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Bulk Molding Compounds, Inc.

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1 Bulk Molding Compounds, Inc.
‘Complete Composite Solutions’

2 BMC Injection- Molded Motor Brackets

3 BMC vs. Die Cast Metals ADVANTAGES
Reduced Cycle Times / Reduced Manufacturing Cost Thermal / Dimensional Stability Noise Reduction Weight Reduction Elimination of Costly Secondary Machining Operations Lower Tooling Costs / Longer Tool Life Greater Design Freedom = 30-50% Cost Savings over Die-Cast Metal

4 Thermal / Dimensional Stability
RIGIDITY AT ELEVATED TEMPERATURES BMC Composites vs. Engineering Thermosets

5 Thermal / Dimensional Stability
BMCs offer significant acoustical insulation over metals Automotive valve cover conversion from aluminum to BMC 25% Reduction in Valve-train noise in BMC !

6 Part Weight Reduction

7 Lower Specific-Gravity with BMC
Part Weight Reduction Lower Specific-Gravity with BMC BMC Polyester : 1.7 – 2.05s.g. Die-Cast Aluminum : 2.6s.g. Die-Cast Zinc : 6.9s.g. Reduction In Assembly / Unit Weight Lower Raw Material Content $ Reduction in Shipping Weight / Cost $

8 No Secondary Machining
BMC Parts molded GATE FREE. No Secondary Gate Removal No material overflows required for BMC. No secondary trim-die operation required Critical dimensions / tolerances typically held as-molded. No secondary machining operations required. Package At Press!

9 Tooling Friendly BMC Polyesters are very “tooling-friendly” offering the following advantages over metals: 4-5 Times Longer Mold Life Higher Cavitations Significantly lower PM & Repair Costs Allows for use of more complex moving actions (Slides etc.) Allows for use of manifold systems for material delivery to cavities

10 Greater Design Freedom
The flow characteristics and related moldability of BMCs allows for the formation of more complex part geometries. This gives the part designer increased freedom to: Incorporate the net-shapes required to optimize the part / assembly design Reduce the number of components through consolidation of parts

11 Motor Bracket Configurations
Commutator End Brackets / End Bells Fan End Brackets Clamshell Motors Motor End Plates “Cup” Style Motor Housings Fan / Diffuser End Caps Brush Plates Brush Cartridge Housings

12 Commutator End Bracket / End Bell
Integrated Brush Box Features As-Molded Bearing Bore, Brush Boxes & Field Pads

13 Fan End Brackets Integrated Airflow Features
As-Molded Bearing Bore & Field Pads Mounting Points Suitable for Motor Assembly

14 Clamshell Motor Housings
As-Molded Bearing Bore Advantages in Small Hand- Held Applications Weight Reduction Noise / Vibration Reduction Ground-Path Insulation

15 Motor End Plates As-Molded Bearing Bore
Weight Reduction on Large Motor Configurations

16 “Cup” Style Motor Housings
Reduced Number of Components in Assembly More Consistent Motor Alignment As-Molded Bearing Bore, Brush Boxes & Field Pads Integrated Airflow Features

17 Fan / Diffuser End Caps * Accommodates the formation of more complex / efficient airflow geometries

18 Brush Plates / Cartridge Housings
Superior Properties over Thermoplastics

19 BMC Motor Bracket Materials
BMC Materials currently supplied into motor bracket applications: BMC 400 BMC 620 BMC 1412 T40-(18) T40-(20) T40-(25) BMCI can custom-formulate materials as-necessary to meet specific applications.

20 Case Study #1 Commutator End Bracket Conversion
Aluminum BMC Material Cost / Part: Molding Cost / Part: Secondary Gate Trimming: Secondary Machining: 3% Total Cost / Part: $.19 $.281 $.01 $.035 $.015 $.531 $.14 $.225 - $.011 $.376 30% SAVINGS

21 Case Study #2 Commutator End Bell Conversion/Redesign
Brush Boxes incorporated into BMC part as 1-Piece Design Aluminum BMC Material Cost / Part: Molding Cost / Part: Secondary Gate Trimming: Secondary Machining: 3% Brush Plate (2nd Part): Total Cost / Part: $.08 $.22 $.01 $.035 $.001 $.217 $.563 $.133 $.23 - $.011 $.374 34% SAVINGS

22 Mounting Hardware for BMCs
Self-Tapping Screws Thread-Cutting Never Thread-Forming “BT”-Style or “Type-23” Style recommended High-Low thread preferred Hole diameter +.002” p/s over root-diameter of screw Minimum thread engagement 2 ½ X screw diameter Hole depth 125% to 150% of screw engagement depth Mounting boss diameter minimum 2X major screw diameter

23 Design Considerations for BMC
Minimum Recommended Wall Stock .070” Recommended Nominal Wall Stock .100” ” Minimum draft 1-degree P/S (Excluding Bores & Brush Boxes) Consistency of Wall stock Core-out Thick Sections Wherever Possible Fillet Radii Wherever Possible “Line-of-Draw Features Wherever Possible

24 BMC offers cost savings without sacrifice.
The BMC Advantage Faster Cycling Longer Tooling Life No Costly Secondary Machining Weight Reduction Noise Reduction Dimensional Stability Design Versatility BMC offers cost savings without sacrifice.

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