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PRINTERS & PRINTING The Basics. FIRST THOUGHTS Because of the different makes & models available, we will need to talk in generalities to a large degree.

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2 FIRST THOUGHTS Because of the different makes & models available, we will need to talk in generalities to a large degree Our emphasis will be on Ink-jet printers although much of what we will discuss also applies to Laser printers

3 INK-JET PRINTERS Low purchase cost colour printing Can be used for different things – regular paper – photograph paper – CDs & DVDs – fabric transfer. Some models can print – copy – scan – fax. We are only looking at printing today


5 LASER PRINTERS May be Black & White only or Colour More expensive to buy but much less expensive to run – toner not ink cartridges Faster Not really suitable for anything but regular paper – lesser picture quality Usually only for printing – not copy, scan or fax


7 WHAT DO I NEED? Ink-jet printers are more versatile Laser printers come into their own when high volumes are needed – speed & cost Laser printers are not good for photography as they can not use photographic papers Wireless printers have advantages – less cable, can locate as convenient etc.

8 WHAT DO I NEED? Do I want to print on CD/DVD? Not all printers can do this Do I need Copy/Scan/Fax? Do I need multiple paper trays? What Paper sizes do I use? There are some printers that will handle paper up to 13 x 19

9 B&W or COLOUR Inkjet printers will always have a black ink cartridge Colour will be produced either from a single cartridge – blue [cyan], red & yellow or may have a cartridge for each colour [may be more than 3] Multiple cartridges offer cost savings – only replace what is needed. In the integrated cartridge, have to replace when one colour is used up Laser printers are basically the same but with toner cartridges

10 USAGE Most ink-jet printers will show an indication of how much ink is left It is important to understand that this is very much an approximation Can usually print several pages more when out of ink message appears not all do! When cartridges are refilled the ink level indicator becomes invalid UNLESS the cartridge has a re-set switch – not all do!

11 RE-FILLING CARTRIDGES Re-filling cartridges [from a reliable supplier] gives good print quality & considerable cost savings For most people, the quality in all types of printing will be adequate

12 PRINT QUALITY If best quality photographs are to be printed, then there is some advantage to using both the printer manufacturers ink AND photographic paper – they are matched for optimum results. However, generic photo paper works for most people! If using plain paper – quality may count. For B&W, this is rarely significant. In colour printing, bright white papers give a better colour When buying paper, be aware that there are ink-jet only, laser only and multi-use papers

13 INSTALLING YOUR PRINTER In most cases, it is critical to follow the instructions provided – there is often a separate sheet for this In particular, take great care with any instructions about when to attach cables and when to power on. MOST PRINTERS WILL NOT INSTALL PROPERLY IF THIS IS NOT DONE!

14 INSTALLING YOUR PRINTER Usually at some point in the installation, you will be asked if this printer is to be the default printer – that is the printer to be used automatically for any printing UNLESS you say differently If this is the only printer – then the answer is, of course, YES If you have more than one printer, the you will have to decide which is to be default Some printers will assume they are to be the default and will do this automatically

15 CHECK THE ALL PROGRAMS MENU AFTER INSTALLING In many cases, when the printer is installed, a complete suite of utilities and services are installed Note that in this example an un-install routine is included

16 I SCRAPPED THE OLD PRINTER. SHOULD I UN-INSTALL IT? It is not necessary to un-install the old printer BUT should be sure the new one is set as default – for convenience However, un-installing keeps things tidy Be aware that removing a printer [Control Panel] does not always un-install 100% May need to download an un-install routine from the manufacturer or the facility may be part of the new install

17 WHERE DO I PRINT FROM? Typically there are two ways to print your work – from a print Icon or from a print Menu Note: While many programs offer both choices – this is not always so

18 PRINTING FROM AN ICON Printing from an Icon is convenient BUT it may be limiting in some programs Uses the default printer [OK unless there is more than one] Only one copy Uses defaults for print quality, paper quality, paper handling & [in some cases] what is printed. For example, prints all pages [Word] or prints only one format of the work [PowerPoint] In some programs, the Icon brings up a print set up window – usually similar to that in Word etc.

19 PRINTING FROM A MENU Printing from a Menu gives you control



22 WHAT ARE ALL THESE? Word [and other programs] create virtual printers – that is, not a physical unit Using these printers is an advanced topic



25 VARIES BY PROGRAM From Internet Explorer

26 A REMINDER The print menu we are looking at interacts with the printers own capabilities. There may be some duplication of settings The program [Word etc.] may offer settings that the printer does not or vice versa. Will need to try out to see what happens Look in all areas to see what is available

27 FROM WORD - Options Most people will not need to use this area except in the top section

28 FROM WORD – Properties [May be Preferences in some cases] This example is printer specific Note the duplications from Options

29 MONEY SAVING OPPORTUNITIES Double Sided Printing – Saves paper Draft quality Printing – Saves ink and is acceptable quality in many cases





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