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The Scarlett Ibis PowerPoint

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1 The Scarlett Ibis PowerPoint

2 Title Slide-2 Mood Slide-3 Tone Slide-3 Plot Slide-3 Main Idea Slide-3 Compare/Contrast Slide- (Brothers)-3 Aphorism Slide-2 Literary Devices Slide-3 Doodle’s Memorial Slide-3 Reflections/Reactions Slide-3

3 Title Page-2 Points Title (“The Scarlet Ibis”) Subtitle-quoted line from story that represents a theme from Ibis and helps the reader to predict what story is about 1 Picture Minimum Include Your Name Label the Theme (Ex. Cruelty)

4 Mood Page-3 Points (emotional effect on the reader) 1. 1 detail from the story conveying a mood. 2. 1 line of dialogue conveying a mood. 3. 1 Setting Detail (Time/Place or Situation) conveying a mood. 4. 2 Adjectives from the story conveying the mood

5 (author’s attitude toward subject)
Tone page-3 Points (author’s attitude toward subject) 1 line of dialogue revealing the tone. 1 Picture/Sketch of the imagery used in the story conveying the tone. 1 Character’s thought which reveals the author’s tone/attitude 4. 2 adjectives from the story containing the Tone.

6 Plot Page -3 points Story example of all parts of plot-Exposition (2), Conflict, Rising Action (3), Climax, Falling Action (2), Denoument (1) 2. Insert a plot chart or diagram. Pic+1 Quote

7 Main Idea Page-3 points. 1 Pic and 1 Quote surrounding Use the Main Idea Formula-(not summary) Example: Topic/Subject + Author’s purpose + conflict and theme= Main Idea or (5 W’s+H) *Make it look like a math problem

8 Compare/Contrast “Siblings” Page-3 points
Choose 1 Character trait that the narrator and his brother share. 2. Place it in the middle of the page or Venn Diagram. 3. Choose 1 Character trait for each character that is opposite to the brother’s. Place it in the differences column. 4. Add a quote or detail to support each difference.

9 (wise or clever saying)
Aphorism Page-2 points (wise or clever saying) Write an Aphorism using one of the themes from the story. Example: The things we worry about are never the things that happen. And the things that happen are the things we never could have dreamed. 3. Surround with pictures as you choose.

10 Literary Devices Page-3 points
Find 4 Different types of Literary Devices Within the story. Quote and label them.

11 Doodle’s Memorial Page-2 points
Pick 2 details from the story which reveal Doodle’s unique character. 2. Write a poem of your choice about who Doodle was and what made him special. Include adjectives and adverbs to describe Doodle and your feelings. 3. Add pics!!!

12 Reflections/Reactions Page-3 points.
Choose a Theme from “The Scarlett Ibis” and write a 5-7 sentence reflection. A proper reflection shares connections, thoughts, and feelings about the story. Example Starter: “I was really shocked and saddened when Doodle’s brother left him in the storm….”

13 Mood The climate of feeling in a literary work.
The choice of setting, objects, details, images, and words all contribute towards creating a specific mood. For example, an author may create a mood of mystery around a character or setting but may treat that character or setting in an ironic, serious, or humorous tone

14 "The Masque of the Red Death”
By: Edgar Allan Poe The story portrays a man, Prince Prospero and several individuals living in a tenable palace at an unknown country to prevent death. The palace contains seven rooms that hold distinctive roles in the outcome of the story. Poe uses the importance of the colors to describe the life progression of an individual.

15 "That at the eastern extremity was hung, for example, in blue-and vividly blue were its windows. The second chamber was purple in its ornaments and tapestries and here the panes are purple. The third was green throughout, and so were the easements. The fourth was furnished and lighted with orange- the fifth with white- the sixth with violet. The seventh apartment was closely shrouded in black velvet tapestries...panes here were scarlet- a deep red color" (2).

16 Furthermore, the author arranges the room in a significance sequence
Furthermore, the author arranges the room in a significance sequence. To illustrate, the blue room is located in the east, where the sun rises while the black room's location is in the western part of the building, where the sun sets. The rooms' locations give an impact in the story because the east, where the sun rises, symbolizes birth and in contrast, the west, where the sun sets, represent death. Initially, the characters' motives in the story is to prevent death but the essentiality of the colors and sequences of the rooms used by Poe shows how one cannot avoid the ending of the life cycle.

17 Tone is a literary technique that is a part of composition, which encompasses the author’s attitudes toward the subject and toward the audience implied in a literary work. Tone may be formal, informal, intimate, solemn, somber, playful, serious, ironic, condescending, or many other possible attitudes.[1] Tone and mood are not interchangeable (not the same).

18 In many cases, the tone of a piece of work may change or evolve
In many cases, the tone of a piece of work may change or evolve. Elements of tone include diction, or word choice; syntax, the grammatical arrangement of words in a text for effect; imagery, or vivid appeals to the senses; details, facts that are included or omitted; extended metaphor, language that compares seemingly unrelated things throughout the composition.

19 TONE WORD BANK: EXAMPLE: A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
ominous, mysterious frightening, repulsive majestic, omnipotent impressionable, admiring EXAMPLE: A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens “There was a steaming mist in all the hollows, and it had roamed in its forlornness up the hill, like an evil spirit, seeking rest and finding none. A clammy and intensely cold mist, it made its slow way through the air in ripples that visibly followed and overspread one another, as the waves of an unwholesome sea might do. It was dense enough to shut out everything from the light of the coach-lamps but these its own workings, and a few yards of road; and the reek of the labouring horses steamed into it, as if they had made it all.”

20 Answer: As we look at the underlined words -- steaming mist, hollows, clammy, dense – there is a sense of mystery, of secrecy. Then we see the others – forlornness, evil spirit, seeking rest, finding none, intensely cold, slow way, overspread, unwholesome sea, shut out everything, reek of labouring horses – hints of evil, ominous. “Mysterious” and “ominous” are two possible complementary tones, both of which suggest the unknown, perhaps strangeness. Other tones may also be appropriate.

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