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Firearms Identification Mr. Tomasevich Forensics.

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1 Firearms Identification Mr. Tomasevich Forensics

2 Firearms Identification
A discipline mainly concerned with determining whether a ______ or ________ was fired by a particular _______.

3 Barrel A) B) Bullet __________ impression _____________ impression Rifling - the __________________ Grooves that are formed in the bore Of a firearm barrel. Makes projectiles ______________ when fired

4 ______ cutter used to create _______ impressions in a barrel
of The bore of a rifled firearm. The caliber is usally expressed in hundreths of an inch or millimeters. Example 22 _____ Or 9 ______.

5 Cartridge Parts and How it Works

6 Bullet Comparison Class Characteristics
Different gun manufacturers use different rifling techniques. These techniques impart the class characteristics of a bullet. -- -- _____________of lands and grooves -- _____________ of lands and grooves

7 Bullet Individual Characteristics
•A cross section of a gun barrel will show small grooves or striations all along lands and grooves ( ) •These are created when the barrel is rifled. No _____ gun barrels have the exact same markings. •These markings leave _______ Striations or impressions on a bullet. This allows a bullet to be traced back to a _______firearm.

8 Bullet Individual Characteristics
It is possible to determine the bullet on the ____ and the bullet on the ______ are from the same gun by matching the _____________. See examples A and B

9 Cartridge Case Class Characteristics
______________ ( i.e.. Winchester) ________ ( i.e.. rimless, rimmed ) ______ ( i.e.. 45 ACP,9mm, 12gauge) __________ ( i.e.. brass, steel, plastic)

10 Cartridge Case Individual Characteristics

11 Ejector (not shown)

12 When a cartridge is fired, the explosion forces the bullet down the barrel and the shell casing is forced back against the _______. This leaves impressions unique to the individual gun’s _______ on the shell casing.

13 Examples of Breech Markings

14 Firing Pin Marks In order to fire the cartridge, ________
must first be ignited. To accomplish this a ______ ____ strikes the center ring of the cartridge. This will in turn leave a _______ impression that is unique to the ________ of that particular gun.


16 and ejector throw the spent shell casing from the chamber of the gun.
Extracting Pin and Ejector Marks The extracting pin and ejector throw the spent shell casing from the chamber of the gun. These leave marks on the shell casing that are unique to those parts on that particular firearm.

17 Shotgun identification
Shotguns have ________ barrels with not rifling. Therefore there are no land or groove marks left on the bullet. Identification can still be made by comparison of ________________ markings on shotgun shell.

18 REVIEW Define the term “Firearm Identification”.
What is the purpose the lands and grooves that comprise the rifling in a gun barrel? What is the difference between class characteristics and individual characteristics?

19 REVIEW How do you determine the caliber of a gun?
What are the four parts of a cartridge?

20 REVIEW Pretend you recover a bullet from a crime scene. How could you determine what kind of gun fired that bullet?

21 REVIEW What type of individual characteristics can be used to match a shell casing back to an individual gun that fired it?

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