/control lines against user-generated ESD Available Range: - Single and Multiple Line Suppressors - 0402, 0603 and SOT23 package types

26 Why circuit protection?
Safety, Reliability and Compliance Protecting End Users Reducing or eliminating risk of injury Protecting Products from Damage Reduce risk of spikes, electrostatic discharge (ESD), lightning, misuse Increased product reliability and lower warranty repair costs Compliance with Standards Achieve safety standards acceptance

27 One Stop Shopping- Littelfuse Advantage

28 Why Littelfuse? #1 circuit protection brand in the world
Complete range of circuit protection technologies Product and application expertise Increased market acceptance and reduced liability Available globally Global application testing capabilities Technology leader

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