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Painting and drawing Printmaking Sculpture Alternative media.

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2 Painting and drawing Printmaking Sculpture Alternative media

3 The Turbine Hall is a meeting space for visitors at the Tate Modern. It has been exploited by many contemporary sculptors who utilise the space as part of the work itself. Some of the artists who have taken full advantage of the unique characteristics of the Turbine hall are Louise Bourgeois, Olafur Eliasson, Doris Salcedo and Miroslaw Balka.



6 In this installation, The Weather Project, representations of the sun and sky dominate the expanse of the Turbine Hall. A fine mist permeates the space, as if creeping in from the environment outside. Throughout the day, the mist accumulates into faint, cloud-like formations, before dissipating across the space. A glance overhead, to see where the mist might escape, reveals that the ceiling of the Turbine Hall has disappeared, replaced by a reflection of the space below. At the far end of the hall is a giant semi-circular form made up of hundreds of mono-frequency lamps. The arc repeated in the mirror overhead produces a sphere of dazzling radiance linking the real space with the reflection. Generally used in street lighting, mono-frequency lamps emit light at such a narrow frequency that colours other than yellow and black are invisible, thus transforming the visual field around the sun into a vast duotone landscape.


8 Beyond the bridge in Tate moderns Turbine hall stands a huge steel chamber, raised above the floor on steel legs. You can wander among the supports. This is unnerving. Your walk is curtailed by the underside of a ramp that leads into the open end of Miroslaw Balkas How It Is, the 10th Unilever Turbine Hall commission.







15 Water Lily Pond

16 Summer Day

17 These artists are suggestions; to gain higher grades you should investigate artists of your own choice and analyse them in- depth.

18 The washerwomen

19 The River Seine at Mantes

20 All Souls Day

21 This approach is well suited to getting primary sources to work from. You could make studies and take photographs from where you live to use as the starting point for your work






27 If you visually analyse work remember you should focus on the parts that will help you develop your own work. You do not have to sketch the entire work in detail. It is more important to use art to help you develop your own ideas


29 You could compare Parisian social life of the 19 th Century with that of contemporary society.




33 When you study the exam paper look at the other endorsements for inspiration, photographers in particular would help inform your own work.

34 Broadway Encounter III

35 Rink 3, 1990 Make sure you analyse artists work using formal elements and key words to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding

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