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Implements of Husbandry

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1 Implements of Husbandry
Karen Gefvert Director of Governmental Relations Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation

2 Implements of Husbandry
Implements of Husbandry (IOH) legislation has been introduced by Senator Petrowski and Representative Ripp SB 509 & AB 648 Generally based upon DOT task force report Finding a balance between farmers and towns & counties responsibility for maintaining roads

3 Why Legislation is Needed
Increased enforcement This has increased over the last couple of years Primarily for weight Some enforcement for length & width Modified IOH that look like Commercial Motor Vehicles Do nothing is not a preferred option Pictures

4 IOH Efficiency, Modernization & Competition Today’s Farm Machinery
Four wheel drive tractors, articulated 8-wheeler tractor, grain harvester-combine, tillage equipment, planting equipment, grain carts, 2 axle 5000G Manure Tanker, 3 axle 6300G Manure Tanker

5 What is current law? Gross Vehicle Weight Length Axle Weight Height
80,000 pounds Axle Weight 20,000 pounds Width No limitation for IOH CMV is 8’ 6” Length Single IOH = 40’ Double IOH = 70’ Triple IOH = 60’ Height No maximum Must clear route

6 Four Wheel Drive Tractor
Axles – 2 Axle spacing – 10’ Actual Gr Wt – 30, ,000# Legal Gr Wt – 40,000#

7 Articulated “8 Wheeler” Tractor
Axles – 2 Axle spacing – 12’ Actual Gr Wt – 50, ,000# Legal Gr Wt – 40,000#

8 Grain Harvester - Combine
Axles – 2 Axle spacing – 10’ Actual Gr Wt – 40,000# - 55,000# Legal Gr Wt – 40,000#

9 Tillage Equipment Axles – 3 Axle spacing – 27-30’ Actual Gr Wt
Small tractor = 55,000# Large tractor = 74,000# Legal Gr Wt – 56,000 – 58,500#

10 Tillage Equipment Tillage implements come in many sizes but most fold to 15’ width for road travel Some may have knives or shanks that exceed 15’ width

11 Planting Equipment Axles – 3 Axle spacing – 27-30’ Actual Gr Wt
Small Unit <12 row 59,000# Large Unit >12 row 80,000# Legal Gr Wt – 56,000 – 58,500#

12 Grain Cart Axles – 3 Axle spacing – 27-30’
Actual Gr Wt: (1,000 bu corn) Grain cart empty = 12,000# Grain cart full = 62,000# Small tractor = 92,000 – 97,000# Large tractor = 112,000 – 117,000# Legal Gr Wt – 56,000 – 58,500#

13 2 Axle 5000G Manure Tanker Axles – 4 Axle spacing – 32’ Actual Gr Wt
Tanker Empty = 10, ,000# (estimate) Tanker Full = 85,000 – 87,000# Tanker Full with 4 wheel drive tractor = 115,000 – 122,000# Legal Gr Wt – 63,500#


15 3 Axle 6300G Manure Tankers Axles – 5 Axle spacing – 37’ Actual Gr Wt
Tanker Empty = 14,000 – 16,000# Tanker Full = 108,500 – 110,000# Tanker Full with 4 wheel drive tractor = 138,500 – 145,000 Legal Gr Wt –71,000#

16 IOH Self propelled sprayer

17 IOH or CMV?

18 IOH or CMV? Flotation tires on truck mounted manure tankers make them wider than legal CMV width (8’ 6”) Solid manure spreaders – primarily designed to be pulled by a tractor; some are mounted on trucks. Some fitted with flotation tires They can be slightly wider than legal limit Often modified: Kuhn-Knight Manufacturing Broadhead, WI Meyer Manufacturing Dorchester, WI

19 IOH or CMV? Feed Mixer Truck mounted Used for multiple site facilities
Can be very high and wider than legal limit Extra unloading conveyor adds extra weight Side discharge door adds extra width

20 SB 509 & AB 648 What is included in the IOH legislation?
IOH & Ag CMV definitions Size envelope Weight Permitting Process Width Lighting & marking standards Height Length

21 SB 509 & AB 648 Updates the definition of implements of husbandry for consistency and clarification Creates a definition for agriculture commercial motor vehicle (Ag – CMV) (trucks mounted with spreaders, feed mixers, etc.) (allows for self-certification for Ag-CMV) IOH and Ag-CMV exempt from registration

22 SB 509 & AB 648 15% increase for both GVW & Axles Current State law:
Current misconception that IOH are exempt from weight. Increased size and weight of equipment Lack of enforcement Current State law: GVW = 80,000# Axle Weight = 20,000# Proposed Legislation: GVW = 92,000# Axle Weight = 23,000# 15% increase for both GVW & Axles

23 SB 509 & AB 648 Bridge postings and spring thaw limitations both still apply Penalties If IOH or Ag-CMV is overweight (GVW or axle) fine based upon 80,000# and 20,000# Fine rate based on amount of weight and frequency of citation Exemption for potato harvesters

24 SB 509 & AB 648 Establishes a “no fee permit” for IOH that exceed the weight or length limit For self propelled equipment such as combines and forage harvesters, local units of government must approve a route for the farmer to travel to the field But… Allows for incidental movement up to a ¼ mile

25 SB 509 & AB 648 Permits are an area of concern
Trying to balance local road authority with farmers’ needs to drive to the field Ag groups proposing to exempt IOH from axle weight limitations This would greatly reduce the need for permits

26 Many Implements of husbandry are incidentally used on roads
SB 509 & AB 648 Many Implements of husbandry are incidentally used on roads

27 SB 509 & AB 648 Width Current law has no width limitations for IOH temporarily operated on roads and 12’ for tractors Legislation does not have any width limitations for IOH and Ag-CMV, but do specify lighting and marking requirements for “wide farm machinery”

28 SB 509 & AB 648 Lighting and marking for self-propelled IOH 12 feet or wider Must have a yellow or amber 360º rotating strobe or beacon mounted at the highest practical point or have two flashing amber lights visible to both the front and rear at the highest practicable point of the equipment

29 SB 509 & AB 648 Lighting and marking requirements for IOH that exceed 15 feet Two amber flashing warning lamps visible from the front and rear Red retro reflective material visible to the rear Yellow retro reflective material visible to the front Two red tail lamps SMV sign

30 SB 509 & AB 648 Lighting and marking requirements for IOH that exceed 20 feet Must be accompanied by an escort vehicle

31 SB 509 & AB 648 Lighting and marking
We cannot ignore the need for increased safety requirements for equipment Tell legislators what is practical for your farm machinery

32 SB 509 & AB 648 Height Current law has no height limitations for IOH
Legislation does not change this Remember, farmers are still responsible for damage if IOH hits a bridge or utility line Liability concerns - collision with a utility line that is clearly hung at a level below the legal standards

33 SB 509 & AB 648 Length criteria for IOH Single IOH may not exceed 60”
Two vehicle IOH train may not exceed 100” Three vehicle IOH train may not exceed 70” If traveling 20 mph or less, a three vehicle IOH may not exceed 100” Permits required for IOH’s greater than above

34 SB 509 & AB 648 Miscellaneous provisions
Repeals ability for motorists to pass Ag-CMV and IOH on the solid yellow line if traveling at less than half the posted speed limit Eliminated antiquated provision that limited IOH movement on the weekends (hours of operation)

35 Key Messages to Legislators
Need to pass appropriate legislation to allow farm machinery to operate legally on the road Need to respect local authority for maintaining roads Explain to your legislator the type of equipment used on your farm and how these changes impact YOU! Ask them to support IOH legislation

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