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1 External use – Final BMP21 Launch Gino Van der Ven Zele 30 October 2009

2 External use – Final Product overview Pricing & Ordering information Sales Support tools

3 External use – Final Product Overview

4 External use – Final BMP21 is Bradys entry model handheld printer Targeted at the contractor/installer use For the electrical, telecom/datacom and maintenance faciliy markets

5 External use – Final Product Description BMP21 will replace ID PAL New design in Brady style Cartridges for BMP21 will work in IDPAL for existing materials and are priced at same level Non-repairable printer IDPal features + New features One handed operation Left or right handed cutter activation Function as a 2 nd key New material offering (B580, Permasleeve & Self Lams) Six languages (English, Spanish, German, Canadian French, Portuguese, Dutch)

6 External use – Final New features 203 dpi vs. 180 dpi Larger LCD display (3 lines of text; 1 line of icons) Stronger, more rugged cartridge contacts Smoother appearance & larger range of font sizes Integrated Bumper Guards Barcode 3 of 9 128 Languages Inches and MM Additional Symbols Multi-print Memory Accessories Magnet Stand Clip Strap Flashlight Case

7 External use – Final Display Layout Function Indicator CAPS Lock Indicator Up to 15 Characters Battery Indicator Font Size Bold Indicator Label Type

8 External use – Final Consumables Material Types B423 - White Polyester B430 – Clear Polyester B499 – Cloth Nylon B580 – Outdoor Vinyl B342 - Permasleeve B427 – Self Lam Backwards Compatible Label Types Wire Banner General Terminal Blocks/Patch Panels Auto New consumables

9 External use – Final FeatureBenefit Industrial, rugged thermal transfer printer This printer is designed to be taken into industrial environments Small handheld printer with dual cutter buttons and label retention Printer is easily workable in one hand and label is held by printer until user removes it so you can keep your labels organized Large displayEasy to see and can be easily viewed in low light and outdoor conditions. Continuous self laminating material up to 1.5" Most popular wire id material now available in easy to use, economical printer. Flexibility in length of label allowing you to determine length of your self lam label. 5 year outdoor durable B580 material Easy to use, economical printer can now be used to create long lasting outdoor durable labels Built in touch cell in labels and ribbon Printer automatically formats the objects on your label so that there is no guess work on your part. AA Batteries and AC power Readily available AA batteries allows you to take BMP21 anywhere you need it and buy batteries anywhere you choose. AC power gives you the flexibility you need. Continuous labels up to 3/4 wideAllows you to determine the length required for your label Easy to use, durable cutter All label materials can be cut; no need to carry around an extra scissors to get your labels. Easy to load cartridges Tape and ribbons are pre-identified by Brady and easily loaded quickly and correctly each time. Automatic shut off when in non-useConserves battery power when printer is not in use. Ability to store, retrieve and delete label files No need to re-create commonly used labels. Make it once and recall it later for future use. Features and Benefits

10 External use – Final Features and Benefits FeatureBenefit Built in bar code symbologies, fonts, graphics Easily add objects to your labels to improve the quality and understanding of your labels. Ability to serialize data to print on labels Save time by reducing the number of steps needed to print serialized data - Propel automatically does it for you. Fixed Label LengthAllows you to set size of label so each label is sized to your specifications Font AutosizingMaximizes the size of your legend on your label minimizing your work Terminal Blocks and Patch Panels Allows you to easily and quickly identify your terminal blocks and patch panels in one simple step Multi functioning Accessory with Magnet, Flashlight, wrist strap, etc Allows for one handed operation of your printer leaving your other hand free. Gives you carrying and operating options as well as eliminates the need to carry an additional flashlight to see in dark spaces. Magnet AccessoryAllows for one handed operations leaving your other hand free.

11 External use – Final Kits and Parts 43 different cartridges New Materials: B427 Self Lams Permasleeve B580 durable outdoor vinyl Sales kits Combinations of Printer AC Adaptor Hard Case Selection of consumables

12 External use – Final Hard Case – BMP21-HC AC Adaptor – BMP21-AC Usable in IDXPERT and BMP21 Multifunctional Tool – BMP21-TOOL Screws into the back of the printer Includes: –Magnet –Flashlight –Stand –Belt Loop –Pole Strap Magnet Only Accessory – BMP21-Magnet Screws into the back of the printer Includes –Magnet Accessories

13 External use – Final 5 Minute Demo Demo Opportunity: Counter/Inside Sales People/Outside Sales People POP Simulator Literature Demo Preparation Have fully charged batteries Have Magnet or Multifunctional Accessory Have Backlight On Datacomm/Electrical Demo Show Wire marker label 9pt bold font Use M21-750-499 or M21-150-427 or M21-250-C-342 Serialization Show Fixed Length Label 3 size Auto Bold Font Use any size ¾ label Terminal Block Use M21-375-499-TB General Identification Demo Show Banner Label Auto Bold Font Barcode 39 Use M21-750-580-YL or any color Show Fixed Length Label 3 size Auto Bold Font Use any size ¾ label

14 External use – Final Confidential BMP21 VS. IDPal Internal use only B-342 Permasleeve

15 External use – Final Product / Market Information Markets/Applications Datacomm IT/Network Contractors Audio Visual Communications Electrical Contractors Maintenance Panel Shops General ID Safety Tool Cribs Warehousing Equipment Rental Lean Compliance Transportation Equipment Utilities

16 External use – Final Why choose BMP21 Robust handheld printer for industrial use User friendly with large display, easy to navigate menu and clear indicators and usefull acc. Magnet High quality consumables in a cartridge with chip and wide choice to select from Selflams are unique Permasleeve Vinyl

17 External use – Final Sales support tools

18 External use – Final Demo board Label selection guide Cross reference list POP display Selling sheet Website landing page How to – videos Press releases How to demo Mailing template Posters Roller banner Product stand --- Last Slide ---

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