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PATHFAST® Training Belo Horizonte, June 16, 2011.

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1 PATHFAST® Training Belo Horizonte, June 16, 2011

2 Characteristics Compact immunoanalyzer Full Automation
Whole blood, plasma, serum Multi item processing ( up to six) Short Assay Time ( 17 minutes) Easy to Use Hight Sensitivity / Acccuracy/ Reproducibility Wide Dinamic Range Minimun Cross Contamination Barcode Control Sample Recognition sensor

3 PATHFAST® Assay Protocol
Whole Blood / Plasma Analyte Contaminant Immunoreaction 5 min Y A L P Y A L P ALP Conjugate Magnetic Particles Y A L P 4 7 n m P M T C a l c u t o r BF washing Chemilumi Substrate Enzyme Reaction 1min Measure Light Emission CDP-Star

4 Kits Each kit contains; Reagent cartridges (6 cartridges x 10 boxes)
Calibrators (2 levels x 2 bottles) Calibrator Diluents ( 4 tubes) …for cTnI, CK-MB, D-Dimer Package Insert (IFU) & MC Entry Card *Stored at 2 to 8 ℃

5 Reagent Cartridge ■Magnetic particles ■ALP conjugate
■Chemilumin. Substrate (CDP-Star with SapphireII) ●Sample Diluent ●Washing Buffer Sample Well Detection Well

6 Reagent Cartridge Assay item Lot number Lot expiration Detection well
Sample well Cartridge Serial Number

7 Calibrators & Controls
Calibrators & Calibrator Diluents are included. Controls are not included. MKI suggests users to use Biorad controls. PATHFAST data are described in package insert of Biorad controls.

8 PATHFAST®Disposables
PATHFAST TIP PATHFAST Waste Box Change once a week (10 boxes / package) Printer Roll Paper Use one per test (42 tips x 5 boxes / Carton) (10 rolls / package)

9 4. PATHFAST® Components

10 PATHFAST® Critical Care Immunology Analyzer
manufactured on the basis of an outstanding engineering experience and excellent and well known reagent quality of Mitsubishi.

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