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« » «Construction of the Greenhouse Complex for Growing Vegetables with the Usage of the Thermal Water on the Basis of the Existent Geothermal Wells in.

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1 « » «Construction of the Greenhouse Complex for Growing Vegetables with the Usage of the Thermal Water on the Basis of the Existent Geothermal Wells in the Village of Medvedevka of Dzhankoy District of the Autonomus Reppublic of Crimea» Photoculture Drip watering Hydroponics СО2 dosing

2 The Project Implementation Place Medvedevka Village Council is an administrative-territorial unit, situated in the Northern part of Dzhankoy District of Crimea, in the steppe area of the peninsula, on the coast of Sivash. Population is about 1,3 thsd. people, area 182,6 km², the village council was set up in 1930ies.

3 The Main Concept of the Project The existent resource – geothermal well in the Village of Medvedevka of Dzhankoy District Prospective usage of the energy: Heating the social objects of the Village of Medvedevka Creation of the modern greenhouse complex with total area of 4 ha (further the expansion is possible) with all-year-round cycle of production in the Village of Medvedevka with Using the existent natural energy. Key peculiarity is the high level of innovation involvement, implementation of the resource- and energy-saving measures, positive influence on the ecological situation

4 Introduction of the Resource- and Energy- Saving Measures Resource- and Energy-Saving Measures Effect Low volume technology of growing vegetable crops with drip watering Decrease 20 times of the support medium, labour cost reduction for 10%, as there is no necessity in preparing and cultivation of soils, applying organic fertilizers, crop capacity increase for 10%, water economy – 20%, mineral fertilizers economy – 40, improvement of the quality of products (nitrate concentration < 80 mg/kg with maximum allowable concentration = 300 mg/kg) Photoculture Crop capacity increase for 10%, possibility to use intermediate crop combination (from October to February), increase of the volume of the vegetable products 1,5 times Separating the heating loops of the greenhouses Reduction of expenses on heat energy Transfer to night additional lightingTariff decrease on electric energy, electric energy economy for 15% Using modern lamps Decrease of electric energy consumption 2 times, reduction of term of plant starting for 3 days Using thermal waters for partial heating the greenhouse complex Decrease of expenses on heating from 10 to 20%

5 Positive Ecological Consequences of the Project Implementation There will be separated and used dissolved in thermal water gas (methane) for generating electrical energy at the gas piston power generating set. The planned according to the preliminary forecasts heat generation for a season in the volume of 2895 Gcal will allow to substitute burning 504 tons of coal per year, what will diminish СО2 emissions in the heating season for 1121 tons. To decrease the negative influence on the environment in the Project one stipulates СО2 extraction from the fume gas, which is generated during burning coal at the additional boiler room.

6 The Project Investment Requirements Measure namesInvestment Volume Thsd. grn. with VAT Thsd. euro with VAT Reconstruction and modernizing of the geothermal wells and geothermal heating substation 9000,2839,3 Building and full equipment of the greenhouse complex 58527,35458,1 Building other production premises3320,3309,6 Total on capital investments70847,96607,1 Working capital financing4850,0452,3 Total of investments75967,97059,4

7 Details on Investment Costs for Fixed Production Assets in sequenc e Fixed assets Creation of new fixed assets, grn., without VAT 1 Geothermal heating substation 7692,5 1.1 Buildings, constructions, transmitting devices 5704,3 1.2 Equipment 1988,2 2 Greenhouse complex 50023,4 2.1 Buildings, constructions, transmitting devices 30360,0 2.2 Equipment 19663,4 3 Other production premises 2837,9 3.1 Of production purpose 2229,8 3.1.1 Buildings, constructions, transmitting devices 2229,8 3.1.2 Equipment 0,0 3.2 Of administrative purpose 608,1 3.2.1 Buildings, constructions, transmitting devices 365,3 3.2.2 Equipment 242,7 Total, thsd. grn without VAT 60553,8

8 Anticipated Schedule of the Project Implementation Pre-investment period registration of land use documents making a special permission for using the depths executing the agreement of lease the geothermal heating substation making marketing researches, scientific rationale expertise having negotiations with the suppliers of the equipment, machinery, raw materials Year 1 (investment year) attraction of the financial resources; arrangement of the tender for the final selection of the suppliers of the equipment and transport, looking for contractors; Reconstruction of the old buildings and constructing new buildings and constructions, repair and constructing utility networks, other objects manufacturing, delivery, assembly and start-up and shake-down of the equipment Putting into operation the geothermal heating substation and greenhouse complex Purchase of the agricultural equipment Concluding agreements with potential buyers of the final production Year 2 - 3 phased increase of the productivity of the vegetables of the protected ground and achieving the planned productivity by the end of 3 year of the Project implementation

9 Anticipated Indices of Manufacturing Products of the Greenhouse Complex Index Unit of measure Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Following periods Tomato growing volume t 13989110021114 Cucumber growing volume t 261118713361484 Heating Energy Production Volume, incl.:Gkal12222895 for the needs of the greenhouse complexGkal6881629 for the needs of the social and cultural sphere of the village Gkal5351266

10 The Main Indices of the Economic and Social Efficiency of the Project Index Year 1 Year 2 Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6Year 7Year 8Total Net income from sales of products, thsd. grn. 416422394268903190534138365283908541821236926 Net profit, thsd. grn. 33764059442131851412015120161911733692136 Profitability, % 8,128,635,141,341,4 41,538,9 Creating new vacancies, items 52 1 workers average monthly salary, grn. 215423052466263928233021323234592762 Payment of taxes, duties and statutory charges 341213026793064481389387908842738300

11 Indices of the Investment Efficiency of the Project Index Unit of measure Meaning Discount payback period - DPPyears 6,3 Net Present Value of the Project - NPVthsd. grn. 21 712,6 Internal rate of return - IRR% 14,4 Profitability index - PIunit 1,25

12 Thank you for attention! The Declarant/Applicant of the Project contacts: Dzhankoy region state administration Legal address of the Declarant: Ukraine, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Dzhankoy, st. Lenina, 6. Tel./fax (06564)31476 Support of the project Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Simferopol, str. Kyivskaya, 81 (0652) 27-67-10

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