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Please email me via district email – for now. Calling me or emailing me at my account may accidently result in No Action Taken. I will try to let you.

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2 Please email me via district email – for now. Calling me or emailing me at my account may accidently result in No Action Taken. I will try to let you know when its fixed, but check after a few days if I dont let you know. If it is not resolved as you think it should be, please post again.

3 READ everything I post to News!

4 I have tech help information posted under District Trainings on the Website. Check there for information on a variety of issues. Central Office District Trainings

5 Please contact me if you have technology hardware that you no longer want in your classroom – Working or Not working. Leave it on a table with a note for me. Do NOT place it – In the hall By the garbage Anywhere with a note to put in storage-it needs to come to me unless I tell you different.

6 You need to let me know so I can Fix it. Do not use duct tape, electrical tape, or any other way to fix it – its not fixed!

7 I repeat…DO NOT use cords that are frayed or exposed. These cords can damage or destroy hardware and or software. Shock therapy is NOT a Board sanctioned discipline technique.

8 For speedier results – check Three and Then ask me. If you are referred to me, please email me. Good people to ask – Peers who seem techie Teachers whove been around a while Your friendly librarian Your administrator

9 Take note – if the person you ask has a lot of tech problems…he/she is probably not your best choice for help.

10 Restarting your machine fixes most issues. If a restart doesnt work, shut the computer off, wait 30 seconds and then start again. If that doesnt do it, call me!

11 I do not provide the headphones – Radley and EG – check with your librarians EVMS – check with Dan. Please make sure kids are not chewing on the cords.

12 Check to make sure that they are properly connected, and the volume is adjusted on the headphones. Check the sound icon on the system tray – make sure there is volume and its not muted. Test the non-working set in a computer that is working, and a working pair in the computer that its not

13 Remember your classroom printer is for small print jobs only. Your cartridge must last at least one year. If you need a replacement, please email me.

14 When you contact me, I will ask you if you have shaken the cartridge. Please remove the cartridge gently, if it sticks, contact me. Removing the cartridge incorrectly will damage the machine and it will not longer print. You dont have to do the Mamba with the cartridge, just a gentle shake to distribute the toner is great.

15 If you are lucky enough to have a larger computer that needs toner…I will place an order in the spring. If you need toner sooner, you will need to purchase from Staples or other vendor via your administrator or purchase yourself. Let your administrator know in the spring what your needs might be for the next year.

16 These are viruses that pop up when you are on the web. To avoid: if you get any notice that your computer is infected with viruses, immediately shut off the computer – dont click on any choice, try to close the window or try to save anything. Restart and hopefully youll be fine.

17 I will gladly re-image your machine, but I wont try to save any of your files from your computer. This might transfer the virus to other locations. SO…BACK UP your Files…regularly.

18 Do NOT, for any reason, use any tape or sticky substance on any of your hardware or cords. Your computer and monitor are not bulletin boards… please do not use them as so. Substances to avoid, (not limited to) Tape – masking, duct, Scotch, electrical, etc. ANYTHING Sticky!

19 Just remember… Magnets are BAD – For computers Monitors Smart boards Just about all things technical.

20 Some old ones were grandfathered in, but they are dying faster than the ones that are off the floor.

21 I will not unblock Youtube during the day: Takes too much bandwidth Too many inappropriate videos. It is available from 3:30 p.m. until 7:30 a.m. You are welcome to: Find a video on your home computer Download it through My Big Campus Or Find a converter that will save your video – is a very good one. Save it and bring it in on a Flash drive or send it by email.

22 If there is a blocked website that you wish to use, please email me the entire URL address. It will have to be approved by your building administrator prior to unblocking. If the site has a chat room or blog, it will not be unblocked.

23 Only TEACHERS are allowed to use You may download what you want and use Flash drives to transmit data HOWEVER: Make sure everything on your computer that you want to save is BACKED UP in case of malfunction.

24 It is against our policy to allow students to bring in Flash drives from home. Please protect our computers and other students by monitoring them closely. Flash drives can carry viruses They are removed improperly by students Kids bring in rogue files/images and put them in other students files – wrecking havoc with student file management.

25 Make sure you use the Safe to remove Hardware program from the system tray on your computer. If you dont, make sure you have everything you want on your computer and your Flash drive BACKED UP, as improper removal can cause corrupt files, or crash your computer. Need instructions? Check with me.

26 When students are logged in as themselves their information is secure and backed up. When logged into the generic S drive, it can be accessed and manipulated by anyone in the district.

27 Please do all the Windows updates that your computer requests of you. The notification will be in the System tray (next to the clock). Often, they will be done automatically at night and will even restart your computer for you!

28 Please do the Java updates. Please make sure you read through the process and de-select the free stuff.

29 Due to the addition of Smart boards to the classroom… Please provide your substitute teachers Step-By- Step instructions to use them Please place all info they need onto the Student profile so they can easily access it. Please ask them to leave all settings alone on your computer and do not do Java updates.


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