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The Evolution of Smart Links The Street Lights

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1 The Evolution of Smart Links The Street Lights
Stage I: The Street Lights Presented by: Yehiel Viner, CEO November 15th, 2012, Eilat, Israel 5 Menachem Begin St Beit Dagan, Israel 50250 tel

2 Energy Efficiency in Lighting
Monitor Control Optimize

3 Why it took so long ? Reliability issues:
Electronic sensitivity to heat Managed Technology Is here Bad reputation Clear Monitoring Done Performance: Lumen/Watt Higher Photometry Achieved Price Achieved No added Value Digital Cities No big names All the big names No ROI Years ROI (Israel) Control Management Systems Done

4 Menolinx – We Close the loop
LampID by Menolinx Driving Force For Development Lamp Reliability Lamp Control Lamp Management Lamp Efficiency

5 Let’s check the numbers (Israel)
250W HPS : Utility Cost KWh ILS Total Hours (year) 4,015 Hours Total consumption (year) 1,204KWh Total utility cost (year) 638 ILS LED: Utility Cost (year) 240 ILS Utility Cost With Control 180 ILS LED Cost ILS Control Cost 750 ILS ROI 5 Years ROI W control 6 Years E ballast: Utility Cost With Control 375 ILS Retrofit Cots ILS ROI W control 4.5 Years

6 The LampID System Concept
Market Application Samples Communication Methods Controls RF Monitoring & Management PLC

7 Products available to market
LampID Product Line LampView Management Software License for up to 5 Concentrators LV-LIC-5 License of additional Concentrator LV-LIC-1ADD Hosting of 5 Concentrators 1 year LV-HOST-5-YR Hosting of additional Concentrator LV-HOST-1ADD-YR Hardware Products available to market Concentrator System Integrator Kit Coordinator RF Node BS CN-GP-RF-EX CN-GP-RFSIK-RF-01 CN-RF-IN-20 ND-RF-BS-NS-16 Future Products PLC Coordinator PLC Node RF Node 2 Parts RF Node Extended CR-PL-25 ND-PL-MA-25 SIK-RF-01 ND-RF-EX-2P-MA-16

8 LampView the Integral Management Software
Today’s LampView Features: Online control Operational Reporting Anomalies Alerting Energy Usage Reduction Maintenance Reduction Asset Management Coming Features: Expansion of above to: HLS - safe city CCTV EV charging Wi-Fi/G4 Routers Electronic signage Water/Gas/Elect AMR Traffic Management Environmental sensing Metering devices

9 LampID Superior Technology at Work
Developed by using the most advanced technologies in the fields of lighting, photometry, IT and networking. Nodes Communication: Supports various communication media to lamps; radio frequency (RF), power line communication (PLC) and twisted pair (TP). Center Communication: Provides Ethernet or cellular GPRS communication to connect with the operation center. Lamp Source: Works with all lamp sources such as HID lamps, LED lamps, fluorescents and others. Performance: Unlike AMR based technologies, the LampID system is an ON-LINE continuously monitored and controlled system. Product Line: Menolinx is the only company today that has a 2 part RF extended node as well as the Koala concept. Reliability: Built to last; products with a lifetime expectancy of up to 25 years. Smart Grid: Once installed, the RF mesh network becomes the basis for a smart grid solution that uses the RF network as an infrastructure. Flexibility: Solution may be implemented for both indoor and outdoor systems. Open Architecture: The system can be connected to a common management or SCADA system via Modbus TCP allowing full access to old and new data.

10 So, What is

11 Usability Innovation Energy Efficiency: Optimize, Monitor, Control
Social Networks, Communication, People and devices Digital cities How it all fits in? Usability

12 Lamp ID


14 Who wants to be a friend with a Lamp ?
Maintenance Manufacture Energy Manager User Banks/Insurance

15 Thank you for waking up…

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