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SDL Tridion Webinar An introduction to SmartTarget

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1 SDL Tridion Webinar An introduction to SmartTarget
John Winter & Tanner Brine November 2013

2 About this presentation
High level overview of SmartTarget How to implement in SDL Tridion templates Plugging in Custom ADF Cartridges Creating promotions inside Smart Target Some final tips to save you some time Question session

3 What is SmartTarget? Targeted content Promotions Search
Navigation & Facets

4 SmartTarget Architecture

5 Let’s take a look

6 What to do in SDL Tridion
Configure deployer to publish content to SmartTarget Install SmartTarget TBB library Include ‘Add to SmartTarget’ TBB into your Component Templates Add SmartTarget Regions to your page layout…

7 SmartTarget Page Regions
<tcdl:region id="HomepagePromotions" type="SmartTarget”> <!– Content here is rendered as a ‘fallback’--> <!-- TemplateEndRepeat --> </tcdl:region>

8 Adding your own data Create your cartridge member_cartridge_conf.xml

9 Adding your own data SmartTarget_conf.xml trigger-types.xml

10 Creating a new promotion
Demo via my lovely colleague Tanner Brine

11 Some tips ST Logs are great
:02:13,743 DEBUG Query - Executing query: fh_location=//catalog01/en_US&cb_member_authenticated=false&cx_os_model=Windows+7&cx_device_displayWidth=1920& c3e-4b74-a21a-dce056210d17&cx_device_displayHeight=1080&cx_device_pixelRatio=1&cx_browser_displayWidth=1020&cx_browser_model=Chrome

12 Tips continued… Create a page to show the contents of your ADF

13 Last tip… Use the ‘Preview’ to test returned content:

14 Finally! Thanks to Julian, Peter, Nuno and all at SDL 
Thanks to Tanner & Mark CB for the test ADF cartridge Hire Content Bloom immediately for any SDL Tridion and SmartTarget efforts – we rule!

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