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Water Management In India-2013 Advanced Technologies for Drinking Water Quality T.V.Shiva Rao Vice-President Elico Ltd 9/13/2013

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1 Water Management In India-2013 Advanced Technologies for Drinking Water Quality T.V.Shiva Rao Vice-President Elico Ltd 9/13/2013

2 Agenda Company Overview Water Testing Instruments Mobile Testing Laboratory 9/13/2013

3 9/13/2013

4 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 ISO (Quality Management System) Initiation ISO 9001 Certified 5-s Work Culture Implementation ISO 14000 (Environmental Management System) Initiation ISO 14001 Certified ISO 27001 ( Information Security Management System) Initiation ISO 27001 Certified Quality Journey Continual Improvement 2010Lean Manufacturing 9/13/2013

5 National Award for R&D Effort from DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology National Award for R&D Effort from Department of Electronics (Ministry of Information & Technology) National Award for Quality products from the Ministry of Small Scale Industries and many more… Awards & Recognition 9/13/2013

6 Infrastructure ISO 27001 & ISO 14001 Complaint 100000 Sqft Facility AAS Production Line 9/13/2013

7 Aqua Spec (SL 270) – Dedicated Spectrophotometer for Water Analysis Atomic Absorption Spetrophotometer (SL-243) Field Water Quality Analyzer (PE-138) – Multi parameter Water analyzer Other Instruments : Conductivity Meter (CM -183) P H Meter (LI -614) Colorimeter ( CL-223) Turbidity Meter (CL-52D) ELICOs Water Testing Instruments 9/13/2013

8 9/13/2013

9 Instrument overview 7" Touch Screen LCD Color Graphical Display. Sample Chamber USB Port for Printer, Mouse, Key Board & Pen Drive LAN Port for Networking 9/13/2013

10 Segments Industrial Waste water Drinking waterIndustrial process water Effluent Water Agriculture water Water Analysis 9/13/2013

11 Chemical Species AluminumFluorideOxygen AmmoniaHardnessOzone ChlorideIronPhosphate CODManganeseSilica ColorMonochromineZinc CopperNitrateOthers… Chlorine dioxideNitrite 9/13/2013

12 Unique Features Dedicated Double Beam Spectrophotometer for Water Analysis More than 100 pre-programmed methods for Water Analysis Unlimited Storage capacity for sample data & customer defined methods via USB Memory stick New Methods are continuously updated via USB to suit customer requirements Multifunctional sample chamber Easy to use Touch Screen interface. 9/13/2013

13 Double Beam Optics 9/13/2013

14 10mm 16mm 25mm Multifunctional Sample Chamber 50mm 9/13/2013

15 Supported reagent types Tablet LiquidPowder 9/13/2013

16 Tablet vs. Powder vs. Liquid Reagents Liquid reagents need to stored at set temperature and and shelf life is less Tablet reagents are superior because the entire dose is correctly added to the water sample every time. Powder reagents - Powder in a sachet, the powder can stick to the inside of the sachet, or it can be shaken outside of the sample cuvette, or if used in field conditions, can be blown away on the wind. Dosing accuracy for many tests is vital to accuracy and hence tablets are a most effective reagent system. Tablet reagents have a guaranteed shelf life of 5 years 9/13/2013

17 Chemical Species Interface 9/13/2013

18 Pre-Programmed Methods Interface 9/13/2013

19 Pre-Programmed Methods Interface 9/13/2013

20 Model No Optical Configuration Monochromator Resolution Gas Controls Operational Control No of Lamps SL-168Single Beam1200 lines gratingManualµc & PC1 SL-176Double Beam1200 lines gratingManualµc & PC6 SL-194Double Beam1800 lines gratingAutomaticµc & PC6/8 SL-243Double Beam1800 lines gratingAutomaticTouch Interface 6/8 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) 9/13/2013

21 UV-Visible Spectrophotometers SUV Series (Compact Spectrophotometer ) 1.Smallest form factor double beam spectrophotometer 2.High-resolution band width < 1 nm. 3.Automatic wavelength calibration 4.Auto-zero facility, self check and self diagnostic modes. 5. USB Interface 6.USB Printing enabled. 7.Multitasking user friendly software 8.21 CFR Part 11 and GLP compli ance SL -191/210 (Detector – PMT/Photodiode) SL -244/218 (Detector – PMT/Photodiode ) 1.Touch Interface 2.Storage to USB Pen Drive 3.USB Printing 4.TCP/IP Connectivity 9/13/2013

22 Field Water Quality Analyzer PE-138 – Field Water Quality Analyser by pH, conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and colorimeter. PE 138 9/13/2013

23 LI 614/LI -126 (P H /ISE Analyzer) CM -183 (EC-TDS Analyzer) CL-223 (Colorimeter) Other Instruments 9/13/2013

24 Mobile Testing Laboratory 9/13/2013

25 Chemical resistance interiors & Fire Proof roof top. Fume Hood Facility For AAS & Flame Instruments. Consumable storage racks Seating options for 3 Lab technicans 1.5 ton window AC or In-build AC. Fans and lights. Emergency Window Emergency Lights (Battery Powered) Emergency Generator switch First Aid Box & Fire Extinguisher Mobile Testing Laboratory 9/13/2013

26 Chemical resistant Wash Basin. Separate electric points for all instruments 200 Liters water storage facility Mobile Testing Laboratory 9/13/2013

27 Other Instruments in Mobile Testing Laboratory 9/13/2013

28 Isolated Cylinder Chamber for Safety with Special reinforced walls with external door access. Custom made holding rings ensures perfect holding of cylinders during transport. Mobile Testing Laboratory 9/13/2013

29 Van is Designed on Chassis of 3800 Wheel base Body building with MS Structure. Exterior Aluminum paneling(18 G), Luggage carrier on roof 10 KVA Kirloskar Generator set. In case of In-built AC (2KVA Honda Generator set would be provided) Mobile Testing Laboratory 9/13/2013

30 B-90, A.P.I.E. Sanathnagar Hyderabad 500 018, A.P., India Ph : +91-40-23771262 Fx : +91-40-23771639 Thank you 9/13/2013

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