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Unusual town in a unique place, my small homeland…

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1 Unusual town in a unique place, my small homeland…

2 Krosno coat of arms bugle-call

3 Krosno is on the river Wisłok, Slovakia is about 40 kilometers south, Ukraine is about 85 kilometers east of the town, Neighboring municipalities are: Korczyna, Krościenko Wyżne, Miejsce Piastowe, Chorkówka, Jedlicze, 50 thousand residents, 130 km to the nearest mountains- Bieszczady

4 1282- the first notice about Krosno In the fourteenth century king Kazimierz Wielki (Casimir the Great) founded the town 1656- king Jan Kazimierz called on peasants to fight with the Swedish invasion 1863- the outbreak of January Insurrection, 12 insurgents left Krosno 1914- the Russians occupied Krosno (the first World \War) 1944- fight for Krosno was finished 1997-pope John Paul II visited the town

5 Krosno in 1618-Braun reproduction

6 International Mountain Ballooning Contest Bicycle Championships Krosno Fair Carpathian Climates

7 Parish Church Capuchin Church Franciscan Church


9 Culture is celebrated by the Krosno Days of Music, the theatrical encounters, the Musical Spring, the Krosno Fair, the Galicia Festival, reviews of childrens theatres, hikers songs and poetry singing festivals, the "Kontakt" Euro-Regional Fair, the "Soli Deo Gloria" Euro-Regional Concerts of Christmas Carols.

10 KROSNO S.A. Glassworks is the largest and most well- known producer of household glass in Poland and one of the world market leaders in this trade. KROSNO S.A. is a company with a long tradition and experience - it was founded in 1923 in Krosno, in the south-east of Poland. Over 90 % of the hand-made production and about 60 % of the machine-made production is exported to 60 countries in the world.

11 The Museum has existed since 1954 in an old, historical building. It houses the biggest exhibition of paraffin lamps in Europe. Besides, in the museum you can see many paintings and photographs.

12 The presentation was made by Anna Kubit, class II c

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