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1 POLLUX LIGHTING INC. NINGBO, CHINA Information on Ballast, Lamps, Fixtures and Work Lights as presented to ESAPCO/FARMTEK

2 Personal Information: Bob Morrison retired from Keene WideLite, a division of Genlyte Corp. after 35 years as their Purchasing Manager and Materials Manager now the V.P. Business North America for Pollux Lighting Inc.

3 Pollux Lighting Pollux has been in business since 2000 selling into the European & Asian markets extensive knowledge of the HID business to grow they need a North American presence

4 Brief History ESAPCO/Farmtek is one of the first North American clients increased our North American customer base working on several other opportunities China - reputation for years of supplying cheap & copied products products have improved drastically in quality, design & pricing lighting fixtures being produced in over 1000 lighting plants throughout China

5 BRIEF HISTORY to do business in North America there are approvals that must be received & maintained such as UL/CUL Pollux products carry this approval We can also obtain approvals, if necessary, on proprietary products Chinese made products must meet the same criteria that are required of North American manufacturers Pollux is also an ISO certified manufacturer

6 BALLASTS! What are they? What is Ballast construction? Where are they used? What types are there? What types run what lamps? What is Ballast life? Ballast protection & any other issues

7 BALLASTS - Construction WHAT ARE THEY: ballasts are transformers! Youve all seen large metal cases on Hydro poles in your hometown area & these are large ballasts. They convert the current from the power source & control its output to the lamps or lines. The names ballast, transformers & coil & cores are used in the lighting industry but all refer to the major electrical component of any HID (high intensity discharge) lighting fixture

8 BALLASTS - Construction WHAT ARE THEY: predominantly copper wire windings incorporated into a set of laminations, stamped from electrical steel welded into a specific shape vacuum impregnated with a varnish to reduce noise and to help dissipate the heat it is matched, where necessary, to a rated capacitor and/or a starter

9 BALLASTS - Usage WHERE ARE THEY USED : ballasts are used to run all fluorescent & HID lighting fixtures fluorescent ballasts mounted in the fixture itself HID units can be mounted inside the fixture, integral, in a separate ballast enclosure or remote mounted HI-Bay fixtures have the ballast in a separate ballast box or housing wall mount or floodlight units the ballast is usually mounted in the fixture and thus integral to the unit

10 BALLASTS - Types WHAT TYPE OF BALLAST ARE THERE: Fluorescent ballasts long rectangular units - light 1 or 2 lamps 1, 2, 4 or 8 High Intensity Discharge (HID) ballasts Mercury Vapor, MV-the oldest of the HID Metal Halide/ Metalarc, MH-second generation of HID lamps High Pressure Sodium, HPS- the next in the line of HID lamps.

11 BALLASTS - Types High Intensity Discharge (HID) ballasts Low Pressure Sodium, LPS- are the newest of the HID Metal Halide ballasts can run both MH & MV lamps dimming ballasts can be manually or motion sensor dimmed electronic ballasts are the next generation of lighting ballasts

12 BALLASTS Reactor ballasts (NPF) no capacitor – Reactor ballast (HPF) with capacitor. High Reactance Autotransformer (HX) Constant Wattage Autotransformer (CWA) Constant Wattage Isolated (CWI) For Mercury (MV), Metal Halide(MH) and Low Pressure Sodium(LPS) there are sub-groupings of ballasts as

13 BALLASTS For High Pressure Sodium (HPS) all these ballasts require a starter A.Reactors, as above. B.High Reactance Auto as above. C.Constant Wattage Auto as above. D.Constant Wattage Isolated, (Regulated Lag) as above.

14 BALLASTS Pulse Start Ballasts for Metal Halide special ballasts to run special lamps. Various companies offer these ballasts to run the high- end Metal Halide lamps, which give better color and longer life. These ballasts require a starter. HID Electronic Ballasts: offer better operation of the lamps due to less fluctuations in current, better color rendition from the lamps, quieter operation and longer lamp life. Vari Ballast: latest type. Unit can run HID and Fluorescent and has dimming capabilities.

15 BALLASTS BALLAST LIFE: dependent on current fluctuations, with or without capacitor, magnetic or electronic. dependent on where the fixture and/or ballast is mounted, the new electronic ballast/micro processors have the longest life. BALLAST PROTECTION: capacitors, fuses and ballast potting are devices and methods for ballast protection. putting ballasts in remote locations, cooler areas, helps to reduce maintenance costs. electronic ballasts are not subjected to the operating conditions or environments as magnetic ballasts so there protection is greater

16 BALLASTS ballasts are necessary to boost or reduce the current from the incoming line to the lamp so that startup may occur. all sizes of ballasts fit into their fixtures, so that is why you see some different sized units within a family of units. a good example is the Surface Mounted fixture family: you will see 4 different sized units that are produced so that all available ballasts can be mounted BALLAST to FIXTURE RELATIONSHIP: any fixture that has an HID lamp must use a ballast.

17 BALLASTS OTHER INFO Fluorescent ballasts are all potted and HID ballasts can be potted as well if wanted. Ballasts must be mated to the lamp ratings or vice versa. Ballast manufacturers produce their ballasts to run lamps as specified and designed by the lamp manufacturer. Weve come to the lamps!

18 LAMPS come in all shapes, sizes, colors and various wattages made of an outer glass envelope with a wire or ceramic inner filament some have an inner envelope that fits over the filament lamp envelope is made of clear glass and can then be coated, phosphorus coating, or painted or etched have a base, screw type, bayonet or pin all lamps, except flashlights, use a socket for mounting

19 LAMPS - Incandescent LAMP COMPARISONS: basically there are 3 distinct lamp types out there: Incandescent lamps basic everyday type of lamp used in commercial and residential lighting can be used indoors or outdoors Main criteria: lamps do not exceed that wattage rating stated on the fixture lamp voltage must be equal to the line voltage

20 LAMPS - Incandescent require no ballast to operate the lamp do not give off the same level of light output as the other 2 lamps - applications are very limited Halogens, or Quartz do not require a ballast and can be used indoors or outdoors run extremely hot, due to their size and construction, and must never be touched can be mounted in and hard wired to HID fixtures

21 LAMPS - Fluorescent require a very different shaped fixture due to the construction of the lamp primarily long, 12 inches to 8 feet mated to ballasted fixtures Requires ballast for starting and maintaining the current levels give off more light than incandescent lamps usually found in commercial and industrial applications because of the fixture size Fluorescent lamps are widely used in numerous applications.

22 LAMPS - HID HID lamps used in many applications, including residential where building size and height are a criteria have some very unique usage criteria – based on the varying color ratings of lamps yellow color makes them impractical for indoor use for example require ballasts or a self ballasted lamp to produce light higher fixture cost but operating costs are lower due to efficiency, longer lamp life and less maintenance

23 LAMPS - Terminology 1.Lumens/Luminous Flux; measurement of light output from a lamp. 2.Lux/ Illuminance; measurement of light intensity falling on a surface. 3.Efficiency of the Lamp; lamps convert electrical power, watts, to light. Different lamps do this with varying efficiency. Lower the efficiency the lower the lamp life. 4.Initial Foot-candles; light level after new lamps installed. 5.Maintained Foot-candles; light levels after light loss factors are considered over a period of time. LAMP TERMINOLOGY: lamps have common ratings or measurements that apply to all lamps and some of these are –

24 LAMPS - Conclusion Some Lamps from GE Lamp Guide HID lamps have characteristics that allow them to burn & perform only when mounted in a fixture in a set position HID lamps can explode and thus send shards of glass. Over the last few years lamp manufacturers have developed lamps with the internal envelope to catch the glass shards before they fall

25 LAMPS - Conclusion mercury vapor and metal halide lamps give off a white light color sodiums give off a yellow color Super Metalarc lamps give of the most brilliant white light of all lamps Metal Halide lamps tend to give a light that displays objects in their most natural color spectrum By virtue of the gases used in the construction of HID lamps there is distinctive coloring that comes from each lamp:

26 PRODUCTS - Overview HID lighting fixtures design, give off a more regulated light pattern distribution than incandescent or fluorescent fixtures usually through the use of reflectors Overview of some of the fixtures that our firm Pollux supplies to ESAPCO/FARMTEK. Things that differentiate HID products from the other types of lighting out there

27 PRODUCTS - Overview HID lighting fixtures use of HID products, to light a given area with necessitated footcandles, usually takes fewer fixtures initial cost more per fixture but the installation, maintenance and electricity costs are considerably lower payback re the higher purchased costs are achieved in a very few years life of the lamp and ballast are much longer due to the aluminum content in cast fixtures

28 PRODUCTS - Overview HID lighting fixtures capable of being dimmed and are thus an excellent product for use in warehouse In large structures, warehouses and factories HID ballast allow for remote mounting from the fixtures (at floor level for easy maintenance) HID ballast tend to have longer life and less ballast problems than fluorescent HID fixtures designed for outdoor use are normally waterproof

29 PRODUCTS - Overview the electrical characteristics of the area to be lit the type of lamp the customer wants to use, the character of the space to be lit the output required. HID lighting fixtures The use of a specific HID fixture versus another HID fixture is dependent on:

30 PRODUCTS - Overview Product must meet code codes govern the sale of qualified products in the marketplace In the US and Canada we have UL/CUL approvals that cover all lighting fixtures Codes certify that the fixtures must meet required parameters: operating temperatures, use of sockets that prevent a lamp from being screwed in incorrectly the use of approved wiring

31 PRODUCTS - Overview Product must meet code Code parameters: use of gasketting material in a fixture EPDM or neoprene if not a hot running silicone for higher temperature units labeling of a fixture prior to sale Each of these areas of approval certify that the fixture meets all the requirements

32 PRODUCTS - Overview Product Construction Most HID fixtures : made with the use of aluminum and thus withstand a greater number of elements than steel bodied fixture are painted, where applicable, with powder coat finishes that are baked on for greater protection

33 PRODUCTS – Specific Units PL2013 Fluorescent Trouble Light: 1 simple work light similar in use to the units youve all seen used in garages uses a PL13 fluorescent lamp unit comes with a SJTW cord with a 300V rating uses a PL13 fluorescent lamp

34 PRODUCTS – Specific Units PL2013 Fluorescent Trouble Light: 2 Easy relamping with only two (2) screws to open the relamp door unit is a polymeric housing with a polycarbonate lens unit also comes with an on/off switch

35 PRODUCTS – Specific Units PL2511-500W Halogen Worklight : 1 unit runs a 500w Quartz Halogen lamp does not require a ballast runs from direct current comes with its own cord - vinyl coated SJTW has a safety guard protecting the tempered glass This unit comes with its own cord and again is a vinyl coated SJTW wire that is 300V rated.

36 PRODUCTS – Specific Units PL2511-500W Halogen Worklight : 2 tempered glass to prevent glass shards in case of breakage foam handgrip so that you dont touch a hot metal handle die cast aluminum housing with a die cast lens frame tubular steel base and handle

37 PRODUCTS – Specific Units PL3104 Vaportite unit: 1 designed for use where there is moisture and are gasketted runs 200-300 watt lamps and comes with a die cast guard can be used with or without the guard mounts with its own built in 4 outlet box or can be mounted using ½ conduit

38 PRODUCTS – Specific Units PL3104 Vaportite unit: 2 used in factories and warehouses where they can be mounted near doors or equipment Ceiling/Surface Mount, Pendent Mount or the most popular Wall Mount used extensively on oilrigs and in applications where you have corridors with the exception of the PL2013, all these units are baked powder coat painted

39 PRODUCTS – Specific Units PL8100PLS26 unit: this is a surface mount fixture that runs 2 13W PL lamps, included with the fixture has an aluminum backplate, aluminum reflector and a polycarbonate lens cover uses an energy saving magnetic ballast can add a button photocell to the unit takes ¾ conduit

40 PRODUCTS – Specific Units PL8101HPS100 unit: wall/surface mounted fixture with an aluminum die cast housing, a polycarbonate lens baked powder coat paint finish with the lamp included equipped with K/Os for ½ conduit so it can be mounted from the rear, the side or top

41 PRODUCTS – Specific Units Other facts: 1.All the above noted units come with a socket for the lamps. 2.The PL2511, PL8100 and PL8101 units have reflectors. 3.All the units have lenses. Either glass or polycarbonate either flat or molded. 4.Each unit comes in its own carton and then bulk packed, in a master carton, for shipping to ESAPCO/FARMTEK.

42 PRODUCTS – Specific Units Other facts: 5.All these units carry the UL/CUL approvals necessary for sale in North America. 6.With the exception of the Trouble Light and Work Light the units are all for wall mount and for wet location usage. 7.All these units are tested for wiring and start up prior to shipping.

43 PRODUCTS – Conclusion Thank You! We appreciate the opportunity to present our products to you and hopefully at a later time we can do this again with other fixtures in our line. For a copy of this presentation, more information on lighting products and a glossary of terms please visit:


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