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Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corp

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1 Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corp
Fuel Oil Handling Systems Overview Preferred Utilities Mfg. Corp. 31-35 South Street • Danbury • CT

2 PUMC Identity Founded in 1920 and in continuous operation since then. We are an engineering - based manufacturer of combustion and fuel handling products for industrial, institutional, and commercial power plants. Our Core Business is Combustion Control.

3 PUMC Identity

4 Plant Wide Controller Hot Water Reset Application
2 to 10 Boiler Modulating Lead / Lag

5 New Plant Wide Controller (PWC)
Displays Plant Overviews Historical Trends Alarm Summary Setup

6 PCC-III™ Multiloop Controller
Third Generation Controller 12 year PCC II life with over 2000 installed 2 year PCC III life with over 300 already installed There are many digital controller manufacturers, but NONE have Preferred’s in-depth and on going combustion control experience.

7 New WN Best Combustion System
Low NOx Low Energy Consumption Burner + Controls + BMS + SCADA = Maintained Performance

8 Complete System Expertise

9 Typical Piping Arrangement
Emerg. Gen. Day Tank Vent with Rupture Basin Fill Return Supply Suction Pump Main Oil Tank

10 Fuel Fill Spill Containers Model 1 In Ground Spill Container
Drains oil spilled from delivery disconnect into storage tank Designed to handle driveway traffic Removable bellows for easy fuel testing without pavement excavation.

11 Fuel Fill Model 2 In Wall Spill Container
For indoor storage tanks with fill lines to building walls Standard models from simple box to integrated digital level display and overfill alarming We can customize many things: A bronze Model 2 was recently installed at Radio City Music Hall to contribute to the building’s décor.

12 In-Wall Fill Box with Sign

13 Typical Piping Arrangement
Emerg. Gen. Day Tank Vent with Rupture Basin Fill Return Supply Suction Pump Main Oil Tank

14 Vent Vent Caps & Bricks Standard Tank Vent Protectors for storage tanks Conform to Standards for the Installation of Oil Burning Equipment (NFPA No. 31)

15 Vent Vent Bricks provide a terminal for indoor storage tank vent lines
Standard masonry brick size Fits 2" & 3" vent lines

16 Typical Piping Arrangement
Vent Emerg. Gen. Day Tank with Rupture Basin Fill Return Supply Suction Pump Main Oil Tank

17 Anti-Syphon Valves Patented by Preferred Utilities.
UL Labeled & Listed 3 million cycles to get UL approval….

18 Anti-Syphon Valve Manifold

19 Anti-Syphon Valves Used where fuel leaks will result in fuel being syphoned into areas which can cause a dangerous and costly situation UL Labeled and listed For No. 2 through No. 6 Oils 5’, 10’, 15’ or 20” Head Selection Installed at highest point in piping

20 Fire Safety Shut-off Valves
Preferred’s Lever Gate Valve Fully mechanical Emergency fuel line shut-off is mandated by many codes Fusible links open at 165F for pipe ranges 1" - 3" Fusomatic Valve Replaceable fusible element Fusible links open at 165F, May be manually opened/closed for pipes 3/4" or 1"

21 Type 110 Fire Valve

22 Foot Valves Ensures maintenance of pump prime by preventing oil backflow into the tank when pumps are off Single Poppet 1/2” to 3” Size Double Poppet Double the protection 1-1/2” or 2” Sizes Foot Valve Extractor Fitting Easy Removal and Inspection of Foot Valve

23 Foot Valves

24 Typical Piping Arrangement
Vent Emerg. Gen. Day Tank with Rupture Basin Fill Return Supply Suction Pump Main Oil Tank

25 Relief Valves Very important for use on positive displacement pumps
Sizes for 1/2” to 3” For use with any type oil Pressure Ranges of 5-35psi, psi, psi

26 Typical Piping Arrangement
Vent Emerg. Gen. Day Tank with Rupture Basin Fill Return Supply Suction Pump Main Oil Tank

27 Fuel Components Strainers Duplex Simplex
No flow interruption for routine cleaning 90° handle movement switches baskets Handle blocks inadvertent opening of active side Sizes from 3/4" - 6" Simplex Special yoke design for quick cleaning Large basket Sizes from 1/2" - 2"

28 Pump Sets with Multiple Pumps
Multiple pumps share common suction and discharge piping Most common is duplex set two 100% pumps, one for backup control system can monitor flow, start lag pump Triplex pump sets for large plants three 50% pumps allow for one spare two 100% “winter pumps” - one 50% “summer pump”

29 Strainer Close-up

30 Pump Set Leak Detector

31 Pump Set Relief Valves

32 Flow Sensor

33 Flow Control Manifold

34 Day Tank Features Complete Tank, Rupture Basin, and Instrumentation Package Standard & Custom Sizes Standard: Gallons (UL Approved) Custom: up to 2,000 Gallons Tank/Rupture Basin Assemblies 290 Gal or Less are Doorway Accessible UL Approved Catalog 22, p16-17

35 Day Tanks Features Continued
UL Approved Available with integrated rupture basin 160% of tank capacity (200% for NYC) Includes: 4 point Level Switch, Tank Gauge, Vent Protector Fully Tested at Factory Prior to Shipment

36 Tank Gauge D3 Tank Gauge Single Tank Applications
Wire Float Available for Limited Tank Clearance Standard 4-20 mA output

37 Wire Float Level Sensor
Requires only 14 Inches of Head Room Reads tanks 36 to 145 inches Tall Buna-N Float Requires only a 4 inch 125# Flange Easy to Install and Calibrate Can Be Installed in an Empty or Full Tank Intrinsically Safe

38 Wire Float Level Sensor

39 Day Tank Level Sensor

40 Tank Gauges Digital Level Readout in Inches and Gallons
Alarm Silence, Test, and Alarm Recall Push-buttons Analog Output for Remote Display of Level Interface to Leak Detectors Displays H20 for Water Leak (Outer Wall) Displays OIL for Oil Leak (Inner Wall) Low and Overfill Alarm Relays

41 Leak Detection Factory Mutual Approved Intrinsically Safe
Monitors for both Oil and Water Three Detectors per Tank Gauge Manual Testing of Unit Completely Potted for Long Life Fail Safe Circuitry

42 Leak Sensor Test Modules

43 Interstitial Space Leak Sensor

44 Floor Leak Detector

45 Leak Sensor

46 Leak Sensor Test Module

47 Fil-A-Larm Systems Mounted at Tank Fill Point to Assist Truck Driver in Properly Filling Tank Bright Lamps Indicate When Tank Is Full Alarm Horn Sounds For No More Than 90 Sec. Alarm Test and Alarm Silence Push-buttons Available with Gallons Display

48 Fuel Components Tank Selector Valves Replaces confusing array
of hand valves Simple lever operation transfers both supply & return lines from one tank to the other Designed with no “blind spots” where flow could be blocked to or from the tanks Threaded or flanged connections available

49 Back Pressure Regulating Valves
Used in a flow loop to maintain proper pressure for burners. Type BQ for flow rates up to 390gal/hour Standard Ranges of 26-75psi or psi 1/2” Size Type V for higher flow rates Standard Range of psi 1” Size

50 Pump and Heater Sets Residual Fuel Oil Waste Liquids
Steam or Hot Water Dual Transfer Safety Heaters Single Transfer Oil Heaters Job Specific Engineering

51 Emergency Fuel Life Extension
Filtration to 2 microns Water removal Chemical treatment Automatic controls Doubles fuel life Engines start reliably

52 Filtration Sets Standard sets with options Fuel life extension

53 Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corp
For further information, contact... Preferred Utilities Mfg. Corp. 31-35 South St. • Danbury • CT T: (203) • F: (203)

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