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Dreaming of a White Christmas New Harmony In Snow.

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1 Dreaming of a White Christmas New Harmony In Snow

2 Husband House now the home of the Campbells

3 Tavern St. in snow

4 Lichtenberger House now Morris home

5 The 1874 school in 1910 – now Church Park Taken from the Lichtenberger House

6 1913 School in snow taken in 1918

7 Taken from Church and West

8 Fauntleroy House 1925

9 Corner of Church and Main 1905

10 Elliott house Now NHN offices.

11 WMI in snow 1917


13 Maple Hill in a blanket of white

14 Main Street 1904

15 Braving the icy weather

16 Brewery St. looking east from Church

17 Snowy Church St. looking west

18 Church St. looking west


20 Ribeyre Gym 1926

21 May all your Christmases be white

22 Shopping for that special gift Main Street long ago

23 Young ladies shopping

24 Shop the block and stop in the tavern …ca.1908 Harmonist built tavern now our movie theater

25 Everything the heart desires–note lamps in window Now Fifth Third Bank

26 Is Dad dreaming of a Studebaker Wagon For sale at the Lichtenberger Building

27 Everything for Christmas dinner and more At Percy Bennetts grocery store

28 Hurry while supplies last. Goldens store

29 New embroideries to the Queens taste At the Fords store

30 Fords Store Site of todays Ribeyre Gym

31 Let us celebrate in Harmony

32 First Community Chirstmas Tree

33 Community Chirstmas Tree New Harmony Bank and Trust opened Dec


35 O come all ye faithful

36 Methodist Church – Christmas 1903


38 Wishing you a Merry Christmas through the years

39 Greetings from 1911 WMI Vintage Card Collection

40 Holiday cheer for a penny

41 A wish for you - ca. 1935

42 and Happy New Year from the WMI

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