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Thats Using Your Head! How Much of Your Brain Do You Use?

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1 Thats Using Your Head! How Much of Your Brain Do You Use?

2 Whats In Your Head? Knowledge Wisdom Prudence Understanding

3 Definitions Knowledge -raw data, information gathering, fact-finding Greek-gnosis; epignosis Source-the Bible, Fear of the Lord Pr.1:7 Passages-II Pet.1:3,5,6; 3:18; I Jn.2:3,4 We need to know the facts of the Bible, the history, the prophecies, the commands, etc.

4 Bible Passages We are renewed by it-Col.3:10 Destroyed for lack of it-Hos.4:6 Cant come to Jesus w/o it-Jn.6:44,45 Worth it all-Ph.3:8 Summary: learning the facts of the Bible which brings us into a relationship with God.

5 Definitions Wisdom -knowledge of the true nature of things, the physical and spiritual, knowledge of very diverse matters; general principles, theoretical Greek-sophia The source-Bible (Ps.119:98,99), Prayer (Jas.1:5), Counsel & Discipline (Pr.19:20) We need to see the great, sweeping principles in the Bible like Gods justice and mercy, what true love is, the nature of obedience, etc.

6 Bible Passages God has manifold wisdom-Eph.3:10 Solomon had wisdom-Mt.12:42 Joseph had wisdom-Acts 7:10 Paul prays for it-Eph.1:8,17: Col.1:9 We are to walk in wisdom-Col.4:5 Characteristics of wisdom-Jas.3:17

7 Definitions Prudence-practical wisdom Greek-phronesis While sophia concerns mans thoughts, prudence has to do with his actions Plutarch defines it as a virtue which considers what ought to be done and what ought not be done Aristotle-what is expedient in any given case

8 Bible Passages Noun is found twice-Luke 1:17; Eph.1:8 Adjective 1. One who acts on Jesus words-Mt.7:24 2. Disciples in the world-Mt.10:16 3. Virgins & oil for lamps-Mt.25:2,4,8,9 4. The unjust steward-Lk.16:8 Summary: the ability to see what needs to be done and do it in any situation.

9 Definitions Understanding-lit. a union, a bringing together Greek-sunesis The power of distinguishing between different courses of action, different values, different relationships and seeing the end of a thing Aristotle-children only love their parents when time has elapsed and they acquire understanding (sunesis)

10 Bible Passages Love God with it-Mk.12:33 Jesus had it at 12-Lk.2:47 Sergius Paulus had it-Acts 13:7 Paul had it-Eph.3:4 Col.1:9- Paul prays for it on behalf of others Brings full assurance-Col.2:2 Summary: Sees the implication of a thing and its ultimate end

11 I, wisdom, dwell with prudence, And I find knowledge and discretion. The Fully Equipped Mind Prov.8:12 Col.1:9 For this reason also, since the day we heard of it, we have not ceased to pray for you and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding,

12 Review & Summary With a working knowledge of certain facts, wisdom can see not only the physical but also the eternal realities in theory only. This prepares the way for prudence, the wisdom that can deal practically with life and choose different courses of action. Understanding can judge and test the right course of action in any given situation.

13 Illustration I may know how to swing a club, names of players, tournaments, etc. I have done research, read books, watched videos, swing dynamics I have a practical knowledge of what clubs to use; driver off the tee, PW within 100, etc. I need a greater understanding of what to do on a 300 fairway on a windy day, a 5 handicap, & a tendacy to slice. Should I have a short drive to avoid the sandtrap and an iron to the green?

14 In a Biblical Setting With the knowledge of Gods Word we can come into a relationship with Him and thus acquire wisdom, knowing the true nature of things, which can be amended by a practical wisdom, prudence, which allows us to be active for God and the sound judgment, understanding, to see what course of action will best achieve His aim.

15 Illustration I Cor.6:2-6- Going to court with saints Knowledge-would judge world, saints Wisdom-could judge smaller matters Prudence-courts for world-saints judge their own Understanding-lawsuits cause shame before the world and wrong brethren- better to be defrauded

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