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Circuits Computer Lab Today.

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1 Circuits Computer Lab Today

2 Chapter 23-Types of Circuits
Series circuit Parallel circuit Lab Today: Straw Lab

3 Mrs. Nicholls asks you to connect two identical lamps to a battery, as illustrated in the figure.
Before you make the final connection to the battery, predict the brightness of the two lamps. Would it be different if you added two more lamps?

4 Agenda: Review the slides and summarize the information from the slides on Series and Parallel Circuits. You will complete the online lab. Ticket out the door a quiz:

5 A connection with only one current path is called a series connection.

6 Series Circuit A circuit in which all current travels through each device, is called a series circuit.

7 Parallel Circuit When a voltmeter is connected across another component, it is called a parallel connection because the circuit component and the voltmeter are aligned parallel to each other in the circuit, as diagrammed in the figure.

8 Parallel Circuit A circuit in which there are several current paths is called a parallel circuit.

9 Any time the current has two or more paths to follow, the connection is labeled parallel.
The potential difference across the voltmeter is equal to the potential difference across the circuit element.

10 Compare and Contrast Parallel: Series:
Current is the same at all point in the circuit Voltage drops each time the current passes through a resistor until it reaches 0-volts If one bulb goes out, all others in series with it will go out Parallel: Current depends on the resistance in that branch, not always the same for each branch. The total current prior to the branches is the sum of the current in each of the branches. Voltage is the same in each branch If one bulb goes out, the others remain on.

11 Diagramming

12 Symbols

13 Kirchoff’s Current Law
All current flowing into a branch point must flow out

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