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1 Smaller Footprint Higher Voltage Options – Cartridge Fuse May 2011.

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1 1 Smaller Footprint Higher Voltage Options – Cartridge Fuse May 2011

2 2 Agenda High Voltage Cartridge Fuse –Portfolio Overview –Fuse Selection Guide –New Product Development Strategy –Application Guide RTMs: 477 series, 505 series, 506 series, 508 series and etc.

3 3 Cartridge Fuse Portfolio Overview

4 4 Fuse Selection Guide Selection Factors –Normal operation current –Application voltage (AC or DC) – Voltage Rating –Maximum available fault current – Interrupting Rating –Overload current and length of time in which the fuse must open –Pulse, Surge Currents, Inrush Currents, Start-up Currents and Circuit Transients –Ambient temperature –Physical size limitations, e.g. length, diameter, or height –Agency Approvals required, e.g. UL, CSA, VDE, METI and etc –Fuse features (mounting type/form factor, ease of removal, axial leads, visual indication, etc.) –Fuse-holder features, if applicable and associated rerating (clips, mounting block, panel mount, PC board mount, etc.) –Application testing and verification prior to production

5 5 Terms -- Voltage Rating and Interrupting Rating What will happen if we select a wrong fuse? 250Vac Rated Fuse Tested at 400Vdc

6 6 Cartridge New Product Strategy -- Higher energy in a smaller body ProductRelease DateValued PropositionApplication 208/209 series 350V-rated 2AG 2008Alternative to Belfuse.Ballast 215 series High Rating 15A - 20A 2008 1st to market on 20A. Smallest footprint available. Power Supplies, White Goods, Telecom 505 series 450V/500Vdc2009 High BC of 50kA@500Vac and 20kA@500Vdc. High End UPS, Industrial controls 477 series 600Vac/400Vdc 5x202009 Smaller footprint for 400V above 8A 3-phase Power Supplies, Ballast, Air-conditioner, LCD 977 series 450Vdc LBC 5x20 20101st to market for 450Vdc 5x20Network Storage, Servers 506 series 600Vdc HBC 6x32mm (15A - 20A) 2010Smaller footprint 6x32 vs 10x38Solar Energy Applications 508 series 1000V HBC 6x32mm (<1A) 2010 Smallest footprint at 6x32 vs 10x38 Multimeter

7 7 Applications for the 477 series -- 600VAC/400VDC 5x20 mm Slo-Blo ® Type Fuse

8 8 Application for 477 series -- Ballast *477series 600Vac in Ballast Application : 600Vac-rated fuse for Industrial Ballast (for working voltage 480Vac to 600Vac).

9 9 0477001P 04773.15P 0477016P, 3PCS each set Application for 477 series -- Air-conditioner *477series 600Vac in Air-conditioner Application: 600Vac-rated fuse for Air-conditioner(for working voltage less than 500Vac).

10 10 Higher Voltage Output Combined with the Need for High Efficiency Power Supplies: Due to the combined demand for higher output voltages and High efficiency Power Factor Correction (PFC) Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) there is an increasing need for a higher DC voltage rated Fuse. Increase in demand for high efficiency White Goods, HVAC equipment, ARC Welders and Fluorescent Lighting and many more High Voltage applications has driven the need for our 477 Series (3AB) Fuse. Our insatiable quest for a bigger and better Audio Visual experience. When a TV panel goes beyond 32 inches, the CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent) backlighting is driven directly from the 400VDC. Another example of the demand for higher voltages and energy efficiency. The larger the panel the more voltage required and energy consumed!!! Socket Name Fuse Used Currently Market Driver Technical Why and Why Not 400VDC Cartridge and Radial lead fuse Ex. 5x20mm PFC for higher power efficiency PFC output voltage at 380 to 400DC for a input of 90 to 240 AC. Since the AC could rated up to 264 V, the voltage rating of the components on the PFC line are rated at least 380Vdc or higher. Application for 477 series -- LCD TV Market Background

11 11 Note: For power saving purpose, there are increasing needs for Standby Circuit protection. Application for 477 series -- LCD TV (cont)

12 12 Application for 477 series -- LCD TV (cont) OC Protection of HV DC Bus Design Notes: Protection Application: For the SMPS, after the PFC circuit, there is a 400VDC bus, due to impedance of the PFC circuitry, when there is a abnormal condition at the 400VDC bus, there is a threat of thermal event for the PFC circuit and the DC to DC circuitry. Solution Description: As shown at the left, a 400V to 450V high breaking capacity DC fuse can be used for short circuit and overload current conditions. LF provide 477 series for the protection. The 477 comes in a 5x20mm package. Companion Solutions: N/A Regulatory Issues: UL Recognized pending. Unique Features: Does not apply. Application Warnings: Caution must be taken for the breaking capacity of the fuses when apply a 250V AC fuse at this application. Circuits for Larger LCD TV Circuits for Smaller LCD TV

13 13 Applications for the 505, 506 and 508 series -- 500V, 600V and 1000V 6x32mm fuse

14 14 Application for 508 series -- Multi-meter 10x38 Midget 1000V Fuse 6x32 Ceramic 1000V Fuse - Smaller foot-print (6x32mm) fuse relative to the existing 10x38mm fuse - Total LF package fuse solution for both 10X38 FLU and 6.3X32 508 series fuse. *508 series 1000Vac/Vdc in Multi-meter Application : 1000Vac/Vdc 315mA and 500mA Multi-Meter Category: Category I: used where current levels are low. Category II: used on residential branch circuits. Category III: used on permanently installed loads such as distribution panels, motors, and appliance outlets. Category IV: used on locations where current levels are high, such as service entrances, main panels, and house meters.

15 15 Application for 505 series *505 series 500Vac and Vdc in Applications of: 3 Phase Power Supply UPS Solar Inverter Platform: 2.8KW On-Grid Solar Inverter Application: AC Output Over Current Protection Fuse Part number: 0505016.MXP Fuse Clip Part number: 01020078H Note: Customer using 0505016 due to On-Grid power line voltage may go above 264 Volts. Platform: 2.8KW On-Grid Solar Inverter Application: DC Input Over Current Protection Fuse Part number: 0505020.MXP Fuse Clip Part number: 01020078H Note: Customer using 0505020.MXP on the DC input for 500VDC Input Over Current Protection

16 16 Application for 505 and 506 series -- Solar Energy Application Combiner Box Inverter

17 17 Product 505 Fuse Series 450VDC/500VDC 10 – 30 amperes 6 X 32 mm 20,000 amperes B/C@450VDC/500VDC Application for 505 and 506 series -- Solar Energy Application Product 506 Fuse Series 600VDC 15 – 20 amperes 6 X 32 mm 10,000 amperes B/C@600VDC

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