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Agile Tour HCMC 2012. Kiro HARADA Agile Coach Domain Modeler SCM Consultant

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1 Agile Tour HCMC 2012

2 Kiro HARADA Agile Coach Domain Modeler SCM Consultant Twitter: @haradakiro

3 What is XFD? A Brief History of XFD Andon How to Eliminate Muda XFD Create your own XFD XFD w/Arduino Demo

4 eXtreme Feedback Device

5 Stop the line if abnormal condition happens. Prevents defects go through the line. Everyone knows Everyone fixes Build Quality In

6 How do you know if your build fails?


8 Transportation Inventory Movement Waiting Over-processing Over-production Defects

9 Delivering two Muda at the same time Competing Productivity of Defected Products

10 Over-production Defects Do not fix the product. Fix the process.

11 If theres no broken builds for a week; Is it a good symptom? Or a bad one? Why?


13 It doesnt work if you are busy. It doesnt work when really neccesary Autonomate!

14 Patolites Lava Lamps Batman? Dolls? © by Patlite


16 Websocket Notifier Plugin by @mzp

17 Use only available / affordable parts Build and modify features Sharpen your saw.


19 Open Source Hardware AVR based microprocessor board Arduino IDE is available Assembly is optional Easy to expand Ethernet Shield can talk TCP/IP

20 void setup() { // Initialize pin13 as digital output. // pin13 has LED connected onboard pinMode(13, OUTPUT); } void loop() { digitalWrite(13, HIGH); // Turn on LED delay(1000); // Wait for 1 sec. digitalWrite(13, LOW); // Turn off LED delay(1000); // Wait for 1 sec. }

21 Arduino Uno Arduino Ethernet Shield Relay Control Kit (KIT-10733) Xenon Flash Light Get the latest status via Jenkins Remote API (JSON) Turn of the Flash if UNSTABLE / FAILURE

22 An output pin controls the relay. The relay controls the flash light.

23 Most of Jenkins information is available via API. URL to get the latest build /api/json?tree=result /api/json?tree=result {result:SUCCESS} {result:UNSTABLE} {result:FAILED}

24 Ethernet.begin(mac, ip); Client client(server,80); Serial.begin(9600); Serial.println("connecting..."); if (client.connect()) { Serial.println("connected"); client.println("GET /job/project/lastCompletedBuild/api/json?tree=result HTTP/1.1"); client.println(); } else { Serial.println("connection failed"); }

25 f

26 4 years old

27 Twitter: @handazukecafe

28 Grove Starter Kit


30 ARM CPU Runs Linux Runs Ruby Built in Ethernet GPIO to connect devices

31 Hardware can be spaghetti too

32 Everybody knows if CI/CD is broken Everybody concerns slow build. Everybody concerns slow tests. Everybody concerns test failures. Everybody concerns XFD Team fix and modify XFD

33 Web page available is not good enough The information is not visible Make it visible to everybody Make it visible so that no action is necessary.

34 Please share if you build a new one. Have a XFD and Keep Mr. Jenkins and Team Members Happy

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