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High Speed, Full-Spectrum Spinning-disk Confocal.

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1 High Speed, Full-Spectrum Spinning-disk Confocal

2 Principle of Confocal Microscopy

3 Multi point scanning; 1000 beams of light at any given time Scans 1000 times per second Two (or more) available pinhole aperture (40μm,70 μm or custom) Advantages: Real time confocal; high speed; full spectrum; less phototoxicity The Nipkow Disk x-y Resolution Pin-hole diameter

4 Non Confocal Confocal Mouse intestine Cytox green Nucleus/ Alexa568 Nematode embryo GFP- Tubulin Max. projection Widefield vs Confocal

5 3D Reconstruction Confocal 3D reconstruction of GFP tagged membrane receptor in Agrobacterium tumefaciens leaves with CARV LX spinning disk system by Crest. Courtesy of Prof. Giulia De Lorenzo, Università "La Sapienza" di Rome, Italy.

6 Nikon TiS, TE 200/300/ 2000 Olympus IX and IX 2 series Zeiss Axiovert 200, Axio Examiner, Axio Observer Leica Convert your existing inverted microscope to a confocal imager: Stand-alone Confocal head FRAP MODULE: Built-in FRAP mirrors and aperture for CrEST FRAP module or existing customer FRAP system

7 Lasers LEDs Liquid lightguide coupled lamps (Mercury, Xenon, etc) Supported lightsouces:

8 Scans the whole sample simultaneously allowing fast image acquisition in real time high speed ion imaging Application specific CCD camera can produce high resolution images and image capture speeds up-to 150 fps (10k rpm) CCD camera as a detector instead of a PMT (high quantum efficiency, high dynamic range) Low intensity high frequency scanning together with high QE CCDs reduces photobleaching high speed live cells imaging Full spectrum confocal Advantages of the spinning disk confocal DAPI-GFP-TRITC color combine 10ms exposure-time confocal image

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