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Intrusion Devices – New and Emerging Technology in Worker Safety Presented by: Ken Kochevar FHWA Safety/ITS Specialist (916) 498-5853

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2 Intrusion Devices – New and Emerging Technology in Worker Safety Presented by: Ken Kochevar FHWA Safety/ITS Specialist (916)

3 If They Only Knew It Was Coming!

4 Intrusion Devices – New and Emerging Technology in Worker Safety Introduction and Background Description of Products –Reasons for Use –Benefits of Use –Applicable Uses –Specifications

5 U.S. and California Statistics 1998 – 2001 Work Zones U.S. Fatalities/InjuriesCA Fatalities/Injuries 1998:772/39, :68/ :872/51, :112/ :1093/52, :121/ :1026/53, :110/1436

6 Reasons for Fatality/Injury Increases ??? Increase in Nightwork Increase of VMT Lack of Consistency Distracted Driver






12 SAFETY LINE SL-D12 SPECIFICATIONS Cost$4,000/pr. Range 1000 Feet Power Supply12 Volt DC Battery TypeSealed Gel Cell (3 day life) Operating Temperature-40 to +65° C / -40 to +140°F Siren Level147+ dB Air Horn at 30 feet Infrared SourcePulsed infrared beam with background noise suppression Weight21 lbs each

13 SAFETY LINE SL-D12 OPTIONS Strobe LightStrobe activates when unit is triggered. Solar Charging SystemTransmitter and Receiver equipped with Solar Panels. Remote SirenReceiver equipped with a wired siren that can be placed closet to workers. Multi LinkUsed to daisy chain several units together to protect longer distances. Base WeightsRecycled Rubber bases add weight to prevent vibrating or blowing out of alignment.

14 SAFETY LINE SL-D12 BENEFITS - Low impact rating of 5 mph. - Clasified as Category I device under NCHRP Quick and easy setup. - Length of coverage.

15 Road-Tech Safety Services, Inc. Contact us at:Contact us at: OR OR Road-Tech Safety Services, Inc. Road-Tech Safety Services, Inc. P.O. Box 2286 Elk Grove, CA (530) Joe Jeffrey SAFETY LINE SL-D12

16 The SonoBlaster! ® Dual Alert Work Zone Intrusion Alarm

17 The SonoBlaster! ® Solution A New Concept in Work Zone Intrusion Alarms Alerts BOTH Workers and Drivers Pinpoints the Source of Oncoming Danger Provides Multiple Warnings Uses No Electrical Power As Easy to Deploy as Setting a Traffic Cone Light Weight, Economical, Long Life Units

18 How the SonoBlaster! ® Works SonoBlaster Alarm Units Mount to Individual Traffic Cones Upon Impact, Units Sound-Off at Over 125 dB for 15 Seconds Each Unit Operates Independently Powered by Safe, Reliable CO 2 Cartridges

19 The SonoBlaster! ®Dual Alert Notifies Workers: –Provides advance warning to workers allowing them the opportunity to move out of harms way. –The alarm sound pinpoints the source of danger. Notifies Drivers: –Each SonoBlaster cone sounds a 125+ dB alarm. –Alerts drowsing or distracted drivers. –Drivers can respond by braking or steering out of the work zone – or both. –Modern cars and SUVs can stop in 120 to 150 feet.

20 New Technology The SonoBlaster ! ® overcomes objections found in prior intrusion alarms: Needs no electrical power to require maintenance, recharging or go dead. Critical unit alignment not required as with beam or other type devices. No receiver unit required – each unit operates independently. SonoBlaster holds multiple U. S. Patents

21 Preparing & Cocking the Unit Simple Unit Setup Steps: ¬Push the cocking rod into the end of unit, cocking the unit. ­Twist-on the CO 2 cartridge in the cartridge holder. Visual Status Indication –View the status indicator through the clear window

22 Arming the SonoBlaster! ® Arming the SonoBlaster Unit for Activation: –Lifting the activating arm sets the unit for action. With the handle lifted, the SonoBlaster alarm will trigger upon tilt or impact. –Lowering the arm puts the SonoBlaster into Safe Mode where it is safe to handle, move, store and nest with other cones. Automatic Safety –Nesting a SonoBlaster cone with any other cone will lower the activating handle and automatically disarm the unit.

23 SonoBlaster! ® Work Zone Deployment SonoBlaster units can be deployed and retrieved from a cone truck the same as standard traffic cones. The position of the units activating arm near the top of the cone allows a cone setter to easily disarm a unit prior to lifting it off the roadway.

24 SonoBlaster! ® Activation Shock Activation – The unit fires upon direct vehicle impact. Tilt Activation – The unit fires when tilted 90 degrees from vertical. Stability – The SonoBlaster is resistant to normal roadway harmonics and vibration.

25 Typical SonoBlaster! ® Layout A Typical 100 Yard SonoBlaster Protection Zone. Cone Spacing = Approximately 20 Feet Apart. Requires only 17 SonoBlaster Equipped Cones. Can provide up to 5 seconds or more advance warning - depending on vehicle speeds in the Work Zone. Additional time is afforded if errant vehicle driver begins braking.

26 Combination Layout SonoBlaster equipped drums and cones here are used in conjunction with an ongoing line of drums.

27 SonoBlaster! ® Intra-Work Zone Use Audibly pinpoints the source of danger. Prevents equipment from backing over workers. Affords assistance that Back-Up Alarms fail to provide. Accidents Within a Work Zone involving workers injured by their own equipment is a growing problem: SonoBlasters define heavy-equipment work boundaries within a work zone separating workers from equipment.

28 SonoBlaster! ® Applications SonoBlasters work with: Traffic Cones Drums Large Base Delineators A-Frames Type III Barricades Security Fences Manhole Guards More...

29 SonoBlaster! ® Uses Construction Sites Flagger Protection Stripping & Marking Operations Bridge Inspection & Repair Paving & Grading Operations Joint & Crack Sealing Survey Crew Protection Patching & Pot Hole Repairs Signal & Sign Maintenance Equipment Unloading Intra-Work Zone Protection Grade Crossing Repairs Aerial Platform Work Pedestrian / Bike Protection

30 Beneficial SonoBlaster! ® Users DOTs Counties Municipalities Road Builders & Pavers Construction Contractors Utility Companies Maintenance Crews Surveyors

31 SonoBlaster! ® Technical Specifications Sound Level feet feet Alarm Duration15 Seconds Size10 wide by 20 tall Unit Weight3 lbs. Angle of Activation90 Degrees Temperature Range-30 to +120 F. CO 2 Cartridge Size12 Grams Cartridge Shelf LifeIndefinite Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

32 The Work Zone Intrusion Alarm The SonoBlaster! ® Work Zone Intrusion Alarm NCHRP 350 Testing Trials currently in progress.

33 The is a product of: The SonoBlaster! ® is a product of:Paedia 499 Carolina Street San Francisco, CA Fax © 2002 Paedia Drums and Delineators Courtesy of Plastic Safety Systems, Inc.- Cleveland, OH052202

34 Wireless Warning Shield Innovations From Logic Systems, Inc.

35 What Is It for? The Wireless Warning Shield (WWS) was created to help prevent injuries and save lives by giving road construction workers as much warning as possible of vehicles encroaching in the Cone Zone. Wireless Warning Shield

36 PRT- 300.Vehicle strikes a TCD equipped with the PRT Radio Chain ReactionA Radio Chain Reaction occurs. PRT-300All receivers within range of any PRT-300 will sound off. Workers react to the danger coming their way. How It Works! Wireless Warning Shield

37 The Building Blocks PRT-300 repeating transceiver. Several styles of receivers and warning devices. Wireless Warning Shield

38 PRT-300 Transmitter/Repeater Wireless Warning Shield

39 Receivers and Warning Devices Wireless Warning Shield

40 AR-100 *Area Alarm The AR-100 is designed as the overall group alarm. When triggered it emits a 125+ dB signal. Wireless Warning Shield

41 PBA-100 Personal Body Alarm The PBA-100 is Zone selectable so one person can use it at different sites. It has an extremely loud alarm and strong vibrator. Wireless Warning Shield

42 PHA Personal Headphone Alarm The PHA is designed to be used by persons that would not be able to hear or feel a Personal Body Alarm. Wireless Warning Shield

43 Competitive Advantages Does not have the distance and direction limitations of sound only systems. Transmission distance is up to 300 feet from any TCD with a working transceiver. Unlimited number of receivers can be used. Multiple receiver types to fit applications. Wireless Warning Shield

44 Competitive Advantages Cont. Rugged construction! Ability to have multiple Zones. Processor functions allow for fewer false triggers from heavy vibrations. Can mount on almost any type of traffic control device. Low cost! Wireless Warning Shield

45 PRT-300 Specifications Wireless Warning Shield Coding Format: Channel encoding via custom processor Coding Format: Channel encoding via custom processor Transmission Frequency: MHZ Transmission Frequency: MHZ Transmission Range: Up to 300 Transmission Range: Up to 300 Power Supply: 2 AA batteries, photocell assist Power Supply: 2 AA batteries, photocell assist Battery Life: Approx months (calculated) Battery Life: Approx months (calculated) Operational Temperature Range: 0-70C Operational Temperature Range: 0-70C Unit Cost: Price $50.00 each (target) Unit Cost: Price $50.00 each (target) Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.5 x.75 in. (target) Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.5 x.75 in. (target)

46 Current Status The WWS is currently in the last stages of development. Physical testing of the concepts and sensors have been successful. Packaging is in development and should be complete within 3-6 months. Field testing to begin shortly after. Wireless Warning Shield

47 Logic Systems, Inc Contact us at:Contact us at: OR Logic Systems, Inc. Logic Systems, Inc Rovana Circle Suite Rovana Circle Suite 3 Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA (916) Craig Nelson –President Wireless Warning Shield

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