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The Ultimate White Light

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2 The Ultimate White Light
90+ CRI Nominal CCT of 5000K The Ultimate White Light

3 Benefits Bring Daylight Indoors!

4 Features • High CRI 90+ • High CCT 5000K • Full Spectrum
• The Color of Natural Sunlight!

5 Benefits Objects appear as they would outdoors Blues are true blue
Whites are whiter Reds are more vibrant

6 Full Spectrum Spectral emission in all parts of the visible spectrum and in the near UV CCT of 5000K CRI of 90+ Natural White lamps are a full spectrum product!

7 Light output in all parts of visual spectrum
Natural White Daylight at 5000K Light output in all parts of visual spectrum

8 High CCT Color Temperature Name CCT Range Description
“27K” K Very Warm...incandescent color (2750K)…only available in a coated version “3K” K Warm…close to halogen lamp color (clear 3200K, coated-3000K) “4K” K Neutral…close to fluorescent or mercury “cool white”(clear-4000K, coated-3700K) “5K” 5000K Daylight…close to color of the sun. Often called a “full spectrum” source “6K” 6500K Daylight…close to average outdoor sky color “10K” 10,000K Blue-White…close to clear blue sky color….for aquarium lighting

9 What is CRI? Color Rendering Index
A numeric indication of a lamp’s ability to render individual colors accurately relative to a standard CRI value is derived from a comparison of the lamp’s spectral distribution to the standard at the same color temperature

10 Features • Uni-Form pulse start technology - Uni-Form arc tube - Weldless mount - UV Shield shroud • Opti-Wave ballast technology

11 Workspaces and areas look brighter
Tasks, such as reading, become easier to perform More lamps operating to rated life Increased lumen maintenance

12 • More consistent color from lamp to lamp
20,000 • More consistent color from lamp to lamp A regular benefit of

13 A regular benefit of • Twice as fast as ceramic metal halide • Don't be left in the dark!

14 Lasts longer than standard metal halide or ceramic metal halide
A regular benefit of Rated life hours Fewer failures 70% survival at end of rated life

15 Weldless Construction
• Elimination of #1 cause of Failure Mode • Most Durable HID Lamp Available - Shipping - Vibration • More Consistent LCL A regular benefit of

16 ANSI type-O rating Complies with 2005 NEC
Operate continuously without weekly shut-downs Protect merchandise and signage from fading Blocks nearly all the damaging ultraviolet light A regular benefit of

17 Improved lamp lumen maintenance (90%)
Improved ballast efficiency Lower audible ballast noise “One Call” Warranty A regular benefit of

18 Benefits and Features Overview

19 Photopic lumens (day time)
• Published lumen ratings • Light measurement based on daytime observations Scotopic lumens (nighttime) • Lumen measurements corrected for nighttime vision S/P Ratio • The ratio of light measured by the photopic and scotopic methods

20 S/P Ratio Comparisons for Outdoor Lighting
• The S/P Ratio of 5000K daylight light sources is 2.1 • The S/P Ratio of 4000K light sources is 1.65 • The S/P Ratio of 3000K light sources is 1.4 • The S/P Ratio for yellow HPS light sources is 0.64

21 What Does the S/P Ratio Tell Us about Outdoor Lighting?
• Lamps with high S/P ratios (high scotopic content) improve one’s ability to see outdoors. • A 4000K light source is at least twice as effective for viewing at night as HPS sources. Similarly, a 5000K light source is more than 3 times as effective as HPS sources.

22 What Does the S/P Ratio Tell Us about Indoor Lighting?
• Lamps with high S/P ratios (high scotopic content) improve one’s ability to see indoors. • Human studies have shown that the S/P values, though previously applicable to only nighttime conditions, can be used to describe the "effective lumens" of indoor lighting as well. • Example: If two rooms are lit separately with 4000K and 5000K lamps to equal photopic luminance, the 5000K room will appear at least 13% brighter.

23 What are “Effective Lumens”?
• As defined by Dr. Ian Lewin, the term “effective lumens” describes the modified lumen output of a lamp, taking into account the shifting color sensitivity of the eye at low light levels. • The Effective Lumen rating reflects the lumen rating of Natural White lamps is given relative to 4000K lamps. The formula used to determine this rating indoors is (S/P)0.5. This provides the end user, lighting designer or contractor with an accurate comparison of traditional 4000K lamps to 5000K lamps.

24 How does this relate to Natural White?
With a high S/P ratio of 2.1, Natural White lamps provide customers with an: • Improved ability to see indoors • Improved nighttime vision This makes Natural White an excellent product for either indoor or outdoor lighting applications. Combined with high CRI and high CCT, the Natural White lamp/ballast system features superior color rendering, as well as all the benefits of Uni-Form arc tube and Opti-Wave ballast technology.

25 Watts Lamp Description
310 MP 310W/BU/ED37/UVS/PS/950 310 MP 310W/C/BU/ED37/UVS/PS/950 340 MP 340W/BU/ELAMP/PS/950 340 MP 340W/C/BU/ELAMP/PS/950 375 MP 375W/BU/UVS/PS/950 375 MP 375W/C/BU/UVS/PS/950 775 MP 775W/BU/PS/950

26 High CRI High CCT Compact fluorescent Ceramic metal halide • 3500K
Uni-Form® Natural White™ • 5000K • 90+ CRI

27 Available in these wattages:
310W (Available Now) 375W (Available Now) 340W e-Lamp™ (Available in 2005) 775W (Available in 2005)








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