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December 9 th, 2013 Given by: Rose Rocchio. IMS Global Update Overall Health of org is strong 220 Total conformance certifications (80 this year) IMS.

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1 December 9 th, 2013 Given by: Rose Rocchio

2 IMS Global Update Overall Health of org is strong 220 Total conformance certifications (80 this year) IMS Board priorities: Analytics, Apps for Learning Overall issue – standards are too complex, difficult for ultimate users to implement…

3 Common Cartridge Update Common Cartridge v 1.3 – released in July – working on 1.4 Extensions now work Assignment extension Can include APIP and EPUB… Can add grading information into the cartridge Want to add deep link – to resources Some amount of linkage to LTI *** open to requirements for scope of 1.4 *** Priorities for February EDUPUB – thinking that QTI will be part of EDUPUB How will we embed an LTI 2 link into the Common Cartridge… - need to make the links work well

4 Learning Tools Interoperability LTI LTI 1.2 New Test Suite Can certify for any version of LTI – changes on are on the consumer side 1.2 – could possibly do some provider injection of settings in the consumer Outcomes – passing through – line item outcomes LTI v2.0 Working on the certification tests Lots of ideas for services Rubrics LTI Extensions Priorities for FEB - * Talking about* Message types – dashboard Context – of user Using to permit an injection of content… Tool provider – allows injection of a link… - can be customized… Configuration type…

5 Learning Analytics Interoperability Framework Demo implementation is called CALIPER IMS Caliper Framework and Sensor API is designed to consistently represent, capture, and marshal measurement related data, support the instrumentation, collection and exchange of data from Learning Tools/Systems and associated Learning Content elements. This capability will enable institutions, instructors, learning designers, faculty and students easier access to learner analytics to better engage, measure, and revise learning experiences, and to drive a more efficient and effective teaching and learning environment. A repository to put disparate system analytics into – pretty interesting

6 IMS Caliper Framework ( Movable analytics…) SENSOR input – gets DATA – for analytics LCIS – Learning and Content Interoperability Services For point to point… Caliper PoC Demo Does not yet model Peer Review An API Pushes out analytics from a variety of tools into a view that will show that collected in a course – so that a professor – can see a collected view of their students activity in all the tools… ePub – tools etc…

7 IMS Caliper

8 Learning Information Services Biggest push to get LIS 2 – over last 2 years – all big vendors are conformant LIS – just finalized the outcomes standard Outcomes v1.0 & LIS v2.01 Priorities for February: focused on FERPA – privacy What IMS really means by outcomes – is final grade profile Course Planning & Scheduling - CPS is a taskforce group (has rooms, # people, etc…) CPS final Priorities for February *** No integration between SIS and CPS… Ice and edupub – task force to work on 12 Federated Search – goal is to make finding K12 resources – easier – oahpmh – or LTI – or? Casa?...

9 The CASA Initiative Nov. Kick-off IMS Global and UCLA are collaborating on a new App Sharing initiative called CASA At the November IMS Global Quarterly meeting, IMS Global in collaboration with UCLA have established a new Stakeholders group that is working to establish a new Initiative called CASA – The Community App Sharing Architecture Protocol & Standard Specification

10 The Question: How do we intelligently share web apps across the system & beyond? The Issues: Search engines dont know if a URL is mobile ready There is no easy way to know what sites are LTI ( Learning Tool Interoperability) compatible There is no catalog of website functionality There is no universal rating system for websites

11 The ANSWER: the Community App Sharing Architecture (CASA) CASA provides a modular approach for publishing, receiving and sharing web applications with metadata about features and functions It includes mechanisms for filtering and transforming this data during the publishing and sharing processes. It enables the construction of affinity-focused environments that may connect with peers to which it may share apps and publishers from which it may receive apps.

12 CASA Use Cases The Mobile Dashboard for example A standards based LMS (Learning Management System) Tool Launcher Web Portals etc…

13 CASA App Sharing Components Publishing Categorization & Filtering Affinity Communities Crowd Sourced or Localized ratings and comments Flexible management interface Integration with various UI frameworks

14 CASA Architectural Principals Topology Peer to Peer Flexible Asymmetric Propagation Import & export rules Filters & transformations Extensibility Broad Use Web of Trust

15 PUBLIC Review in-process Protocol opened up for PUBLIC review – last call for comments is December 31 st, 2013

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