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© 2010 Crossroads Systems, Inc. Crossroads, RVA, SPHiNX, TapeSentry, and DB Protector are registered trademarks of Crossroads Systems, Inc. Crossroads.

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Presentation on theme: "© 2010 Crossroads Systems, Inc. Crossroads, RVA, SPHiNX, TapeSentry, and DB Protector are registered trademarks of Crossroads Systems, Inc. Crossroads."— Presentation transcript:

1 © 2010 Crossroads Systems, Inc. Crossroads, RVA, SPHiNX, TapeSentry, and DB Protector are registered trademarks of Crossroads Systems, Inc. Crossroads Systems, ReadVerify and ArchiveVerify are trademarks of Crossroads Systems, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Data Protection with a Vision VTL for i Series Paul Woodford

2 9/20/2011 Crossroads Europe GmbH Who is Crossroads? CROSSROADS Delivers solutions that connect, protect, secure and restore business critical Data-at-Rest Headquarters: Austin, Texas Founded: 1996 Staff: 100 employees Public Company: IPO in 1999 Stock Symbol: CRDS Stuttgart Austin Los Angeles London Boston New York Denver Singapore Toronto Dallas Paris Corporate HeadquartersEuropean HeadquartersSales Office Sacramento Indianapolis Solutions based on: …patented RMI Core router technology …storage router software with 89% market share …more than 12 years proven experience with access technology …over 125.000 installations in most Fortune 2000 companies International Coverage

3 9/20/2011 Crossroads Europe GmbH Bankwesen, Sicherheit & Finanzen Gesundheit Tele- kommunikation Industrie & Handel Transport & Logistik Bildung & Verwaltung Fortune 2000 companies rely on Crossroads Delivering mission-critical solutions

4 9/20/2011 Crossroads Europe GmbH Data-at-Rest: A Complete Solution

5 9/20/2011 Crossroads Europe GmbH Wikipedia says it is o A virtual tape library (VTL) is a data storage virtualisation technology used for backup and recovery purposes o Virtualizing disk storage as tape allows integration of VTLs with existing backup software and existing backup and recovery processes and policies o Most current VTL solutions use SATA disk for primary storage due to relatively low cost o eliminates streaming problems that often impair efficiency in tape drives as disk technology does not rely on streaming o By backing up data to disks instead of tapes, VTL often increases performance of both backup and recovery operations. Restore processes are found to be faster than backup regardless of implementations o In some cases, the data stored on the VTL's disk array is exported to other media, such as physical tapes Definition of a Virtual Tape Appliance

6 9/20/2011Crossroads Europe GmbH Proven Technology: o Known in the Mainframe since 1997 o Used in the Open Systems Environment since 2001 o Physical tape becomes an option as needed Trend o Within Mainframe still much request o Within Open Systems ongoing request VTL Market

7 9/20/2011Crossroads Europe GmbH VTLs work with all existing backup software, processes and procedures. In other words, everything works exactly as it would with a physical tape library. So IT-Management saves money, because little money has to been spend for additional training of administrators and changes of processes. With VTLs it is easy to share VTLs among multiple servers and applications. To share a VTL among multiple backup servers running the same software, use the built-in library sharing capability that most commercial backup products have. To share a VTL among multiple servers running different applications, partition the VTL into multiple smaller VTLs, assign a certain number of virtual cartridges to each VTL and associate each VTL with a different backup server. Other Comments on VTL

8 9/20/2011Crossroads Europe GmbH SPHiNX TM SPHiNX EX_1U (3TB) iSCSI (VTL), CIFS (NAS) Windows, Linux SPHiNX CX_2U (3TB; 6TB) SCSI (VTL), FC (VTL) IBM i; AIX; NonStop; Windows SPHiNX CX_3U (0TB; 6TB; 12TB; 18TB; 24TB) SCSI (VTL), FC (VTL) IBM i; AIX; NonStop; Windows

9 9/20/2011Crossroads Europe GmbH Crossroads experience with VTL OEM vendor for HP Nonstop-System (Tandem) = VTS o Automobile vendors France, Germany o Finance Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom o Public transportation Austria o Travel industry Germany o Telco Germany, Hungary, United Kingdom

10 9/20/2011Crossroads Europe GmbH Why decide for a VTL solution? Source: ESG Research, VTL Adoption and Market Trends, March 2007 Q: Which of the following factors are most responsible for your organizations interest in a VTL solution? (Survey N=52, multiple responses acceptable) Improve recovery performance Ease of Deployment Improve Backup performance Reduce/eliminate tape media management issues Ease of management Cost Scalability Feature Set Maturity of product/market Dont know

11 9/20/2011Crossroads Europe GmbH Purpose-Built Data Protection Disk-based Backups Turn-key solution for IBM i environments that uses cost effective disk for VTL to efficiently meet backup/recovery objectives Streamline Backup/Restore Processes Consolidate the number of backup devices while providing multiple backup streams from any single system to improve performance and enable the host immediate access to data for restore Seamless Integration Emulates standard tape formats to support existing backup environment and policies without disruption Connect existing physical tape devices and secure data for offsite storage using Data Encryption option Built-in Data Reduction Optimize capacity inbuilt compression; Delta differencing improves network utilization using Data Replication option to protect data at remote site Extensible and Scalable Service multiple host systems and partitions; dynamic virtual tape sizing, unlimited virtual cartridges, and capacity licensing effectively addresses business growth SPHiNX offers a variety of affordable platforms and flexible host and tape connectivity as well as optional licensed data protection features Crossroads SPHiNX SPHiNX 2U 3TB/6TB Host: SCSI LVD, 4Gb FC SPHiNX 3U 6TB/12TB/18TB/24TB SPHiNX 3U-n (External Storage) Host: SCSI LVD, 4Gb FC

12 9/20/2011Crossroads Europe GmbH Improved Backup o Leverages disk for efficient data store o Multiple virtual drives and backup streams per host system o Mixed target modes per appliance Improved Data Restore o Immediate access to data o Multi-stream restores Consolidated Resources o Multiple host systems per appliance o Tape device/library consolidation o More efficient tape usage Automated processes o Automates typical physical tape tasks o Optional offsite Data Replication Streamline backup and restore processes

13 9/20/2011Crossroads Europe GmbH9/20/2011 Seamless Backup Integration Backup to Tape Plug-n-play with existing process and applications Emulates IBM LTO, HP Ultrium, 5257, SDLT320, DLT7000, and several other drive types Data stored on disk Onboard disk Existing volumes in SAN Leverage existing assets o No disruption to existing backup processes and policies o Emulates standard IBM LTO tape drives and IBM 3500 library No software agents required o Appears as physical tape library or drive o Supports existing tape processes o Works with system native commands Application Aware Exports o Virtual tape barcodes can be synchronized with physical tape labels for Native Exports o Important for DR reports Physical Tape Library iSCSI, SCSI or FC SPHiNX Server Host Server Disk Arrays (Optional) Virtual Tape Connection

14 9/20/2011Crossroads Europe GmbH IBM Physical Tape Library SCSI or FC SPHiNX Backup to Tape Plug-n-play to existing process Utilize existing backup application Target standard LTO drives Data store with on-line disk Onboard disk Existing volumes in SAN Optional Crossroads disk expansion Transfer to Tape Stacked virtual tapes to physical tape Native tape creation to read in standard tape drives Virtual Media Pools IBM Disk Arrays IBM Server Backup Applications IBM i Series SCSI, SAS, or FC Compatible backup processes o Supports i5/OS Command Scripts with VTD autoloader o Full VTL support for BRMS and Robot/Save Extendible capacity o Uses existing disk in SAN Improved use of tape o Export of virtual cartridge pools to physical media o Choice of Export types Alt IPL o Native Exported tape suitable for restore on any compatible tape drive o Provides also disk-based Alternate IPL for IBM I environments

15 9/20/2011Crossroads Europe GmbH9/20/2011 Physical Tape Integration Physical Tape Library SPHiNX Server Data Transfer to Tape Virtual Media Pools Host Server Disk Arrays (Optional) SCSI, SAS, or FC Optimizes Tape Operations o Connect any existing physical tape device (SCSI LVD, SAS, or FC) o Uses standard open system tape o Schedule Engine automates tape exports Flexible Methods of Use o Stacked Tape Export: multiple virtual cartridges written to each physical tape o Native Tape Export: exact data set/format copied to physical tape Capacity offload support o Retains meta-history of cartridge even if data was erased Dynamic Emulation (Tape Import) o Scans a physical tape cartridge during import and creates emulation format o Refresh or convert physical media by importing then exporting to newer media Physical Tape Integration Efficiently stream to device Reduce Media expenses Native Export cartridge can be restored direct from tape (if needed)

16 9/20/2011Crossroads Europe GmbH Capacity Optimization o Built-in data compression expands the effective disk storage o Functions transparently in-line with transfer to disk o Automatic detection of data compressibility, shutting off reduction for non-compressible data sets o Typical reduction ratios up to 2:1 Improved Network Utilization o Bandwidth limit settings (% of bandwidth)** o Bandwidth maximization (multi-stream)** o Delta Differencing (transmit delta changes) 9/20/2011 Built-in Data Reduction * Using optional Data Replication Suite

17 Media pool(s) creation o Virtual cartridges can be assigned to a media pool with retention periods o Provides IT separation of data to meet compliance requirements o Pools of virtual cartridges can be exported to physical media Easy to use, secure interface o Network accessible using any standard web based browser o Role-based user privileges and access o Username and password protected Audit-friendly logging, alerts o Critical event logging and messages o Email alert notification Flexible data management

18 Virtual Media Pools Data Replication Option Improves Recovery Time o Remote recovery can begin immediately o Deploys jointly or independently in the data center, campus or remote site Optimizes Bandwidth o Replication calculates and transmits only the changes in to remote site(s) o Bandwidth limit settings Secure Transfer of Data, Eliminates Risk o Transport packets are encrypted to ensure secure transfer to remote site Several Flexible Mode of Operation o Instant/DR: batch job processes copies only the data that has changed in a file or groups of files to a remote site and synchronizes files to be exact copies o AutoCopy: automatically replicates virtual cartridges to remote site(s) once the transfer to VTS is complete Data Center Virtual tape replication Virtual Media Pools Primary Site User selected virtual tapes (or pools of tape) Target site selection (multi-site replication) Replicatio n Site Delta changes to files transmitted Secure tunnel transfer Media pools at remote site(s) contain tapes of local and remote virtual tapes Physical tapes can be created at remote site … … SSH Remote Site 9/20/2011Crossroads Europe GmbH

19 9/20/2011Crossroads Europe GmbH Data Encryption Suite Option Dedicated Encryption Appliance o On-the-fly or idle encryption processing o Requires no changes to host server o Configured virtual pools and cartridges o Data on disk remains encrypted for stacked tape export Industry Standard Algorithm o Uses AES 256-bit encryption o Cipher Block Chain (CBC) Mode Integrated Key Server o Full key management lifecycle o Encrypted key database o Access controls and user level privileges o Digital certificate-based authorization Stacked Export SCSI or FC Host Server Disk Volume Encrypted Virtual Media Pool(s) Virtual Media Pool(s) Native Export (no encryption) Key per Virtual Tape Encryption Process Compression Media pool encrypted? AES 256 Encryption KeyID & Data written to virtual tape (on disk) Normal data written to virtual tape (on disk) Yes No Data Encryption Suite

20 9/20/2011Crossroads Europe GmbH SCSI FC Physical Tape Library Disk Arrays i-Series Virtual Tape Library Virtual Tape Drive(s) Virtual Media Pools Solution: SPHiNX i-Series

21 9/20/2011Crossroads Europe GmbH SCSI FC IBM i-Series Physical Tape Library Disk Arrays AIXWindows LINUXHP NonStop Virtual Tape Library Virtual Tape Drive(s) Virtual Media Pools One for All Solution

22 9/20/2011Crossroads Europe GmbH Open Systems Support Leverage existing assets o SPHiNX supports: AIX 5.3, 6.1, Linux and Windows No Software or Agents need to be installed on hosts Seamless Integration o Either SCSI or FC o Emulations: IBM 3580-TDx IBM 3584 Library HP LTO-X HP MSL6000 Library o Supports most leading Backup Management Applications Support of Heterogenous Systems o Allows concurrent support of multiple systems o Focuses SPHiNX at centre of enterprise Virtual Media Pools SCSI or FC Virtual Tape Library Physical Tape Library Virtual Tape Drive(s) Alternate IPL Virtual Tape Drive(s) SAS or FC Open Systems

23 9/20/2011Crossroads Europe GmbH Dedicated appliance streamlines resources o Physical tape backups take place in the background from tape operations on the I Seriesserver o Improve performance of backup/restore operations as files can be restored from virtual tape in seconds as compared with hours in a physical tape environment Seamless Integration into existing backup environment o No disruption, software or changes are required on the I Series server o Utilizes several supported export modes for writing to physical tape Improve flexibility in physical tape backup o Integrated support for most backup management applications o Configure pools to address file sets, set different retention periods, etc. Consolidate and share physical resources o Lower cost of physical tape media and operating expenses o Reduce the required data center space for hardware and media o Enterprise wide leveraging of heterogeneous tape storage resources Scales to meet capacity expansion requirements o Can connect to SAN storage resources using external disk arrays o Support multiple virtual tape drives per server and unlimited virtual cartridges SPHiNX Benefits Summary

24 9/20/2011Crossroads Europe GmbH15 Mar 2011Crossroads Europe THANK YOU! Any Questions? Please contact us: Phone: +49 7171 99800-0

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