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1 COMPREHENSIVE ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM Prepared by: Engr. JOCK PARBA, ECE California Electronics

2 CALIFORNIA Electronics No. 2 Ace Street, Dona Maria Village 2, Punta Cebu City, Phil 6000 Tel 032-2620343 Fax 032-2617949 Cp 0919-4403389 Email:

3 GREEN is IN Green refers to climate friendly products. Global Warming is mankinds biggest threat.


5 WHY THE IMMEDIATE NEED TO SAVE ENERGY? Energy is very expensive and rising fast. Oil is now more $100 per barrel! Saving energy saves the Earth. Less energy usage means less CO 2 trapped in the atmosphere thereby reducing Global Warming.


7 Global Warming & Climate Change Due to trapped CO 2 in the atmosphere (thicker) the balance of nature is greatly altered resulting in more frequent and stronger hurricanes, flooding, heat waves, drought. Power plants emit a lot of CO 2. Al Gore won an Oscar for his film An Inconvenient Truth in 2006. In 2007 he won the Nobel Peace Prize. Lately, UN predicts that by year 2020 millions will be affected due to rise in water level, temperature.

8 Savings is a Government Policy Awards and recognitions are given to organizations and products that contribute to huge savings. 100% legal – approved by the Governments worldwide. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the US employ 17,000 staff. Canadian, Ireland, Australia, Japan, UK and others have created their own Green agencies. Our UK-based partner won this type of award in 2006 and in 2007 from Hongkong Govt.


10 4-step Approach to Save Energy Monitoring & Targeting (M & T) Staff Awareness Hardware Implementation Measurement & Verification (M & V)

11 Monitoring & Targeting (M & T) Staff Awareness Hardware Implementation Measurement & Verification (M & V) 1st STEP IN THE SAVING PROCESS

12 About M & T…. First used by the British in the 1980s and now is widely accepted worldwide as the first step to a truly workable power-saving system. Without M & T there will never be an accurate solution, just as ex-CEO of General Electric Jack Welch says if you cannot measure performance, you cannot manage and improve it. Who is Jack Welch? Hes arguably the best CEO in this century. Transformed GE from $14B to a $410B company in 20 years!

13 Why Monitoring & Targeting? Electricity is Invisible -its hard to track something you cant see Wasted Energy hurts your business -Wasted energy turns into heat, vibration and noise which threaten the safety, comfort and smooth running of your facility. People are wasting energy -Equipment uses energy, but people use equipment. Unfortunately not all is aware or not cooperative.

14 M & T Implementation Use of modern accurate KWH sensors, wired or wireless. Use of energy software to monitor and record actual energy usage in hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly even yearly format. Web-based software enables owners, financial controllers and energy consultants to monitor online the actual energy usage. Alarms can be set if desired to notify immediately concerned parties once actual usage exceeds limits. Logs can be used to compare savings, compliance (or non-compliance), incentives, disciplinary actions or track poorly-maintained equipment

15 System Architecture Data Logger(s) Metering: Wired or Wireless Facility Measurement: Energy Usage Optional Electric and Mechanical Submetering Local Alarms Optional Power Quality Monitoring Web-based Energy Software Data Acquisition Software & Management Data Visualization Management Cost Reporting Access Database Real Time Data Display Local Alarm Display California Electronics Remote PC Facility Workstation Facility Manager Lan Client Finance Manager Lan Client RS232, RS485, Ethernet, or Telecom Ethernet Alternate

16 Power Quality Analysis Simple add-on module allows power quality analysis on such variables as: Phase Voltage Phase Amps Power Factor Harmonics Voltage sags, dips and spikes caused by utility

17 Installation Example (Mall)

18 Video of Wirelesss Energy Meter

19 Why should we be interested? SAMPLE ENERGY GRAPH TAKEN HOURLY BASIS


21 Staff Awareness Hardware Implementation Measurement & Verification (M & V) 2 ND STEP IN THE SAVING PROCESS

22 Why Staff Awareness? Not everybody is aware of the effects of global warming or climate change. Not everybody is willing to cooperate. Not everybody is aware that if everybody cooperates, high savings of 5-15%. Ex: If your company spends P2M a month for power, staff cooperation (w/o hardware implementation) saves P100,00 to P300,000 a month and each month thereafter.

23 How To Create Awareness? Through in-house seminars about global warming and the need to save the Earth. Forming Energy Circles or adding Enercon topic in every QC team. Posters, banners at conspicuous places Incentives for team players. Re-education or disciplinary actions for non-cooperative members. Counter-checking through the sensors and monitoring software.

24 Awareness Counter-Checking. Again energy graph is the key!

25 Hardware Implementation Measurement & Verification (M & V) 3 RD STEP IN THE SAVING PROCESS

26 Why Hardware Implementation? Some clients easily forgets or non- cooperative. Most electrical products are not very efficient. Usually savings through staff awareness alone is not enough. Save another 15-25% off your monthly bills by using tested and guaranteed products.

27 Hotel Savers & Door Access Simplest Energy Savers: Client or staff will be forced to save.

28 Inefficiencies of Equipment… LIGHTING Incandescent bulbs efficiency is about 10% only, 90% is wasted as heat. Metal halide and flourescent lamps though more efficient still leave a lot to be desired. Using electronic ballasts, dimmable flourescent ballasts coupled with occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting can save the company up to 50% on lighting costs.

29 Daylight Harvesting When there is enough ambient light in a room coming from the sun, the florescent lights will be dimmed automatically and proportionally to the amount of ambient light. Ex. If sunlight is enough to supply 60% of the rooms lighting needs, then the FL lamps will be lit to only 40%. Big savings! Photo sensors are used to detect the amount of ambient sunlight and simple controllers will dim FL lights.

30 AIR CONDITIONING In tropical countries like the Philippines, huge amount of money is spent on air-conditioning. Due to inherent inefficiency of AC units and design overcapacity, up to 30% can be saved by using an intelligent AC controller.

31 AES – Aircon Energy Saver 20-40% Saving on Aircons of any size.

32 World-class and Award Winner AES

33 Mixed-Load Savers

34 Ref/ Freezer Turn the power off and connect the Power Saving Appliance in parallel matching the wires AC Lighting Motors KWH meter Mixed-Load Saver Breaker

35 Motors & Controls Almost 50% of the worlds energy output is consumed by motors: AC, lifts, fans, etc Motor savers removed spikes and harmonics of the incoming power. A constant and smooth input voltage results in big savings in the motor. Motor savers can extend equipment life, reducing maintenance costs.

36 LED Street & Perimeter Lamps 80% savings vs HID lamps. Last 10-12 years

37 LED vs Ordinary Lights Runs cooler, you save on airconditioning No warm-up time (HID about 10 mins), suitable for motion-activation. Wide input voltage range: 85-264 vac or 12-24 v ac/dc Very long life: 10-12 years Saves 80% off conventional street lighting Costs about 10-12 times but most economical to use due to low energy and very long life.

38 New!! LED T8 or T5 Direct Replacement 75-80% Savings compared to conventional FL. 50,000 burning hours vs 3,000-5,000 conventional.

39 Solar Street Lighting Solar Street Lighting Solar panels lasts 15-20 years LED lamp 10-12 years Battery life 3- 4 years


41 Recap Energy Saving Products Aircon Savers – saves up to 30% Motor Savers – saves up to 15-25% Dimmable flourescent ballasts. Dimming via occupancy sensors or daylight harvesting. Saving is from 10-60% LED or light-emitting-diode lamps – Saves 80% Solar panels – goodbye Veco on sunny days.

42 Measurement & Verification (M & V) 4TH STEP

43 Why Measurement & Verification? Confirms the actual savings People tend to forget and deviate from established rules. Machineries may breakdown and contribute to wasted energy. Loads are added or removed from time to time. Sustained energy saving.

44 THREATS TO BUSINESS WHO IS NOT GREEN Competitors would have the greater advantage. Low staff morale, ie. Lower salaries, etc. Big maintenance costs. Wasting big money which is better spent somewhere else. Increases Global Warming.

45 COMPLETE Package Includes MONITORING & TARGETING Sensors, dataloggers, software & PC STAFF AWARENESS Seminars, posters, performance monitoring, incentive program, periodic evaluation HARDWARE IMPLEMENTATION Intelligent lighting, int motor controls, Aircon & Ref Savers, LED lamps and solar lighting panels MEASUREMENT & VERIFICATION (2 yrs) Online realtime M&T, periodic reporting, alarm notifications and continuous recommendations

46 Whats Not Included Hardware external to the savers. Ex. Motors, flourescent tubes, lamp fixtures, compressors, etc. Wires and rewiring labor. Repairs of equipment. However if theres any equipment fault caused by the savers, we shoulder the repair provided that its 100% proven caused by us. So far not a single instance before that our savers damaged any equipment.

47 EXTENDED WARRANTIES EXTENDED WARRANTIES After the 2 nd year, warranty can be extended if desired. 3 rd year- pay only 10% of the annual savings. Example: If annual savings is 10M, you pay only P1M for the 3 rd year for full coverage. 4 th year – pay only 20% of the annual savings for full coverage. A first in the industry.

48 Two Payment Options FULL PAYMENT - 5% off regular price - covered by surety bonds PAY AS YOU SAVE – 1 year to pay. - initial payment equivalent to 4 months savings based on 20% reduction. After the initial payment, client will pay monthly for 8 months. - next payment is after the 4 th month - service charge of 10% per annum.

49 PAY AS YOU SAVE EXAMPLE A client is currently paying Veco P10M/mo. Monthly savings based on 20% is P2M. Total investment of 20M (10 months x P2M) Downpayment for system is 4x2M = P8M Balance payable in 8 months is 12M Monthly installment starting the 5 th month till the 12 th month is 12M/8 = P1.5M 10% service charge per annum added to total. Save: Pay FULL and get 5% off total


51 Risk-Free (minimal) Risk-Free (minimal) About Us…. California Electronics is a 7-year old trend-setting firm. First to introduce Digital CCTV to Cebu in 2003. Award-winning company: 2006 Best CCTV company in Metro Cebu. Designed and installed the all-electronic jail locking system at CPDRC. Gained the confidence of topnotch Cebu clients including Shangri-la, Marriott, Petron, Pepsi and Ayala Corp. First in the country to introduce a Comprehesive Proven Energy-Saving system.

52 About Our Partners & Products… Award-winning products from the UK Reliable and professional suppliers proven through years of outstanding service worldwide. CE, ISO, UL certified products 2 years standard warranty on all products, extended warranty available. Value for money. Payback typically is just 9-12 months!

53 How Much the Investment? Total cost varies for each client but a ballpark figure of 9-12 times the monthly savings based on a conservative 20% estimate. Ex. Present monthly bill is P5M, 20% savings is P1M. So total investment is from P9M to P12M. Typically, the total investment is recoup between 9-12 months. A very high ROI indeed. Example: Company ABC pays P5M a month before. By investing P10M (equivalent to 10 months of savings based on a 20% conservative savings), this company will save in 2 & 3yrs…

54 Monthly Bill before Mr Green Monthly Proj Savings (20%) Gross Savings in 1 yr Mr. Green Investment Net Savings, 1 Yr P5MP1MP12MP10MP2M Gross Savings in 2 years Maint Cost In 2 yrs Net Savings 2 years Gross Savings in 3 years Net Savings, 3 years P24M0P14MP36MP26M- P1M*= P25M * P1M – maint cost 3 rd year

55 OUR GUARANTEE Savings of no less than 7%. If savings is less than 7% then we will makeup the difference. Example: If actual savings is only 5%, we will refund the client 2%. Provisions apply, ie. Covers only areas where our system is implemented. First and the only one in the Philippines.

56 Procrastination Means Waste of Money. If You Dont Take Action NOW, Your Competitor Will Have an Advantage.

57 HOW TO GET STARTED Email us at or contact us at 032-2620343, 2617949 Before the appointment, please prepare the following: –Complete listing of equipment used in the plants: Aircon, motors, escalators, lighting, etc. Must be complete with make, model, capacity, voltage and power input. –Electrical diagrams. –3 months latest power bill. Data will be used in the design of your plants Green system.

58 CALIFORNIA Electronics No. 2 Ace Street, Dona Maria Village 2, Punta Cebu City, Phil 6000 Tel 032-2620343 Fax 032-2617949 Cp 0919-4403389 Email:

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