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Serving the special needs of patrons in 22 counties in Southwest Georgia Tools for Turning Folks on to Talking Books: A Multi Media Training Tool Kit.

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1 Serving the special needs of patrons in 22 counties in Southwest Georgia Tools for Turning Folks on to Talking Books: A Multi Media Training Tool Kit

2 One of nine subregional libraries and outreach advisory centers in the state of Georgia Currently serves a 22 county region Houses a large collection of recorded materials for patrons who are blind or physically handicapped All materials mailed free of charge!

3 Lee Lowndes Miller Mitchell Quitman Randolph Seminole Terrell Thomas Webster Worth Baker Brooks Calhoun Clay Colquitt Decatur Dougherty Early Echols Grady Lanier Georgia Subregional Libraries Map

4 Popular materials! Including: Best-sellers Biographies Childrens Books Classics Foreign Language Materials Mysteries Religious Romance Science Fiction Free Bibles available Materials are available in recorded format only

5 Subscribe to over 70 popular magazines, such as: Consumer Reports Ebony Good Housekeeping Jack & Jill National Geographic Newsweek Sports Illustrated Magazines are available in Braille and Cassette formats Independent living catalogs and displays

6 Read newspapers via the telephone! Newspapers include: Atlanta Journal-Constitution Macon Telegraph New York Times Tallahassee Democrat USA Today Wall Street Journal Call us at 229-248-2680 or 1-800-795-2680 to set up Newsline today!

7 Talking books are available at deposit collections Deposit collections are placed at: Assisted living facilities Nursing homes Public libraries Schools Senior centers And more! Contact us to set up a deposit collection. A Typical Deposit Collection

8 Search our catalog at How do you receive materials once you find them? Call us! 229-248-2680 or 1-800-795-2680 Email us! Write us at 301 S. Monroe Street, Bainbridge, GA 39819 Need to reserve materials online? Call us to receive a login ID and password! Browse the deposit collection at your public library!

9 New digital players! USB Flash Cartridges Many advantages over traditional players: Smaller Lighter Easier to use Longer battery life

10 Download talking books using BARD Braille and Audio Reading Download Download to a blank NLS cartridge or a USB flash drive Users must fill out an application before using BARD.

11 Amplifiers For those who are certified as hearing impaired Kurzweil Reading Edge Machine Reads a printed page aloud Braille Machine We can put printed material into Braille for you! Kurzweil Reading Edge Machine Braille Machine

12 JAWS software Check your local public library for availability Reads printed material on the computer screen Optelec 20/20+ Enlarges materials placed underneath it by projecting on a screen Can be enlarged up to 60 times its normal size Available at Headquarters library in Bainbridge Computer with JAWS software Optelec 20/20+

13 Perkins Brailler Equivalent of a Braille typewriter Braille –N- Print Slimline Computer card Attaches to the bottom of the Perkins Brailler Prints on a computer printer DAAS Vision Simulator Kit Helps sighted persons develop a better understanding of different vision impairments. AND MORE! Perkins Brailler DAAS Vision Simulator Kit

14 Machines needed to play special cassettes Old material is still available in this format Recorded at slower than conventional speeds Loaned for as long as you use the recorded materials Graphic

15 You are eligible for this program if you: Are legally blind 20/200 or less in better eye with correcting lenses Cannot see well enough to read standard print Are unable to handle print books or turn pages because of a physical handicap Are certified by a medical doctor as having a reading disability, due to an organic dysfunction

16 Materials are delivered to your home free of charge Once you receive the materials, flip the index card over on the materials to return them free of charge All materials check out for 30 days

17 Obtain an application form! Call us Email us Visit us in person Visit your public library Download one from our website at

18 Need signature of a competent authority In cases of blindness, visual impairment, or physical limitations: Doctors of medicine Doctors of osteopathy Ophthalmologists Optometrists Registered nurses Therapists Professional staff of hospitals, institutions, and public or private welfare agencies: Social workers Case workers Counselors Rehabilitation Teachers Superintendents In the absence of any of these, certification may be made by professional librarians. In the case of a reading disability due to an organic dysfunction: Doctors of medicine Doctors of osteopathy

19 Churches Senior Centers Caregiver groups Institutions Agencies such as DFACS Health Departments Informal talks Newspaper articles Television interviews Library displays Demonstrations

20 Counties we serve: 22 Over 8,600.4 square miles Population per square mile: 56.8 Service Population: 528,287 1.4% eligible for service 7,396 eligible for service 35% of eligible population being served as of June 30, 2013 Number of active patrons: 2,590 Number of materials checked out in 2012: 34,084 Year we opened for service: 1974

21 Visit us in person! 301 S. Monroe Street, Bainbridge, Georgia 39819 Call us! 229-248-2680 OR 1- 1-800-795-2680 E-mail us! Visit us online! Receive our monthly newsletter for all the latest news!

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