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Click to edit Master subtitle style 10/22/11 Cartridge Heater Solutions

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1 Click to edit Master subtitle style 10/22/11 Cartridge Heater Solutions

2 10/22/11 Common Cartridge Heater Applications Form Fill and Seal Packaging Machines Extrusion – Screen Changers – Sheet Dies – Profile Dies – Pelletizers – Coextruders Hotrunner Injection Molding Compression Molding Rubber Molding Analytic Equipment

3 10/22/11 Nexthermal manufactures heaters with better components, materials and precision… High watt density heaters are built with 8" long ceramic cores, 33% longer than our competitorsresulting in fewer electrical connections on longer heaters. Standard stainless steel sheath is SS321 for improved corrosion resistance (Incoloy is also available). New, compact right angle exit with flat sides to aid removal (when heaters last as long as Nexthermals do, this is important). Anti-seize coating applied in house for faster delivery. Centerless grinding option to a tolerance of +/-.0008" for a better fit. Computer controlled winding ensures the right wattage distribution profile on every heater…every build. Technical support to understand your application and design a heater with your specific use in mind. Attaining and maintaining ISO 9001 since 2000.

4 10/22/11 High watt density heaters Medium watt density heaters The machine winding of the high watt density heater delivers the most precise distributed wattage profile. High watt density heaters can be built to your specifications from 1" long to over 100". Warranted to 160 watts per square inch. The medium watt density heater has a continuous resistance spiral throughout the heater delivering unparalleled reliability. For longer heaters there are fewer internal electrical connections. Medium watt density heaters start at 8" long, and can be built to over 100". Warranted to 65 watts per square inch. Both high watt and medium watt construction can be built as an energy saving eheat cartridge heater.

5 10/22/11 Specify a high watt density heater if: Specify a medium watt density heater if: Watt density is greater than 65 watts per square inch.* And/or the heater is less than 8". And/or your application requires a precise wattage distribution. * High watt density heaters are commonly built below 65 watts per square inch and in lengths up to 100" long for specific applications. Watt density is less than 65 watts per square inch. And the heater is 8" or longer. And you do not need highly precise wattage distribution. In the past only high watt density heaters could support an internal Type J or K TC. Nexthermal can now manufacture medium watt density heaters with an internal TC.

6 10/22/11 cartridge heater performance options Distributed Wattage Nexthermal has developed industry specific winding profiles to improve thermal profiles including packaging, rubber and injection molding. We have also successfully developed OEM specific winding profiles to compensate for challenging heater placement. Moisture Resistance If your application requires wash down, has high amounts of humidity in the ambient air, or has machining oil nearby Nexthermal has a wide range of options to deliver moisture resistance at your operating temperature. Anti-Seize Coating Building a heater that lasts longer can make removal more difficult when a heater must be replaced. Removal labor often costs more than the heater itself. Nexthermal in-house anti-seize coating is a cost effective option that can be added without impacting delivery. Removal Aids Nexthermal offers knock out tabs and other removal aids that allow you to quickly and confidently remove a heater when it is time to replace it. Knock out tabs are recommended when you are installing the heater in a through bore prone to oxidation.

7 10/22/11 Right Angle Exit Nexthermal has redesigned the right angle exit with flat sides, making it possible to use a wrench to precisely position lead exit and break oxidation bonds when removing a heater. Right Angle Block The Right Angle Block has flat sides and substantial material to provide the strength needed for highly corrosive environments such as die casting where the heater sheath can be bonded to the bore. Standard Flanges, Special Flanges and NPT If your application calls for specific insertion depth, or must be held in place Nexthermal offers standard flanges for most diameters. We can also design special flanges for your application. NPT fittings can be added to your cartridge heater. Centerless Grind Tolerance Nexthermals standard tolerance of ±.002" compares favorably to other cartridge heaters. If heat transfer is critical to your application, Nexthermal offers premium centerless grind tolerances that are ±.0008".

8 10/22/11 cartridge heater based assemblies Nexthermal cartridge heaters are versatile. We work together with our customers, clearly focused on their objectives. Nexthermal has combined our electric heaters with ingenuity to create solutions that have generated new products and capabilities for our customers. Common Nexthermal assembly solutions include: Early stage new product design Plug and play assembly combining heaters and sensors into one plug to deliver a completed assembly that improves your production throughput Redesign of an existing component with multiple vendors or need for improved performance

9 10/22/11 engineering services A heater is one component of a smart heat management system. To optimize performance one must carefully consider: Heater location Fit to mating surfaces Material being heated Control method Cycle time Sensing method and location Performance goals Engineering services include: Production and product development assistance Thermal engineering consulting Solid modeling Design optimization for performance and energy consumption FEA and lab simulation The more complex the design, and the more critical heat is to design performance, the greater the impact Nexthermal engineering service will have on your process. Your application, performance goals and future plans create a unique opportunity to explore the power of Nexthermal engineering services.

10 10/22/11 lead and lead protection options leads Fiberglass (Standard) Temperature Rating 482 oF | 250 oC Silicone Temperature Rating 356 oF | 180 oC Silicone Cable Temperature Rating 356 oF | 180 oC Teflon Temperature Rating 500 oF | 260 oC Teflon (High Amperage) Temperature Rating 500 oF | 260 oC Fiberglass (High Temp.) Temperature Rating 932 oF | 500 oC lead protection Fiberglas s Sleeve Braided Metal Sleeve Armor Cable Armor Cable (Gas Proof) potting options Ceramic Temperature Rating 1000 oF | 538 oC Epoxy Temperature Rating 600 oF | 315 oC Teflon Plug Temperature Rating 450 oF | 232 oC Silicone Temperature Rating 500 oF | 260 oC Silicone (High Temp.) Temperature Rating 650 oF | 343 oC Teflon® is a registered trademark of the E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company.

11 10/22/11 Diameter TolerancesConstructionSheath Material Diameter Standard Swage to Size Tolerance Premium Centerless Grind Tolerance Maximum Heater Length High Watt Density Medium Watt Density Thermo– couple SS321 Incoloy 800 eheat Stainless NPT Size JK.125.1240-.12014.0 Teflon® Plug and Leads Only.250.248-.244.2488-.247260.0.125.3125.3105-.3066.3114-.309870.0.125.375.373-.369.3732-.371780.0.250.500.498-.494.4972-.4957100.0.375.625.623-.619.6232-.6217100.0.500.6785.6866-.6850100.0.500.750.748-.744.7492-.7476100.0.750 1.0.9984-.9969100.01.00 6.2mm6.18-6.14mm1524 mm 6.5mm6.48-6.44mm1524 mm.125 7.0mm*6.98-6.94mm1524 mm 8.0mm7.98-7.94mm1178 mm.125 9.0mm*8.98-8.94mm1178 mm 9.5mm*9.48-9.44mm2032 mm.250 10.0mm9.98-9.94mm2032 mm.250 11.0mm*10.98-10.94mm2032 mm 12.0mm*11.98-11.94mm2540 mm 12.5mm12.48-11.44mm2540 mm.375 13.0mm*12.98-12.94mm2540 mm 14.0mm*13.98-13.94mm2540 mm 15.0mm*14.98-14.94mm2540 mm 16.0mm15.98-15.94mm2540 mm.500 17.5mm*17.48-17.44mm2540 mm 18.0mm*17.98-17.94mm2540 mm 19.0mm*18.98-18.94mm2540 mm.750 20.0mm19.98-19.94mm2540 mm.750 22.0mm*21.98-21.94mm2540 mm *Non Standard Diameters with Special Construction Lead Protection Fiberglass Sleeve Braided Metal Sleeve Armor Cable Gas Proof Cable Exit and Removal Right Angle Exit Right Angle Block FlangeKnock Out Tab This chart is representative of standard cartridge heater configurations. Please call Nexthermal at 269-964-0271 for additional options, special configurations, and assemblies. Standard Cartridge Heater Configuration Chart

12 10/22/11 Form Fill and Seal

13 10/22/11 Picture goes here Finding the Heater Vertical sealing Horizontal Sealing

14 10/22/11 Finding the Heater Two jaws with cartridge heaters for vertical seal (not visible in photo) Two jaws with cartridge heaters for Horizontal seal

15 10/22/11 Finding the Heater Two jaws with cartridge heaters to make vertical seal Two jaws with cartridge heaters for horizontal seal

16 10/22/11 CriteriaDescription TemperatureModerate – generally between 325 and 425o F MovementHigh repetition, in some cases 100+ cycles per minute MoistureMany applications clean machines with water including jaws/heater area ProfileNexthermal Packaging Distributed Wattage will maximize the sealing performance and equipment speed Common Application Requirements

17 10/22/11 Screen Changers

18 10/22/11 Finding the Heater

19 10/22/11 CriteriaDescription Temperature300 - 600o F Anti-Seize CoatingHeaters are often very difficult to remove due to oxidation between heater and contact surface Lead ProtectionLeads are almost always protected with BMS or armor cable due to the environment MovementNo MoistureGenerally no moisture - hydraulic systems have some risk of contaminations due to oils ProfileVirtually always high watt density due to high wattage and fast reaction cycle times required. Common Application Requirements

20 10/22/11 Summary of Nexthermals Competitive Advantage (Application) In-house process for coating application on heaters Removal Aids Available (RBL, KO Tab) By using these options, maintenance of the bore will be improved, resulting in better heater performance over the life of the screen changer unit Reduces maintenance time and costs (replacement of block/drilling and reaming bore) Reduces down time and increases productivity

21 10/22/11 Cartridge Heater Configurator

22 10/22/11

23 Functionality Covers over 80% of our product Engineering rules built in to ensure maximum buildablity Visual queues for quick checking of your work Web based for constant improvement

24 10/22/11


26 Cartridge Heater Configurator Remove the hassle from constant design changes Eliminate quote lag time to close more of the time sensitive orders See all your price breaks the first time Print a copy to send with your PO and keep for your records

27 10/22/11 Any Questions? ?

28 10/22/11 Thank You!

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