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Compare and Contrast By: Brian C. Bradshaw

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1 Compare and Contrast By: Brian C. Bradshaw
compare contrast - girls think

2 What does it mean to compare?
When we compare things, we look at the similarities between them. The question we ask is, “How are these items (people) similar to each other?” compare contrast - girls think

3 What does it mean to contrast?
When we contrast things, we are looking for the differences between things. The question we ask is, “How are these things (people) different?” compare contrast - girls think

4 What does it mean to compare and contrast?
To compare and contrast means that we are looking for the similarities and differences between things. We ask ourselves, “How are these things (people) similar and how are they different?” compare contrast - girls think

5 Thomas Edison was a famous inventor
Thomas Edison was a famous inventor. Among his many inventions were electric lighting and the phonograph. Both of these inventions quickly became household items. No longer would people have to use kerosene lamps or candles to light their houses at night. People still use electric lighting and light bulbs today. Phonographs became very popular, too. People enjoyed listening to music in their homes. Phonographs are not used much today. Most people now use tape recorders and CD players in their homes. compare contrast - girls think

6 invented by Thomas Edison
Electric Lighting Similarities Phonographs invented by Thomas Edison use electricity became household items used for enjoyment play music not used much today light houses at night still used today compare contrast - girls think

7 Why is compare and contrast used?
Compare and contrast is used in informational text to help the reader better understand how things can be the same or different. It is used to help explain something that the reader may not know about by using things that the reader should be familiar with. compare contrast - girls think

8 Comparison in “Girls Think of Everything”
Each inventor: identified a problem looked at it critically persisted in figuring out a solution compare contrast - girls think

9 Contrasts in “Girls Think of Everything”
The contrasts in “Girls Think of Everything” show how life changed after each invention. The girls went about creating their inventions in different ways. compare contrast - girls think

10 Look at this contrast from the section: “Mary Anderson: Windshield Wipers.”
Before Windshield Wipers were invented After Windshield Wipers were invented How cars were designed Cars had a split windshield with a middle that could be opened. It didn’t work well because it let in cold air and snow. Cars had a lever on the inside that moved an arm on the outside to swipe off the snow. Driving in bad weather was much safer. compare contrast - girls think

11 If you invented a new product, would you name it after a company that already exists? Hugh Moore and Walter Morrison invented products that you probably know. In 1908, Moore convinced a wealthy businessman to manufacture paper drinking cups. Previously, people had used unsanitary public dipping thins to get water. Moore named the product after the Dixie Doll Company, a company in the building where he worked. In 1948, Walter Morrison learned that students on college campuses were playing with metal pie tins from a local bakery called the Frisbie Baking Company. Morrison created a plastic version of the toy, but he was not successful in selling it. Years later, two men bought Morrison’s invention and named after the bakery. compare contrast - girls think

12 How are the inventions similar?
The same person invented them. They were invented in the same year. They were used for the same purpose. They were both named after existing companies. compare contrast - girls think

13 Which statement shows a contrast in the passage?
A businessman made paper cups. Before paper cups were invented, people used unsanitary dipping tins. Morrison could not sell his plastic toy. Drinking cups can be paper or plastic. compare contrast - girls think

14 What is comparing? Finding the similarities between two or more things. compare contrast - girls think

15 What is contrasting? Finding the differences between two or more things. compare contrast - girls think

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