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Circuit Diagrams Basic Electricity

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1 Circuit Diagrams Basic Electricity
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2 Circuit Diagrams We do not normally draw the equipment but use symbols as a kind of shorthand. (Write the heading Circuit Diagrams in your exercise book.)

3 Components and their Symbols
In you exercise book: copy the heading write the name of each component draw its symbol copy the information about the component.

4 Components and their Symbols
Cell A cell produces or stores electricity. Free electrons are produced by a chemical reaction between differing materials.

5 Components and their Symbols
Battery Several cells joined together in series.

6 Components and their Symbols
Lamp A lamp contains a very thin wire (the filament) usually made of tungsten. The current passing through the filament causes it to get hot and glow.

7 Components and their Symbols
Switch A device used in a circuit to turn the flow of energy on or off.

8 Components and their Symbols
Ammeter A An instrument for measuring current or flow of electrons in a circuit. The unit used is the ampere (A).

9 Components and their Symbols
Voltmeter V An instrument for measuring the potential difference (or energy change) between two points in a circuit. The unit used is the volt (V).

10 Components and their Symbols
Resistor A resistor is any material which is neither a good conductor of electricity nor an insulator. Resistors are important for varying the current in circuits.

11 Components and their Symbols
Rheostat A resistor whose value can be altered by adjusting the length of wire that carries the current.

12 Rules for drawing circuit diagrams. (Copy these into you exercise book)
Correct symbols must be used Ruled straight lines for wires No gaps / breaks in lines Diagrams should be large Click when you have finished.

13 Draw this circuit diagram.
Components a cell two lamp ammeter Click to next page for the correct answer

14 Answer A

15 Draw this circuit diagram.
Components a cell a lamp voltmeter across the lamp rheostat (variable resistor) Click to next page to view the correct answer

16 Answer V

17 Draw this circuit diagram.
Components three cells two lamps a switch ammeter Click to next page to view the correct answer voltmeter across one lamp

18 Answer A V

19 Draw a circuit that contains:
a battery an ammeter a lamp a switch all joined in series. Draw a voltmeter joined across the lamp.

20 battery ammeter + - - + A lamp switch V - + voltmeter

21 Revision - Symbols Ammeter Cell Battery Voltmeter Lamp Resistor Switch

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