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Biobased Toner Cartridges Buy Green & Make a Difference.

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1 Biobased Toner Cartridges Buy Green & Make a Difference

2 Background Midwest Governors Association Resolution to establish a Biobased Product Procurement System (November 2007) Midwest Region Biobased Procurement Meeting – Ames, IA (March 2008) Model guidelines for procurement of biobased products Agreement to establish cooperative contracts when feasible

3 Procurement Process IFB Release Date – December 11, 2009 Bid Due Date – January 13, 2010 Bids received from 13 Vendors 5 Vendors Provided Biobased Toner Cartridges Contract Start Date – February 1, 2010

4 Evaluation Process Toner Reviewed for Biobased Content Price Construction of Toner Cartridge Packaging Supply Warranty/Performance Guarantee Delivery Recycling of Used Toner Cartridges Method of Purchasing Product Reporting

5 Contractor LaserMonks, Inc Providing Soy & Agritone Toner Cartridges Contact Information: Sarah Caniglia, Account Manager Email: Alternative email: Phone: (866) 808-8080 Ext 225 Alternative Phone: (608) 269-1941 Cell Phone Number: (608) 633-6008 Website: (A must see website)


7 Biobased Ink Benefits Vibrant colors/High Quality that matches brandname toner quality/performance Lower rub-off - soy inks show a greater rub resistance Cost effective Laser Proof - in a laser printer, the ink is exposed to heat. The boiling point of soy ink is lower, therefore there is less chance of the ink being transferred to parts of the machine rather than the paper. Stability - Soy ink has a lithographic stability

8 Biobased Ink Benefits Environmentally friendly and sustainable - no crude oil used to produce the toner Reduces dependence on foreign oil Higher yield - for many of the toner cartridges, soy ink yields 10% more pages Simpler and less capital intensive in the de-inking process (recycling) Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

9 Why Use Biobased Toner MGA Resolution directs Midwestern states to support growth of the regions bioeconomy. Enhancement to state and local government EPP procurement programs, providing both remanufactured toner cartridges, with biobased toner. Quality and performance matches that of OEM toners, and in many toners, the output/page yield is higher by as much as 10%. Soy inks have been in commercial use for many years, so we are not in unchartered waters with this product.

10 Why Use Biobased Toner The soy toner does not hurt the printer. Can be used side by side or in conjunction with oil based toners. Environmentally, using soy based toners is a win-win situation

11 Why Use Biobased Toner It takes about 2 liters of oil to make 1 lb of toner powder required for each oil-based cartridge. U.S. businesses, organizations, educational institutions and governmental agencies currently consume more than 100 million cartridges per year. That equates to 100 million pounds or approximately 50,000 tons of material petroleum is used to produce. And, on the output side of the equation, when paper that has been printed using soy ink is to be recycled, it is easier to grind and uses less energy - another win for the environment, energy consumption and the economy.

12 Page Yield Comparison HP TonerBrand YieldSoy Print Yield% Increase with Soy Print Toner Q5949A2,612 Pages3,797 Pages31% 92298A6,404 Pages7,199 Pages11% C4127X9,836 Pages11,376 Pages13.5% Q1338A12,129 Pages14,465 Pages16% Q5942X22,166 Pages27,160 Pages18% C4129X7,885 Pages9,188 Pages14% C8543X30,000 Pages32,300 Pages17% Q7553X7,662 Pages8,814 Pages13% C4092A3,724 Pages4,318 Pages14% Q2624X5,442 Pages6,663 Pages18% Q5949X6,170 Pages7,352 Pages16% C4096A4,737 Pages6,003 Pages21% Q6511X12,461 Pages14,680 Pages15% Q1339A17,747 Pages21,107 Pages16 % These tests were conducted using actual HP cartridges and matching SoyPrint versions containing the same amount of toner. All Tests were conducted in controlled conditions at the factory, printing matching documents.

13 How to Order Fax Phone Email Electronically NASPO Participating States will need to contact Sarah Canigilia with LaserMonks to setup their accounts. Individual Departments or Offices can setup their own logins. Departments will be able to see their specific order history.

14 Types of Payment Accepted Credit Cards (Including Govt Credit Cards) Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Electronic Check Payment by Check on Account (net terms) Payment by ACH – (for ACH payments please contact or call (866) 808- 8080 to setup the ACH payments

15 How to Return Used Toner Cartridges Put in original box, using the same packaging. Affix Prepaid UPS Label that was provided. UPS will pick up Multiple used toner cartridges (8-10) Contact LaserMonks for prepaid toner box

16 Who Can Use All Participating NASPO States Any political sub-division with permission from Participating State.

17 Participating Addendums Can be accessed at: NASPO State of South Dakota Participating Addendums need to be returned to: WSCA-NASPO Cooperative Development Email:

18 Contract Manager Kathy Stasch Purchasing Specialist State of South Dakota Office of Procurement Management Phone: (605) 773-6877 Email:

19 Contract Information Location NASPO State of South Dakota

20 Agency Testimonial DSS will be converting to using the biobased toner in all our HP 4250 printers. We have tested the toner and are completely satisfied with the print quality and yield. In addition to the going green benefit, they cost just under twenty-one percent less than the HP toner cartridges.

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