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Imaging drum C9704A Black C9720A, Cyan C9721A, Yellow C9722A, Magenta C9723A.

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1 Imaging drum C9704A Black C9720A, Cyan C9721A, Yellow C9722A, Magenta C9723A

2 1) Before disassembling this cartridge you need gain access to the pins this can be done in two ways. 1. By melting an entrance next to the pin so that it can easily be pulled out or 2. Drill a hole as shown by the arrow on this photo and push the pins out. Option 2 Option 1

3 2) You need to remove the pins from both ends of the cartridge (NB that the 2 pins are different lengths and that the longer pin is removed from the cog end of the cartridge.) The spring is then detached from the bottom half of the cartridge and the cartridge then splits half.

4 3) To dismantle the development unit you need to remove the end cap opposite the cogs which allows access to the toner hopper via the clear plastic lug. Once the end cap is removed a second plastic plate needs to be taken off, this allows you to remove the development and charge control roller.

5 4) Once the plastic plate has been removed as shown on the previous slide. The rollers are removed as shown in the pictures below. The cartridge can then be fully cleaned and refilled. The cartridge is then reassembled by re-tracing these instructions in reverse order.

6 5) The Cog end can also be taken apart, however this is not necessary to empty or refill the cartridge

7 6) To disassemble the drum unit you need to follow these steps; firstly remove the blue plastic handle, then the metal rings holding the OPC in place are gently prised off. The protective cover is then removed and the OPC and casing are pulled apart.

8 7) Once these stages are complete the OPC and the PCR can be removed in that order. The OPC can be pulled off the metal bar holding it in place and the PCR can simply be unclipped. The drum unit can then be reassembled however when the OPC is put back onto the bar you need to make sure that it is placed the same way round as when it was removed. This is due to one of the ends on the OPC being moulded to fit 2 metal teeth that can be seen on the end of the metal bar. Metal teeth Moulded to fit

9 8) When this cartridge is being reassembled remember that the longest pin is to be placed in the cog end of the cartridge and that the spring at the rear of the cartridge is in it allotted moulding.

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