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Shenzhen Sintway Hospitality Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd Demonstration version 2013 Hotel room intelligent control system

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2 Shenzhen Sintway Hospitality Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd Demonstration version 2013 Hotel room intelligent control system

3 To collect development, production and sale together, SINTWAY is a high-tech company, professional manufacturer to supply hotel communications products, hotel intelligent guest room control system,hotel phone, hotel safe and hotel lock as his leading products. SINTWAY was established in 1999, composed through fetched in USA (CHEM TREND), HOLAND(PHILIPS) related products and technology by original aviation Aerospace Department and Ministry of Posts communications and intelligent equipments manufacturer. SINTWAY receives the good faith first, the user is supreme management idea, initiative moral behavior quality = product quality the quality idea, by experienced master, undergraduate course engineer composed the formidable technical force, devotes in the hotel intelligence electric appliance products research and development, production and sale, provided the high scale hotel smart products for the domestic and foreign users, and provide the best solution and the high quality products with best service, deeply trusted by users. SINTWAY persisted the technical innovation, keeps pace with the times, in line with diligent, practical, good faith and surmounting idea, faces and strives for our goal - - to let the user degree of satisfaction achieve 100%,your profitability and guest loyalty is our highest priority. Company profile

4 System composing 1.Hardware guest room controller, intelligent door lock, card distributor, intelligent safe, room card, identity recognitioner, five to one indication panel, collection control panel, service panel, emergency call equipment, A/C temperature controller, door magnetism switch, dispersive rebound switch, infrared spy,Dingdong doorbell, floor PBX and main PBX. 2.Software guest room center management software, card distribution software of intelligent door lock.

5 A/C thermostat Intelligent door lock Intelligent safeIntelligent identity distinguish card switch( M1) multifunction outdoor panel dispersive form Indoor panel …... Emergency button TCP/IP control room (server) House keeping Main PBX Floor PBX 1 Floor PBX 2 Front desk Bathroom lamp, exhaust fan Dingdong doorbell TV A/C Other lights Ceiling light Mirror light Bathroom light, exhaust fan Strong electricity output Master room lamps Infrared sensor Main control box

6 System net construction …… Front desk Control room House keeping Engineering DEPT. Guest room controller 5015XX 601 6XX 701 7XX X01 XXX Guest room controller

7 3. Identity recognition function Distinguish different personnel's identity, save electricity use, strengthen hotel inner management. 4. Shadowless type service function Provide the guest with humanity, in every possible way service. 5. I nfrared detection function Gives guest next to the skin illumination, light up when coming and turn off when leaving. 6. Security function When the system meet unusual situation,then give an alarm promptly. 1. Long-distance control function Ahead of time carries on the services for the guest (opening light, air-conditioning) 2. Humanity light setting function and intelligent A/C management function Provides comfortable living environment to the guest. 7.History records inquiry----convenient to strengthen hotel inner management, and promote hotel security. System main functions 8.Data share function provide interface function for other systems, make hotel information resource on share. 9. Increment function conceal recognition, wait a jiffy, emergency call, check out etc.

8 1.System core control part. 2.Control upload, download, store and analysis of various information from room (control and management). 3.Main board includes power board (strong electricity part) and control board (weak electricity part). 4.Guest room controller makes all room devices integrated. Guest room controller Main control box

9 1.Strong and weak electricity connect separately---intuitionistic, convenient, quick and safe. 2.Fence connection way for strong electricity, and insert and draw connection way for weak electricity. 3.Syetem communications agreement use TCP/IP, communication up speed reach to kilomega, and low to hundred-maga, effectually avoid happening of unsmooth communication 4.System moves stably, reliably and independently, each room has its own room address code, never affect each other, even dont affect the whole net working because of one room failure Main control box The features of guest room controller

10 1.Intelligent identity distinguish holder was developed base on Mifare one card technology, can efficaciously distinguish the only card number and password in the card, to realize identity recognition function. 2.Taking eletricity function: must insert allowed card of this system, then can work, to effectively save energy, and unlawfully taking eletricity stopped. Intelligent identity recognition holder

11 Five in one indication panel is installed outside door, real time display room status, convenient for hotel serving personnel to provide selective services for guest. Five in one indication panel hidden touch screen keypad slightly touch the hidden key, the DND light flash, means there is people in the room, otherwise, dont flash, means there is not people in the room, and MAKE UP ROOM light will flash) Doorbell button

12 Control equipments System control equipments includes: Main control box,bedside control panel, outdoor panel,indoor panel,light touch switch panel,doorbell, Mifare one card switch,curtain touch switch,light dimmer touch switch, etc... System control way is agile: may either use collected control or use dispersive control, or use collected and dispersive control together. Bedside control panel each panel RJ45 port connect with main control box RJ45 port Touch screen switch panel

13 Guest room management software interface

14 Room temperature Person identity (guest) Room door status Ask for cleaning A/C low speed Room No. Unclean room One sample room Correct communication Safe status

15 History records inquiry May choose room number and date period for inquiry Choose inquiry item

16 I book a standard room Welcome to our hotel long-distance control function To open long-distance pre-setting module same time Front desk Distribute card and register

17 Long-distance control setup To open long-distance control module-as following dialog box

18 Long-distance control setup Open user-defined lights-dialog box Open user-defined A/C-dialog box May open lights and A/C factitiously, set status and temperature Guest room controller Sir, your room No. is 8601, please take your room card

19 Front desk has already opened room lights, TV, A/C and background music through long-distance pre-setting Provides humanity services to guest Long-distance control function

20 Guest living-in flow 1210 Music comes from room, and lights already opened, because hotel has already opened all equipments ahead waiting for your coming. Guest took his room card from front desk, then take lift and come to booked room 8601

21 Identity recognition House-keeping center management software room status 1210 when insert system allowed card, recognitioner will display WELCOME,make guest feel comfortable. Identity recognition holder Personnel identity to be distinguished as a guest

22 when insert cleaning card, the identity recognitioner distinguishes to be cleaning card immediately, room status displays under cleaning, after finish cleaning, press cleaning key, room status convert to waiting inspection automatically. House-keeping center management software room status 1210 Service information (cleaning) Identity recognitioner Under cleaning icon appears automatically, and personnel identity recognized to be cleaner.

23 when insert inspection card, identity recognitioner distinguishes to be inspection card immediately, room status displays under inspection, after finish inspection, press DND, then room status convert to empty clean room. 1210 Service information (inspection) House-keeping center management software room status Identity recognitioner Personnel identity recognized to be inspector, and under inspecting status.

24 Promote service quality Hello, where are you cleaning? 1170 Current hotels manage cleaner through interphone, when communication suffocates, then can not contact cleaner in time Identity recognitioner This system confirm the location of cleaner through inquiring interface

25 Cleaner lookup Displays cleaners name,whereabouts room and personal number here immediately Activate cleaner lookup, displays cleaner online dialog box

26 Service panel House-keeping center management software room status 1210 Service information (DO NOT DISTURB) when guest touch DND key, DND icon appeared automatically, management software display that this room status is DO NOT DISTURB immediately DND icon appeared automatically

27 Service panel 1210 Service information (MAKE UP ROOM) When guest ask for cleaning, MAKE UP ROOM icon appeared automatically, room status displays a dirty room, request purifier to clean, and real time information column displays required room number and time immediately. House-keeping center management software room status MAKE UP ROOM icon in information column flashes, list displays, and voice prompt

28 Service panel 1210 Service information ask for service when guest ask for service( food or laundry), the service icon appears automatically, and real time column displays service request information immediately, then ask serving personnel to go that room and provide required services House-keeping center management software room status Service icon flashes and list appears on information column, and voice prompt.

29 8601 Service information (check out) when guest need to check out, then press CHECK OUT button on service plate, management software receive this information at same time, appears icon, voice and list on interface, remind front desk to send personnel for inspection and counting balance, to reduce wait time and quicken check out speed. Indoor/service panel CHECK OUT icon flashes immediately, and voice prompt

30 1210 Service information (wait a jiffy) When visitor comes, but the guest is inconvenient to meet friend right now, then guest touches WAIT A, and the WAIT A WHILE indication light on outdoor plate flashes, means to tell friend wait a jiffy, after guest open the door to receive friend, WAIT A WHILE function exit, and indication light turns off. indoor panel Five in one indication plate WAIT A WHILE icon on outdoor plate

31 1210 when emergency happened to guest, then press Emergency button, management software receives its information at same time, appears icon, voice and list on interface, then notify security Dept to deal with emergency and unchain alarm. Service information (emergency call) House-keeping center management software room status Emergency call switch Emergency icon flashes on information column,and voice prompt

32 system turns on exhaust fan in bathroom on time (set time, for example, every one hour)---feed air into bathroom for 5 minutes, keep air in bathroom clean and fresh. Time-lapse exhaust function Every 1 hour Main controller Exhaust fan

33 System benefit ONE Energy saving Guest control system realizes energy saving through following two points: 1 intelligent identity recognitioner ---guest room takes electricity by recognitioner, no other than system allowed, effective card can take electricity, other company's card and the slip of paper cannot take the electricity. 2 Infrared detector ---lights and exhaust fan in bathroom realized by detector, make lights and exhaust fan to be used reasonably, achieved they are opened when somebody is in, otherwise, time delay close automatically. Remark The traditional hotel uses infrared electricity-getting switch or the mechanical type electricity-getting switch to take electricity. The bathroom lights and exhaust fan are controlled by using strong electric switch, usually, guest lets them whole evening to be opened---The electrical energy wastes in vain, brings unnecessary economic loss to the hotel. 3 Air conditioning energy saving---a. In daytime, guest take out card and leave room, the air conditioning enters into energy saving status automatically. (air machine provides wind, and electromagnetism valve closed) b. In the night, gust set a too low temperature ( like 18 degree), the system can adjust/increase room temperature degree through front desk to prevent cold from guest, and save air conditioning energy. To adopt the intelligent guest control system to carry out above things, to achieve the goal for the hotel of energy saving. According to the preliminary statistics one day may save 1-2 kwh electricity per room by 1.00Yuan/ kwh calculating, a guest room one day may save 2 Yuan, Living rate according to 80% calculates to a hotel 300 rooms, the system may save at least 300*2*365*80%=175,200 yuan for the hotel per year.

34 System benefit TWO Security The system is under networking, the door lock and the safe s open and close records are real-time online monitoring, if happens unusual situation, system will give an auto-alarm, to remind service personnel to carry on secure service for the guest (to remind guest to pay attention to safety). THREE Service promotion The traditional hotel room service only has do not disturb, make up room and doorbell function But this system room service includes: Do not disturb, make up room, service call, check out, wait a jiffy, emergency call, doorbell function, and the hide service function, make the hotel room service function promote largely, give guest shadowless services.

35 System benefit FOUR Strengthen management the system is under network---convenient for hotel to unify management, the administrative person can real-time know service personnel and maintenance man place and their work progress, is advantageous for the administrative personnel to organize service personnel well to carry on the service promptly for the guest---Punctual, accurate unmistakable, to avoid management loophole, and promote the hotel grade of service quality and level. FIVE Comments the star to add grade The system has above advanced functions, can bring actual benefit for the hotel, to speed hotel management to make great strides forward towards the computer system management, will bring the benefit for the future star comment ---add grade.

36 System benefit SIX After service The traditional hotel guest room electric appliance equipments (door lock, safe, electricity getting switch panel, outside door indication plate, switch plate and so on) are purchased from different suppliers, when meets problems, the supplies wrangle mutually, said it is other s problem, cannot obtain the prompt solution, suffers injury to hotel itself. But if only one supplier, the question well solves: only send 1 or 2 engineers to solve all questions, provides the guarantee of after service for the hotel. SEVEN Investment return The system only need to add a guest room controller and several net wires on the hotel guest room original hardware foundation to realize networking through network platform, the hotel mainly increase a guest room controller investment, but return of capital investment only needs 1 year possibly. (see energy saving part description the system may save at least 300*2*365*80%=175,200 yuan for the hotel per year). After that,the hotel will come into the time of creating income, it is quite easy, quick and effective for hotel to take back investment.

37 System functions sum-up 1.Energy saving, saving personnel expense 2.Strengthen hotel inner management, stop management hole. 3. The visitor communicates with hotel through bidirectional bridge, serves the fast response to the visitor. 4. Improves the grade of service, to provide the technical method and the tool for the realization five-star of non-shade type services, quicken check out speed. 5.Promote securitydoor lock and safe abnormal status alarm. 6.Long-distance control----guest room lights, A/C pre-setting, humanity services. 7.Humanity setting and control for lights and exhaust fan: (entrance light turns on when open the door, turn off the master, then night lamp lights up, etc.) 8. One card multipurpose open the door, getting electricity, consumption.

38 Finished Shenzhen Sintway Hospitality Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd ADD:6 Building,Xinghua Industrial Zone,Baotian Road,Xixiang,Shenzhen China TEL:+86-755-27387647 FAX:+86-755-27387649 Thanks for your attention!

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