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National Office Store Managed Print Service for Harnett County Schools.

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1 National Office Store Managed Print Service for Harnett County Schools

2 Company Background Ownership in toner industry since 1999 Owner had role in the development of House brand ink and toner for Office Max, Staples, Quill, CDW Founded in April 2008 Sell Toner, Office Supplies and Managed Print Services in over 80 NC Schools and School Districts Website has over 45,000 office supplies at superstore Purposely did not sell in Harnett County until 2009 so we could insure HCS received highest levels of customer service, distribution and product quality

3 Some of our customers are: Wake Tech Community College Craven County Schools Craven County Community College Beaufort County Community College Lee County Senior High School Montgomery Community College Brunswick County Schools Harnett County: Register of Deeds, EMS, Sheriffs Office

4 Community Involvement: Memberships Include: Lillington Kiwanis Lillington Chamber of Commerce Veteran Owned Both Owners Product of Harnett County Schools (WHHS Class of 1990) Children of owners also are current students of HCS

5 Current HCS Managed Print Customers include: Harnett County Schools Board of Education/LEC/Finance/Warehouse (1+ Years) Overhills High (2+ Years) Coats Elementary (3 Years) Lillington Shawtown Elementary (3 Years) Western Harnett High (1 Year) Buies Creek Elementary (1 Year)

6 Additional Service note: Confidential: March 1, 2012 Deal recently completed to merge with Ink Pros, LLC. Merger will be in effect November 30, 2012. This will allow us additional staff to take care of HCS. As of November 30, Existing Ink Pros personnel and Ink Pros customer base to become one with National Office Store.

7 Testimonials 1. The best part: the report of printing volumes by classroom. WOW! This has enabled us to address over use concerns building wide. 2. For my few printers not on your network, guidance and 1066's it is great that you take an inventory of printer cartridges when you are here so that I don't run out or have 20 extra in storage. 3. As for response time you are always quick to send an email with an ETA 4. MPS is good because you make this stress free. Media Coordinator Harnett County Schools

8 Testimonials It works out well with being billed monthly and you knowing what we need before we do! It's nice to come into work and see a toner cartridge waiting when we didn't even realize the toner in a printer was low! Also, it's nice to know that I can call you or email you and receive assistance right away. Whenever I email you with a question, you are quick to reply and if we can't solve a problem through email, you or a co- worker usually comes out within the same school day. We have enjoyed your program!! And we appreciate the professional relationship that has been built between our school and your business. Tech Facilitator, Harnett County Schools

9 What is MPS?? MPS or (Managed Print Service) is the same concept as your copier agreement for your laser printers. Our software tells us when your Network Printers are low on toner or have an error message, eliminating the need for you to place orders or create service tickets and/or schedule printer service calls. Currently in place in Fortune 500 businesses, Government Facilities, and Financial Industries.

10 How it works: Same Concept as Copier agreement, except for your laser printers No Need to carry cartridge inventory that sits in a closet all year! Service and maintenance on printers is all-inclusive Printer Cleaning is all-inclusive We receive alerts from our server which communicates to us when a printer is having an issue (See next slide)

11 Alerts: Error Messages Toner Low/Toner Out End of life for maintenance kits Paper Tray Open No Paper

12 The Service Quotient Under MPS plan, printer service is all-inclusive. You will never pay for a service call again Your tech personnel are freed up to do what they are paid to do! As of 5-21-12, Overhills High School would have spent $723 on service calls for printers this school year, this was all covered by their existing service plan. LSES: $637 Coats Elementary: $0 WHHS: $417

13 Service Note NOS will contact Media personnel the day before their weekly service visit. If there are no issues, NOS will not be on site. If issues occur after their service day, NOS will be present the next week when their service day occurs. NOTE: In emergency situations contact HCS Techline (IE Principal or Media Center printer down, NOS will attempt to be there the same business day)

14 How is National Office Store going to Service all our schools? Quadrant system: Mondays: Service Western Harnett, Western Middle, Johnsonville, Benhaven, Highland, Boone Trail Tuesdays: OHS, OMS, OES, Anderson Creek and South Harnett Wednesdays: No Service Scheduled, Dedicated to out of County Customer base Thursdays: HCHS, HCMS, Angier Elementary, North Harnett, LSES, Buies Creek, Lafayette Fridays: Triton, Dunn Middle, CEMS, Coats Elementary, Gentry, Harnett Primary, Wayne Avenue, Erwin Elem Note: BOE/LEC/STAR/Finance/Warehse to have service as normal (5 Days a week) Due to proximity to our offices

15 Other Cost advantages Principals and Media Coordinators get monthly volume reports so they are aware of who is spending the majority of their printing dollars per month. Proactive action can be taken by principals to insure everyone is doing their part to control costs. Eliminates Over-ordering by schools Offering recommendations to schools for placement of high efficiency devices to further reduce costs. (Give Example: P1006 vs HP 4200)

16 Benefits to your school: Protect cash flow by eliminating large toner purchases. Average High School in Harnett County spends $9,000 per year on toner. This money stays in your bank account! Time savings for School Technology personnel/Media Coordinators/Bookkeepers as they no longer have to get quotes, place and receive orders for printer cartridges. We handle all print issues, so issues are no longer the responsibility of Tech Facilitators/Media Coord. Preventative maintenance (Included in our agreement) prolongs the life of your printer fleet, saving you thousands on hardware replacement. Significant savings on printer service means you will never have to pay another printer repair bill again!

17 Advantages to Harnett County Schools We are responsible for managing your stocking levels so no danger of over ordering Frees up man hours of school staff (Ordering/inventory management) as well as HCS Technology personnel (Printer service) All printer service for A La Carte printers is included in agreement* *Per existing agreement with Harnett County Schools, if the cost to repair a printer is more than ½ the cost to replace the printer, the school agrees to replace the device rather than having it repaired No repair that requires extra expense to be done without prior consultation with school tech personnel.

18 The Problem: Local Devices The average High School in Harnett County has 60 local devices (Printers not on the network) These are classroom printers 90% of the time. Newer Elementary Schools have 3-5 of them. Older Elementary Schools have up to 30. The local devices are your higher cost to operate devices driving up the overall cost per page for each school. By participating in the Hybrid MPS program, you will be lowering your cost per page for ALL network devices in each school.

19 The Solution: A Hybrid MPS Model Currently in use in major MPS markets by dealers in Dallas, TX, Salt Lake City, UT and Pittsburgh, PA Takes all the advantages of a MPS agreement and couples it with transactional based (A La Carte) cartridge purchases for all local devices.

20 HCS under MPS Hybrid Network Devices: Supplies are monitored and replaced as needed based on software reporting. Non Network (Classroom Devices, some offices) Physical inventory compiled June 2012, used to establish minimum stocking levels for each type of cartridge needed. This enables you to use your existing stock while benefitting from having MPS at your school. Initial stocking levels 1/3 of printer footprints equals lower stock balance.

21 Local Device Inventory MGT Overhills Middle Minimum Stocking Levels Printer ModelNumber of Devices Minimum Cartridges on Hand Actual Cartridges on HandNeed to order B4102 1 HP101223 8 HP 13204 2 HP P20154 2 HP 12001 1 HP21001 1 HP 40501 1

22 For Network devices, What does the school do when they run out of toner? Absolutely nothing! Replacement cartridges ship when existing cartridges have 10% of life remaining. We take this off your shoulders! (Show screenshot)

23 What about the classroom printers? Stock Levels based on existing printer inventory The great thing about this plan, schools can still use existing toner inventory (This was not the case with current MPS model) We simply keep up with each schools inventory, then place orders for the school based on minimum stocking levels to be set based on number of devices. Example, if school A has 21 HP 1300 classroom printers, we have seen that 1 in 3 of those printers will need a cartridge at some point in the school year. Our minimum stocking level on that cartridge would be 7 cartridges. Minimum stock levels can be adjusted based on each schools individual needs.

24 Additional Note: The OKIDATA Schools: This applies to the following: Overhills Elementary, Angier Elementary, Boone Trail Elementary and New wing at Harnett Central High Cost per page on OKI devices are the highest in the industry. At this time, we found the most economic solution for the county was to offer your agreement as a separate entity. You will still get benefits of page volume reporting, stock management and free printer service but you will be billed per cartridge, not per page. Discounted OKI compatibles for HCS Goal to have these locales added to full MPS plan by next school year while we work to reduce costs countywide.

25 What we need from you: Software cannot detect print issues (ie toner streaking on page, poor print quality, or lines on page.) Please call or email us if you have any of these issues. On classroom printers, please replace the cartridge if streaking or poor print quality Once we establish your inventory of classroom cartridges and fulfillment is complete, please email us when you have used your last cartridge of a particular type. (Explain) Communicate to staff, bookkeepers of this program Be available for individual meeting at your school to review existing inventory…WE CANNOT SHIP YOU ANY TONER UNTIL WE KNOW WHAT YOU CURRENTLY HAVE.

26 Empties: To insure quality, NOS is now only offering toner built with OEM cores. We nor Ink Pros will be offering any buyback program for empties. We have partnered with the largest Cartridge Plastic Recycling company in the U. S. to provide a solution: Per your approval, NOS will provide pre-UPS labeled Recycling Boxes to your school to place empty cartridges in. Other option: You or someone at your school can take empties to Staples and/or OfficeMax.

27 Additional Benefit NOS agrees to purchase back from each school overstock of TONER cartridges (Not Inkjet.) We will assess this at our individual meeting w/ you. Overstock items include (Obsolete cartridges, overstocked items.) Payout will be issued in terms of account credit for Classroom cartridges and is based on resale ability of items. (IE. Stock that is 2 or more years old, we cannot resale so would have a lower value.)

28 What is not covered Inkjet printers and Inkjet supplies. You may order these from your current vendor. Explain toner and ink differences Printer Neglect: (Give examples) Will give you a quote for repair Communication issues (Give Examples) Basic Paper Jams Toshiba Fax Machines Copiers

29 Important Note: If a network printer is relocated at your school, it is imperative you let us know so we can adjust accordingly on our end. ALSO: New Printers: if your school purchases new printers, please make us aware via email (This includes printers you currently have still in the box that have not been installed yet. Please let us know physical location once they are installed.

30 In Closing: We want this to be an upgrade for your school system and to ease your workload as well as your budget. If there is an issue, a question or if you are dissatisfied about something, PLEASE call our office. Contact Info: Paul Thomas National Office Store, LLC (910) 893-3404 Office Email:

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