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Navana Group Corporate Presentation Navana Group NAVANA.

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1 Navana Group Corporate Presentation Navana Group NAVANA

2 Content 1 1 Foundation of Navana 33 2 Navana & its Business Navana Interlinks Limited NAVANA Since 1964

3 Navana Group Navana Foundation Navana Limited started its journey in 1964 as a subsidiary of Islam Group Navana started with the distributorship of TOYOTA Islam Group was the biggest Enterprise in Bangladesh for nearly 2 decades. Navana Separated from Islam Group in 1996 Now Navana is highly focused on Automobile, Real Estate and Power Sector business in Bangladesh

4 Navana Group Navana in Automobiles o Toyota Distributor since 1964 o Hino Distributor since 1978 o The only private automobile assembly plant in Bangladesh

5 Navana Group Navana in Real Estate & Construction

6 Navana Group Navana in Manufacturing

7 Navana Group Navana in Energy & Power

8 Navana Group Navana with Global Brands Medical Equipment Security Equipment

9 Navana Group Contribution to the economy Job Creation 3000 Permanent Employees 5000 Contractual Employees Secondary Employment Generation over Families Supported over Significant GDP Contribution

10 Navana Group Navana Interlinks Ltd Inception: 1996 Area of Activity: – CCTV – Access Control – Security System – Fire Detection & Protection System – Scanning Machines (Rapiscan Systems) – Special Projects Number of Employee: 28 Annual Turnover: – Average Turn over $35.33 Million

11 Navana Group Access Control System Partnership with IDteck (Korea), Hundure (Taiwan), ZK Software (China)

12 Navana Group Special Security Equipment People Screening Machine X-Ray Baggage scanning Machine Small Cargo Screening Machine Large Cargo Screening Machine Sole distributor of Rapiscan systems

13 Navana Group CCTV (Close Circuit Television) PTZ Camera Dome Type Camera IR Dome Camera Dome Camera IR day night Camera IP Network CameraPTZ Camera Complete solution of CCTV system Partnership with CBC/GANZ (Japan), AVTECH (Taiwan), Tele Eye (Hong Kong), K-Guard (Taiwan), J&S (Taiwan)

14 Navana Group Digital Video Recorder

15 Navana Group Fire Detection & Protection System Allied with Bentel (Italy), Aurora (USA), Apollo (USA), Armstrong (UK), ITT A-C (USA), EBSRAY (Australia), SRI (Malaysia), NIBCO (USA)

16 Navana Group Pride & Prestige Stadium Security for ICC World cup 2011 Vehicle Scanner for Bangladesh Police Baggage scanning system for all International Airports in Bangladesh

17 THANK YOU! We believe in Team Work We believe in Partnership And thats our GOAL

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