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New Jersey Tax-Aide Technology Coordinator Seminar November 5, 2009.

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1 New Jersey Tax-Aide Technology Coordinator Seminar November 5, 2009

2 Agenda Introductions Questions from yesterday or last evening IRS – Denise Perry Tax Year 2009 Changes TC Responsibilities TC requested items

3 NJ Tax-Aide Organization Changes Districts e-filing Technology Coordinators

4 IRS Items EFIN approval and renewal TaxWise 2009 order IRS Printers –Cartridges –Malfunctions/replacements –Additional printers Pub 3189 Envelopes (IRS Newark, IRS Austin) End of season

5 IRS End of Season-each ERO or more frequently if desired Taxpayer documents [for each taxpayer] –W-2 with or without withholding –1099 with withholding 8879 for each taxpayer using Practitioner PIN TaxWise regular backup of each accepted e-file [Desktop version only] IRS Acknowledgement Report for each accepted e-file

6 Tax year 2009 changes IRS: All returns may be retained without individual authorization TaxWise: EFIN Authentication AARP – –New vendor for printer cartridges, printer repairs & flash drives –Revised TrueCrypt installer –Revised TPClear [later] –Technology Management Guide: electronic distribution only New Jersey Tax-Aide –Equipment allocation Additional laptops [10] and printers [5] from AARP Additional laptops [2] and network printers [3] from Bergen donation Additional network printers [5] from NJ donated funds –TaxWise Online –One Supersite

7 Taxpayer Data Retention Not required: Taxpayer signatures. Retention policy will be on tax record envelope. Not required: Retain Yes/No on Main Info By April 30, 2010: Storage media with returns sent by ERO to TCS Returns stored by TCS in locked container January 2011: Media returned to TC

8 AARP Printer Cartridges National contract for AARP printer cartridges including HP-1012, 1020 series, 1505 series and Brother 5250dn TCS orders on line or by email Cartridges shipped directly to user Shipment arrives in 1 to 3 days Volunteers will not be reimbursed for cartridges available through the contract

9 Printer Cartridge Life IRS Printers –HP-1100 & Lexmark E312 –1 to 3+ years AARP Printers –HP 1012 and HP 1020 series: 1500 pages (3 reams) –HP 1505 series:1000 pages (2 reams) End of season – remove from printer and store in dark airtight bag [TMG pg. 26-27]

10 Printer Cartridges Request replacements for IRS printers from IRS Newark TCS will order 1 replacement cartridge for each AARP printer before tax season Request additional replacements for AARP printers from TCS Cartridges not available from the contract may be purchased by district and will be reimbursed as S expenses

11 HP 1022 & 1505 - EconoMode

12 From the AARP Extranet Manuals, Policy & Procedures: Technology Management Guide Technology –Software: Anti-virus and Encryption –Hardware: Tuneups and links

13 Technology Management Guide October 1, 2009 - September 30, 2010

14 Whats New DATA RETENTION: Taxpayer signatures are no longer required in order to retain certain data to assist in preparing future tax returns 64-BIT COMPUTERS: CCH has announced that they will support TaxWise installations on 64-bit computers for TY 2009. ABSOLUTE SOFTWARE: The contract with Computrace for Absolute Software will expire on November 30, 2009 and will not be renewed. Therefore, it will no longer be necessary to connect computers to the Internet periodically for inventory purposes.

15 Part Two: Security 4. Do not send taxpayer data via regular e-mail. Taxpayer data may only be sent over the Internet by using TaxWise mail, or as an attachment to regular email that is in the form of a backup created by the TaxWise program. 5. All equipment on which taxpayer data resides must be protected by encryption software.... The only exception is for backups created by the TaxWise program itself. These backups are adequately protected without being further encrypted and may be stored on unencrypted storage devices and media.

16 Wireless Communication 11. Wireless communication among computers continues to be evaluated but is currently prohibited as part of the AARP Tax-Aide program. The only wireless configuration that may be used in the AARP Tax-Aide program is for wireless printing. To be clear, this means that the following specific uses (and others like them) of wireless communications are prohibited: - TaxWise client/server networking - Transmission of returns to CCH, either at a site or from a home computer - Checking on such items as ESP amounts, property taxes paid, bank account numbers. - Broadband Internet access to TaxWise Online These restrictions have been established with a great concern for the privacy of taxpayer data, an abundance of caution, and the need to insure full compliance with IRS directives

17 Reporting a Loss [page 19] This covers computers, removable storage media (flash drive, floppy disk, CD) and papers lost, stolen, or damaged with taxpayer data residing on them. Inform your volunteer supervisor about the situation Call 1-800-424-2277, ext 36021 or ext 36027 (during business hours), or 1-202-434-6021/6027 (after hours), immediately (within 24 hours) if ANY computer containing taxpayer data is lost or stolen. If the loss is the result of theft, call the local police to report the theft as soon as you realize what has happened.

18 Tax Preparation Software [page 31] The IRS provides AARP Tax-Aide with tax preparation software at no cost to the AARP Tax-Aide Program. This software is a slightly modified version of a commercial product and is provided for electronic filing only. It is not to be used to file paper returns except for those returns that do not qualify for electronic filing.

19 Alternative Tax Software [page 32] TaxWise is the only software that may be used by AARP Tax-Aide volunteers to prepare and e-file tax returns. Volunteers must never use alternative software, such as TurboTax, TaxCut, etc., for tax preparation while acting as an AARP Tax-Aide volunteer. The use of such software may violate software copyright laws and expose volunteers and the program to unnecessary liability. Those sites found to use alternative software, particularly unlicensed software, will have that site shut down and all IRS and AARP equipment at the site returned to the program for redistribution.

20 AVG 9.0 Upgrade recommended – easy on computers with AVG 8.5 New installations use existing license key See AARP Extranet for more detail –License key is same as AVG 8.0 & 8.5 –Use AARP administrator password to open License key –License key in TMG is incorrect

21 Encryption Taxpayer data must be encrypted on all computers and flash drives: IRS, AARP, donated, loaned and personal IRS computers come with encryption software TCs must add encryption software to all others

22 TrueCrypt 6.2 Upgrade optional but recommended on stand alone equipment Simplified installation Vista, Windows 7 32- and 64-bit with UAC Off or On May automatically convert earlier versions

23 Tune-ups and links Software updates for AARP laptops Links for –Internet Explorer 7 –Windows XP Service Pack 3

24 Software Summary AcceptableRecommendedComments TrueCrypt6.16.232 and 64 bit Vista & Windows 7 AVG8.59.0 Adobe Reader8 or 9 Internet Explorer (TWO) 78 will be supported by TWO 2009 Windows XPSP-3


26 TC Responsibilities Ref: TMG 2009, page 8 General –Implements e-file procedures & requirements –Ensures each e-file site has a valid EFIN –Conducts or helps conduct e-file training –Encourages efficient use of equipment –Provides on-going technical support to e-file sites –Works well with diverse populations –Remains alert for potential donors of equipment –Provides timely communication of electronic filing information Hardware –Evaluates equipment needs –Maintains equipment inventory –Coordinates equipment maintenance, upgrade & disposition

27 TC Responsibilities, continued Software –Installs TaxWise on district computers [or trains EROs to do so] –Establishes & oversees encryption and password protection Assists with –E-file site selection –Recruitment –Equipment distribution –Implementing & maintaining automated administrative procedures

28 Program Requirements Security/Privacy TaxWise use E-file expenses

29 Security Technology Management Guide, Part Three During the tax season: –Physical security of computers –Encryption software –Passwords (operating system & all TaxWise users) –TaxWise and data base on removable drive –Secure wireless printing and no internet connection Removal of all taxpayer data post-season Storage of taxpayer data when authorized by taxpayer(s) between seasons

30 Security (continued) IRS and AARP provide –Written procedures for implementing security –Software utilities for data removal Volunteer responsibilities –TCS: train TCs and store authorized returns –TC: training, passwords and equipment configuration within district –ERO: data removal, collection of data authorized for retention, transmitting computer and data security –EFC: physical security of computer and data

31 Security Enhancements Memorize passwords Keep laptop in your possession Send required files and documents to IRS and erase/destroy all others by April 30 Send a copy of data authorized for retention to TCS Delete electronic data before April 30

32 Security Compromises Write passwords on computer Put passwords in computer case Put passwords on back of name badge and put name badge in computer case Leave laptop in sight in car Leave laptop in unlocked car

33 More Security Compromises Post-season retention of taxpayer data by anyone in the district –Electronic files –IRS Forms 8453, 8879 or 3210 –W-2, 1099, etc. Post-season retention of taxpayer data in any place in the district –On password protected, encrypted desktop –As unprinted document in printer driver –In locked container inside burglar alarmed home

34 Passwords Computer operating system –Required when taxpayer data is on system –Can be removed post season and during training AARP computers –Use volunteer login to prepare and transmit –Restrict administrator login to troubleshooting

35 Wireless Security Wireless networks used only for printing New for tax year 2009 –WPA encryption (older computers may only have WEP) –Network name: TAV

36 TaxWise Use Training version (2008, Version 23.X) –Windows 2000, XP (Home or Professional), Vista or Windows 7 –May install on any computer used by Tax-Aide for training –May install on counselors home computers –May provide to counselors not yet e-filing Production version (2009, Version 24.Y) –Windows XP (Home or Professional), Vista or Windows 7 –May install on site and personal computers used by Tax-Aide –Not to be installed on home computers except EROs if used for transmission of returns –Not to be provided to persons not preparing electronic returns for Tax-Aide –Install only to encrypted drive!

37 1 copy of TaxWise Desktop per tax year Computer may use TWO even if TaxWise Desktop is installed for the same tax year If TaxWise Desktop is not installed on the computer, multiple copies of the same tax year of TaxWise Desktop can be used, each from a different flash. TaxWise on one compter

38 Configurations to avoid TaxWise Desktop on C and on P TaxWise Desktop on C and on flash drive TaxWise Desktop on P [but not mounted] and on flash drive

39 Are these allowable on the same computer? TaxWise Desktop 2008 and 2009 TaxWise Desktop 2009 and TWO 2009 TaxWise Desktop 2008 [Practice] on unencrypted flash and TaxWise Desktop 2008 on P [unmounted] TaxWise Desktop 2008 on mounted encrypted flash and TaxWise Desktop 2008 [Practice] on unencrypted flash TaxWise Desktop 2009 [Practice] on C and TaxWise Desktop 2009 [District Clone] on P

40 E-file Expenses [Technology Management Guide, page 45+] S –Printer paper, printer cartridges not provided by IRS or AARP –Routers, cables, mice, flash drives [>$25 unit cost requires advance approval by TCS or SC] R –Repair, upgrade, maintenance service –>$25 pre-approval TCS or SC –>$50 [printer] or >$200 [computer/projector] pre- approval by AARP Headquarters

41 Inoperable Equipment Notify TCS [source, tag #, problem] Replace from spares if available Laptop options –Re-image [software items] –Repair Printer options –Repair/replace through national contract –If not covered by contract, repair locally at no or low cost


43 TC Requests

44 Carry Forward Backup sent to TCS will be returned to TC in January 2010 Restore to TaxWise 2008 with same EFIN as prepared To carry forward last years returns, see TaxWise User Manual. EFIN Authentication may prevent carry forward to TaxWise 2009 or use of data for 2009 return.

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