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Preston Park Primary School CLLICT Presentation Our CLLICT Journey Jenni Hume Kerry McFarlane.

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1 Preston Park Primary School CLLICT Presentation Our CLLICT Journey Jenni Hume Kerry McFarlane

2 Starting the Journey Our aims were to: Target a small group of children who have English as an additional language. Use ICT equipment outdoors to improve the development of their communication skills. What we did: Adults observed and monitored the progress of the target children. Planned for the effective use of the ICT equipment. Recorded the childrens progress by developing profiles. Liaised with parents about their childrens progress e.g. outdoor documentation display.

3 Nurserys Journey Nursery pmNursery am

4 Sharing the journey! Noor is talking on the phone to her Dad in Kurdish. Noors Dad replied in Kurdish on the outdoor display. Chawani to galak bashi How are you? Youre a good girl. Ello! Baba Meeting with the parents to tell them about the exciting new project we will be doing with their children.

5 Planned Nursery Topics Our main topic was on Pets/Animals Visit to the animals: chickens, rabbits & goats A trip to the Vets using ICT equipment Read The Three Billy Goat Gruff Story Role-play the book using the ICT equipment Visit to the goats to enact the story Create a display on the story

6 Small steps


8 Big strides Urhhhhh Urhhhh! Tinkle, tinkle, little star Me and friend Amma, Amma

9 Trip, trap, trip, trap! Racing ahead The children are playing in a group. They are using the Bee-bots and voice changers to act out The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

10 … the winners!

11 Receptions Journey… Children from Reception

12 …trudging along We will turn the equipment off. If it doesnt work we will put it in the battery box. We can share the equipment with our friends. We will treat the toys nicely. Rules

13 …spinning and turning Childs play

14 What next??? o Talking partners o Writing partners o Racing bee-bots o Head-lamps in dark spaces o Karaoke challenge

15 Bisheshs Journey I like to play with my Bee- bot alone. Ill stand back and watch these boys play. Look at us all playing together!

16 Ghanshyams Journey I love my new toy! I like to video the buildings And now I like to video my friends

17 Mohammeds Journey Im an ICT expert! Ill show you how to work the camera! Say cheese!

18 Ghanshyams Journey

19 Mohammeds Journey

20 Evaluation of ICT Equipment WinnersLosers Karaoke Machine Clear/White Mats Voice Changer Traffic light Play phone Bee Bots Camera I-Bugs Sing along CD player Talktime postcards Walkies Talkies Batteries Headsets Echo bot Torches

21 The Impact of our Journey Staff gained confidence in ICT, whilst the project gave others time to focus on childrens needs. Staff learnt from each other and used each others skills and experiences. Staff had shared aims and worked together as a team to have a successful outcome. The effective use of ICT equipment is now embedded in the planning to insure it has a purpose Through documenting the childrens progress in the outdoor environment, the teachers and parents have become partners in the childrens learning Children have gained confidence especially in Communication, Language and Literacy and the use of ICT equipment. However, it has had an impact across all the areas

22 Where to next? To show the presentation to parents at the induction meeting To continue the project in Early years and extend the use of ICT equipment to year 1 To promote the CLLICT project to the staff and parents on the school website To develop a documentation wall starting at the beginning of the year showing childrens` progress To encourage parents to involve their children with ICT tasks using Fronter To trial the use of PDAs for assessment in Early years

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