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Your Comprehensive MPS Program. Can You Answer These Questions? How many printers, copiers, MFPs do you have? Are they being properly used? Too much?

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1 Your Comprehensive MPS Program

2 Can You Answer These Questions? How many printers, copiers, MFPs do you have? Are they being properly used? Too much? Too little? How often are they in need of service? How often are the printers out of toner? How old are they? What is your current meter read submission process? How much time does it take? How much IT time is spent supporting printing devices? Dont know? What if YOU didnt need to worry about your printing devices?

3 Are You in Printing Pain? Axess ® MPS will allow us to bring your printing environment under control. Some issues end users typically experience with print: –Printing is their last unaudited cost –They have no clear strategy to help control printing costs –Their fleet size continues to grow uncontrollably –It is difficult to accurately calculate what they spend on printing –They have no strategy for purchasing hardware or supplies –IT personnel do not like dealing with printers –They have to predict supplies and maintenance needs, or risk down time –They have no clear strategy to manage their fleet –Printers break down due to supplies and service issues –They experience print quality issues due to poor printer maintenance –Reactive maintenance causes down time

4 Financial Impacts of Printing Devices In Organizations No print strategy = increased imaging costs Capital budgets are being stretched with the erratic purchase of output technology, reactive supplies ordering and emergency servicing The related costs of administration, management and supply inventory continue to rise High cost of IT time is spent dealing with printing device maintenance issues and detracts from the departments core initiatives Little or no device placement management results in high-cost devices receiving the volume of pages

5 Trends Impacting Printing Fleets –The Gartner Group estimates that corporations spend as much as 1-3% of revenue on printing* –The average office employee spend $15,000 per year on document output** –The cost of printing continues to rise due to higher page volumes and the increased use of color in documents –40% of all IT/Help Desk calls are printer or copier related* –The average office has 1 printing device for every 4 employees, when the generally accepted optimum ratio is 1:10* –The average printing device is in an error state 55% of the time *** *Source: The Gartner Group **Source: All Associates ***Source: PrintFleet Inc. Database Research 12/9/05 Just a few recent trends affecting print environments in todays businesses:

6 Axess ® Can Help Managing and maintaining your imaging fleet is frustrating time consuming. This doesnt have to be your problem anymore. Free yourself from printing devices with our Axess ® MPS program Partner with us to collaborate on a print management plan of action that works for you.

7 With a simple secure download, the Axess ® Data Collection Agent is installed onto a Windows 2003 or higher, server; or on a networked PC running Windows XP This software application runs as a service in the background, collecting and transmitting real time data from your printing devices to the Axess ® secure web server. The collected data is encrypted into a proprietary file format and then transmitted to the Axess ® secure web server using a TCP/IP communication over port 443 (HTTPS) though port 80 (HTTP) or port 21 (FTP) are also available. Axess ® Software: How it Works

8 The information collected from devices are the machine metrics*: Axess ® Software: Intelligent Technology This information helps us uncover ways to manage and optimize your print technology from an easy to use web interface that is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. * Dependant on printer and/or cartridge technology

9 Security Concerns Network Compliance No personal or user data is collected with the software; only the core metrics needed to maintain and manage your printing assets are gathered. Because of this we are compliant with : HIPPASOC GLBA FISMA FERPA Network traffic The table below outlines the network load associated with the DCA compared to the network load associated with loading a single standard webpage. EventApproximate Total Bytes Loading a single standard webpage60,860 DCA scan, blank IP5,280 DCA scan, 1 printer7,260 DCA scan, 1 printer, 1 subnet96,300 DCA scan, network of 13 printers111,530

10 Axess ® Collects Powerful Information Axess ® collects critical information from your networked and non-networked printers, copiers, MFPs and fax machines. This intelligent technology gives us the ability to : Proactively maintain your printing assets Maximize uptime Minimize costs Also allows us to develop a comprehensive management system with: Detailed Data Collection Supply Management Automated service alerts Business Intelligence Reports

11 Detailed Data Collection Automatic remote meter read collection, supply levels, utilization, service requirements, error codes, and more = elimination of manual meter collection* * Dependent on printer and/or cartridge technology Complete meter reads color, monochrome, copier, print, & fax – for ease of billing and assessments Provides visibility of the print environment and displays current printer status.

12 Supply Management Reporting of supply information from devices* for both toner and non-toner supplies. * Dependent on printer and/or cartridge technology Provides breakdown of supplies at the device level. Toner level reporting overview, to provide a snapshot of the needs for the environment

13 Automated Service Alerting Simple alerting features to proactively diagnose potential issues = decreased emergency service calls, reduced no fault found calls, and proactive supplies fulfillment. * Dependant on print and/or cartridge technology Set up desired alert options and recipients Receive real time alerts via email based on your settings

14 Business Intelligence Reports Business intelligence reports using real data gathered from client fleets = more intimate customer relationships and customer loyalty to your program Help clients identify where and how the printers are used, and can provide a breakdown of the costs associated.

15 Let Axess ® Help Help you uncover the unaudited cost of printing Develop a strategy to help control printing costs Accurately calculate what you are spending on printing Relieve some of the burden on IT personnel when it comes your printers Predict when supplies and maintenance is needed, and decrease down time Develop a proactive solution for managing your print assets

16 What Are You Waiting For? Let us be your Axess ® MPS Provider:

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