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1 2009 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Junior Agricultural Mechanics – JAM Presented by: Lon R. Shell Agricultural Science & Technology Teachers Conference.

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1 1 2009 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Junior Agricultural Mechanics – JAM Presented by: Lon R. Shell Agricultural Science & Technology Teachers Conference Corpus Christi, TX July 28 - Aug 1, 2008

2 2 JUNIOR AGRICULTURAL MECHANICS - JAM 2001 JAM – First Show - 37 Chapters/Clubs, 186 projects entered –six judges 2002 JAM - First Year for Tractor Restoration 2004 JAM - First Year Scholarships were awarded 2006 JAM -157 Chapters/Clubs 2007 JAM - 180 Chapters/Clubs – Scholarship amounts and Barn Space were doubled (2008) 192 Chapters/Clubs 642 Projects incl. 66 tractors entered 44 Judges

3 3 JAM Goals The primary goals of the Junior Agricultural Mechanics Project Show are: Encourage, recognize, facilitate and reward learning and the development of skills through: The design, construction and exhibiting an agricultural mechanics project and/or Tractor Restoration. Showcase the outstanding leadership, technical abilities and accomplishments of Texas youth.

4 4 JAM Goal For example – Building and exhibiting a blue ribbon project such as a trailer or restoring a tractor to almost new condition is not the primary goal – it is the by-product or evidence of learning. Please use JAM as a teaching tool. A lot of the JAM rules and regulations are designed to help you in your teaching.

5 5 2008 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Junior Agricultural Mechanics - JAM Judges and University Student helpers

6 6 2008 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Junior Agricultural Mechanics - JAM Ag Mech Committee

7 7 2008 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Junior Agricultural Mechanics - JAM Ag Mech Committee

8 8 2008 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Junior Agricultural Mechanics - JAM Ag Mech Committee

9 9 2008 Show Success and Sadness The primary reason for our successes can be directly attributed to the outstanding work of our JAM committee with the leadership of Rick Laden and Alfred Carroll – Co-Chairs of the committee. As most of you know Mr. Carroll passed away, May 16 in Lytle. We all miss him. I want to thank all of you who wrote and called the family and expressed your condolences. They were very much appreciated. Mr. John (LJ) Anderson with Zachry has been selected to replace Alfred. LJ has worked on the committee the past few years and will make a significant contribution to our show as one of the leaders of the committee.

10 10 2009 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Junior Agricultural Mechanics - JAM Stock Show & Rodeo - President Steve Bridges

11 11 Thanks The Entire Livestock Committee Leadership continues to support JAM. Billy Schieberie, Chairman and Bill Jerman Vice Chairman. Billy Feuge – Steering Committee member. Livestock Office Staff- Yvonne Bonnie Ramirez in PT Mahoneys office has helped our committee immensely. She is probably the one you talk to when you call. Please thank these people when you see them. We could not conduct this show without their help and cooperation.

12 12 2008 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Junior Agricultural Mechanics - JAM Sweepstakes 1 st Boerne 2 nd Vega

13 13 2008 Scholarship Winners Division Winners – Reserve & Grand Champion of Show Ag Machinery & Equipment Frankston FFA – Brady Saunders Electrical Sulphur Springs FFA – Colten Froneberger Livestock Equipment Boerne FFA – Garrett Barfknecht, Keith Heye, Ty Paxton Trailers Klein Collins FFA – Trevor Kubena, Joseph Marks Tractors Decatur FFA – Rebecca Elmore, Ishley Elmore, Heather Harris, Kelsey Fincher Brazos FFA – Jordan Raska Grand Champion – Klein Collins FFA Trevor Kubena, Joseph Marks Reserve Champion – Boerne FFA Garrett Barfknecht, Keith Heye, Ty Paxton

14 14 2008 JAM Grand Champion of Show Gooseneck Stock Trailer Klein Collins FFA

15 15 2008 JAM Reserve Champion of Show Mobile Range Deer Working Station Boerne FFA

16 16 Additional Awards and Recognition In addition to Project Awards: Showmanship – See Showmanship Score Card on Shell WEB page. Criteria are also listed in Premium List. Documentation – Awards were given for outstanding Documentation in 2008. We intend to continue these awards. See criteria in Premium List and Documentation Check Sheet on Shell WEB page.

17 17 2008 First Place Documentation Award Jordan Raska – Brazos FFA

18 18 2008 JAM - Awards can be reviewed on and Shell WEB Page Shell WEB URL Or use search engine – yahoo or google and type in lon shell Shell WEB URL is provided in JAM Premium List on sarodeo WEB page. Shell WEB can also be accessed by: IMS Additional JAM Information is also on Shell WEB site

19 19 JAM Information found on Shell WEB Links Texas Transportation Codes (TxDot) and other important links ASABE Standards Make sure you are using the latest codes and standards. Additional Links (New) including - National Tractor Restoration, Trailer Statutes, John Deere H Restoration, etc Presentations 2008 Teachers Presentation for 2009 JAM (New) (I should have this this Power Point Presentation posted on WEB in next two weeks) 2008 JAM Awards Presentation (New) Judges Check Sheets Tractor Judges Restoration and Mechanical Check Sheets – these are identified in premium book (Revised) Documentation Check Sheet (Revised) Trailer Check Sheet (Revised) Criteria used to evaluate Showmanship Other Materials Donors Judging Schedule Results of 2007 JAM Survey

20 20 Shell WEB Page Links Awards Check Sheets Surveys Passwords Donors and Judging Schedule

21 21 Check Sheet used by Judges to determine Documentation Criteria are identified and explained in Premium List Trailer, Tractor and Showmanship Check sheets are also found on Shell WEB.

22 22 Documentation We will continue to recognize and reward excellent Documentation. As you know the criteria is different for Tractor documentation. We asked judges to make comments on documentation on the critique sheets they give the exhibitor after judging their projects.

23 23 Documentation Two of the most important components of Documentation are: 1. Plans (Drawings) According to surveys from judges, drawings are still lacking in many respects. Remember the plans must be complete enough that the project could be constructed from them. 2. Bill of Materials – These need to be improved also. Remember they should be complete enough that anyone could take them to town and purchase the materials directly from them. I would suggest they be done on an excel spread sheet – another good learning skill.

24 24 Suggestions - Help In slides that follow I am asking for your suggestions in a survey – questionnaire on topics for short courses to be carried out at Show. In this survey I asked if you would present a short course or recommend someone that would. In addition to a short course perhaps you or know of someone who would develop a presentation (maybe a Power Point) that I could post on my WEB page. For example Presentation could be on how to develop a Drawing or Bill of Materials.

25 25 2009 Show Changes A Consideration to Add Event We are not making many significant changes to the 2009 show from 2008. From input we have received from you teachers, exhibitors and parents, our 2008 JAM show was our best ever. We are Considering Adding an Event - Short Course - to the 2009 JAM. From Responses on our 2007 Survey, many suggested that they would be interested in attending a short course that would be conducted on Saturday while the projects were being judged. (See 2007 Survey Results on Shell WEB site.)

26 26 Short Course I am passing out a Seminar (Short Course) Questionnaire and asking that you respond and drop it in the box by the exit door as you leave. From responses to this Survey perhaps we can determine if there is enough interest to warrant conducting Short Course/s and if so what topic/s would meet the greatest interest.

27 27 Gembler Earlier Arrival Please review the 2009 JAM Premium List for additional changes found on the SA Rodeo WEB site when it is posted. Arrival Times at Gembler are 5:00 am to 12:00 noon for all projects except tractors. All projects must be checked in by 12:00 noon. Arrival Times for tractors 5:00 am to 9:00 am. All tractors must be at MAC by 9:00 am for Mechanical Evaluation, 25C.

28 28 2009 JAM Times of Events Friday, February 20 5 am – 12 am Arrive – (JAM 1-4) Check-In at Gembler Road Staging Area – All projects must be checked in by 12:00 noon. Trailers will be measured for width at Gembler 5 am – 9 am Arrive – (JAM 5) Tractor Restoration Tractors will be given priority to go to MAC - All tractors must be checked in and at MAC by 9 am 8 am – 4 pm Judge Tractor Restoration (Mechanical 25 C) Saturday, February 21 8 am - 6:00 pm Judge all Divisions Sunday, February 22 Awards – Time to be announced

29 29 2009 Show Emphasis We are emphasizing and focusing on the following in 2009 to reduce confusion and to reinforce consistency. In doing so the educational value of JAM will be enhanced. In fact you may consider some of the following for short course topics.

30 30 Overview of Special Rules identified in Premium List The following are explanations of selected new and existing Special Rules that are identified in the JAM Premium List. Please have exhibitor print out the premium book from the Rodeo WEB site They should read and study the 2009 Premium Book prior to beginning to design and build a project. This will reinforce and augment the teaching learning process.

31 31 Naming and Entering Projects Special Rule 1 in Premium List. Even thought the leader AST/CEA must enter all projects – it is the exhibitors responsibility to see that their name is spelled correctly and their project is described according to guidelines identified in Special Rule 1. Spelling and descriptions on Entry Form can influence Showmanship Award Consideration.

32 32 Review of Substitutions Special Rules identified in Premium List (Rules 9 & 10) Projects Substitutions mailed to the Livestock Office and postmarked by January 15, 2009 = No charge Project Substitutions made after January 15 must be made through livestock office = $20 Exhibitor Substitutions must be made through the Livestock Office. Substitutions will be allowed for only those reasons identified in the premium list (see Junior Livestock Show Special Rules in Premium List). 1) Other School Activity 2) Sickness 3) More than one entry showing at the same time. No exhibitor or project substitutions will be made on the exhibitor cards that have not been made first through Livestock Office.

33 33 Review of Special Rules identified in Premium List JAM Special Rule 3 - Projects Projects must be designed and constructed under the direct supervision and guidance of the CEA/AST. Because more and more of the projects are being constructed away from the school shop (home shops) it is important that AST/CEA be responsible for entering and supervising the design and construction of the project. We encourage the exhibitor to include the leaders (AST/CEA) picture in the documentation that is submitted with the project. Most pictures should have the exhibitor/s picture in them.

34 34 Review of Special Rule 17 – Safety/Transportation Mr. Charles Turner, DOT compliance officer at the show, will make all judgments regarding transportation codes as they relate to trailers and other towed vehicles. Mr. Turner has a document on Trailer Statutes found under Additional Links on my WEB page. Be sure to have your students review this. Please require your students to read and study this important rule, 17 Safety in the Premium List. You may have noticed on the Questionnaire, Texas Transportation Statutes regarding codes for trailers may be a topic of interest for a short course.

35 35 Texas DPS WEB site Specific regulations may be read and downloaded from the following WEB site. You should include the most recent copies of regulations in your documentation if exhibiting trailers. This Link for Texas Transportation Codes is found on Shell WEB site.

36 36 Special Rule 17 - Safety Transportation Agricultural Exceptions – No Agricultural Exceptions. (See Premium Book) All trailers that are towed (pulled) to the show must have license tags All towed vehicles must have safety chains Examples, section & chapter in the Transportation Codes Width (621.201) and CFR 658.15-16. See JAM special rule – safety. Lights & Reflectors (547.322, 547.323, 547.324 547.325, 547.332 ) Brakes (547.401 and 547.402) Length (621.204) Inspection (548.052)

37 37 Link found on Shell WEB Click on Chapter 621

38 38 Click on this Trailer Maximum Width

39 39 Maximum Width 102 inches Maximum Width

40 40 Texas Transportation Codes Texas Transportation Codes (Be sure you are using the latest regulations.) Texas Statutes Transportation Codes accessed from Shell WEB page are current. Trailer Widths - We will continue to evaluate trailers for the width just as we did last year. All trailers will be measured for width at Gembler prior to being released to MAC.

41 41 Safety Rule 17 Texas Transportation Codes Trailer Brakes Trailer Brakes (547.402) Any trailer with a gross weight of 4,500 pounds but not heavier than 15,000 pounds, must have brakes – if tandem they should be on rear axle. (Any trailer with two 3000 pound axles would require brakes.) There is a new Federal Law that requires brakes on both axles. I have not found it adopted by Texas at this time. We will adhere to Texas Code at this time.

42 42 Emergency Brakes Battery Powered Break-Away All trailers equipped with brakes must have a Break - Away. This includes tongue trailers. 457.405 (e) A motor vehicle used to tow a trailer, semitrailer, or pole trailer equipped with brakes shall be equipped with service brakes arranged so that, in case of a breakaway of the towed vehicle, the towing vehicle is capable of stopping by use of its service brakes.

43 43 Trailer Lighting Down load and print the Trailer Lighting Equipment Requirements from the Link provided on Shell WEB page. This Table along with Texas Statutes should be provided in Documentation with trailers.

44 44 Example of Information on Table Intermediate Side Marker Lamps or Reflectors (Area 5a or 5b) Required on trailers 30 feet or longer. Each side near center - facing sideward Yellow

45 45 Trailer Check Sheet Page 1 of Trailer Check Sheet – Identifies Summary at the top and Measurements on bottom half of sheet.

46 46 Trailer Check Sheet Light Requirements A previous Slide identified Area 5a & 5b for trailers 30 ft or longer for intermediate side markers. Judges would write Yes on line if trailer met this requirement. No if it did not.

47 47 Area 5b & 5a Link for this table on Shell WEB Can be a lamp or a reflector

48 48 Safety Rule 17 Trailer Lighting Rear Identification Lamps – are required based on width of trailer. Area 7 on table. Trailer wider than 80 inches – On the rear - center, facing rearward - horizontally spaced 150 mm (6 in.) to 300 mm (12 in.) apart. Requires three red lamp cluster, 6 to 12 inches apart.

49 49 Safety Rule 17 Reflective Tape Trailers with a WIDTH 2.032 m (80 in.) OR WIDER AND GVWR 4536 kg (10,000 lb.) OR MORE Conspicuity Treatment Side Marking Each side - facing sideward - continuous, or evenly spaced over minimum of 50% of length, starts and ends as close to the front and rear of vehicle as practicable. See Table for Options and other requirements

50 50 Area 7- Rear Cluster Lamps Area 12- Reflective Tape

51 51 Areas are Identified on Picture Reflective Tape on Sides - Area 12 Intermediate Side Markers – Area 5a & 5b Rear Cluster Lamps - Area 7 Rear Reflective Tape Areas 10 & 11

52 52 Safety Rule 17 – Wiring Harness Trailer wiring harness (lights and brakes) will be tested. Wiring harness and terminal must include a ground wire – cannot use ball hitch to complete the grounding circuit. Colors of conductors used in the wiring harness should follow Texas trailer manufacturers. * Trailer check sheet can be accessed from Shell WEB page.

53 53 Trailer Links on Shell WEB There is excellent trailer information found in Additional Links found on my WEB site. Both Quality Trailers and Redneck Trailer Supplies catalogs found here provide excellent information regarding the design and construction of trailers.

54 54 Taken from Redneck

55 55 Taken from Redneck

56 56 Taken from Quality Trailers

57 57 ASABE Standards Special Rule 18 ASABE Standards included in the Documentation must be the latest. For example: PTO standard S203.14 The most recent is FEB04. Three Point Hitch S214.12. The most recent is DEC01.

58 58 First Page of a 10 page document

59 59 Objectives for accessing ASABE on the WEB A primary objective in addition to obtaining the information found in the ASABE Standards is to encourage students to become acquainted with professional organizations such as the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). Another objective is to enhance a students ability to search for answers to questions on the Internet. Students may be asked questions from the standards. For example what is used to assign sizes of 3-point hitchs?

60 60 Hitch Categories - S217 ASABE Document Another teaching opportunity would be to show how to convert kW to HP [ 746 W = 1 HP (or) 0.764 kW = 1 HP ] For example 48/.746 = 64 HP a Category 1 or 2 Tractor You will notice some overlaps in PTO power for determining Category

61 61 Three Point Hitch S217 Dimensions are in SI units. To Convert see link on Shell WEB

62 62 Accessing ASABE on the WEB Only passwords for August through December of 2008 are given. It is assumed that students will need this information in the early stages of designing and building the projects. Standards are updated periodically – be sure to include the latest in your documentation. Again, students should study Documents. Judges may ask questions regarding PTO - 540/1000, Three Point Hitch category types, mast heights, pin diameters, etc.

63 63 Instructions for Obtaining Standards and Accessing ASABE Students may wish to join the ASABE as a student member $19.00. Contact ASABE for benefits – free access to all ASAE materials and subscription to Resource magazine for example. Student/Chapter may want to purchase a Standards book for $30.00 Student/Chapter can purchase one year old Standards for $15.00

64 64 Accessing Standards on Internet Using ASABE Passwords You will need to have Acrobat reader (preferably version 7 or later) to download PDF. Acrobat reader is free and you can automatically install it on your computer by clicking on icon when prompted. The next few slides give examples of how to download the PTO and Three Point Hitch Documents; but remember, to augment learning you may ask students to search for other ASABE documents on other subjects.

65 65 ASABE Standards Access 2008 Month Passwords when prompted for Member Number. August – silo September – barn October – runoff November – erosion December – global Enter 2008 when prompted for Password (I know the term password is confusing.) Please do not call ASABE for passwords There are no passwords for Jan. and Feb 2009. It is assumed that all design work and drawings have been completed prior to Jan. Students may access and print the ASABE Standards and other materials including Journal Articles found on the WEB. I would suggest that you print 58 - 63 slides and have them review when accessing ASABE materials.

66 66 Accessing the ASAE data base using password. 1.Access Homepage of ASABE using URL - - Do not Login at this time. 2.From the Homepage - click on Technical LibraryTechnical Library Change Category to Standards You can search by –Document Number, Title, Authors, Keywords etc. For Example, two Document Numbers and Titles are: S203 – Title: Front and Rear Power Take-Off for Agricultural Tractors S217 – Title: Three-Point Free -Link Attachment for Hitching Implements to Agricultural Wheel Tractors To search by Number or Title – check that box and enter corresponding Number or Title of document. Click on GO to search for document.

67 67 ASABE Homepage Do Not Login at this time Click on Technical Library

68 68 After Standards, Document Number and 203 have been entered, then click on Remember if you do not know Document Number it can be searched for other ways – see above. GO To Select PTO Document - 203

69 69 ASABE Click on Title

70 70 ASABE Click on PDF– The next screen will ask you to log in.

71 71 Review of using password. 3.The document Tile is displayed - Click on Download PDF -Download PDF 4.The Underlined Title of the Standard will be reappear, Abstract Click on it.Abstract 5.You will be asked to Login to ASABE Technical Library Login – Un-Check the box - Remember me - on this Computer (Note: the month password is actually your Member Number )Login Enter the correct month password on the Member Number Line (Do not use M as instructed) Enter the year - 2008 on the Password Line Click Login 6.The Document should appear – ready for you to Print. 7.If your Login does not work you may need to delete cookies then try again. To delete Cookies when on Internet go to Tools/Internet Options and click on Delete Cookies button. You will be asked to OK deleting all Temporary Internet Cookies. Call or e-mail me if you continue to have problem.

72 72 Cover Sheet of PTO Standard - 4 Pages

73 73 ASABE Passwords ASABE has been kind enough to Texas in the past four years to provide us with these passwords allowing our students to access their extensive materials. They do not extend this same privilege to other states. Please do not call ASABE for access to 2009 months.

74 74 Responsibility It is the CEA/AST leaders and exhibitors responsibility to research Special Rules in the Show Premium Book. It is also leader/exhibitor responsibility to research codes and standards identified in the premium book regarding TxDOT and ASABE. This, again, is part of the teaching/learning process.

75 75 Division 5 – Tractor Restoration Division Champion Decatur FFA – Rebecca Elmore, Ishley Elmore, Heather Harris and Kelsey Fincher JD 2510 High Clearance, 1966

76 76 Tractor Restoration Serial Numbers (SN) of tractor must be included in the Description. Class 53 will include tractors from 1961 to 1990 (Was 1980). Drip pans are not required when tractors are being judged or on display for the public. They are required at night when tractors are not being judged. Trailer Check Sheets have been revised – please review them on my WEB site.

77 77 2007 SA JAM - Review of URLs Shell WEB page – / / San Antonio Livestock Show ASABE - Standards Texas Transportation Codes Trailers: Federal Lighting Equipment Location Requirements. (Trailer Poster Table)

78 78 Other changes There may be other changes to the 2009 SA JAM Project show. Be sure to look up these new procedures and rules by accessing the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo 2009 Premium Book on the WEB. That address is: Point to Livestock Show then click on Premium Book in dropdown window.Livestock Show Then scroll down to Junior Agricultural Mechanics and click on it.

79 79 Accessing this presentation for review. This Power Point presentation is posted on my WEB site for you to access at any time. If for some reason you cannot access it, e-mail me and I will help you download it. I have added Additional Links to my WEB site. - links to trailer and tractor information along with the National AgMech CDE WEB site. My e-mail address is: I have retired but you can get me on home phone (512) 353-7648 I still judge project shows – please contact me by phone or e-mail if you need a judge.

80 80 Suggestions for SA Project Show We invite your suggestions and comments regarding how to make JAM even better. What you like about the show. For Example: how do you feel about using Gift Cards for Awards? What you would like to see added or changed. For Example: What about JAM sponsoring Career Events? Should we add additional Classes of Projects – if so what?

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